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2020 / 2021 HeliOps Calendar Giveaway - With a Twist

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2020 / 2021 HeliOps Calendar Giveaway - With a Twist

Old 8th Dec 2020, 06:43
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I quite liked the "screensaver" ones that used to appear here. Still use the May 2019 but it would be nice to see a more current month.
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Old 8th Dec 2020, 11:13
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Hi Ned,
so lets go for the calendar(s) ;-)
2020 - what a year. With all the bad vibes I actually had to make a decision.
If I wanted to catch a chance to get promoted (with some bucks more in the pocket - especially when I retire in a couple of years) - I needed to apply to a desktop-job.
On the pro side were more money, getting out of shift work, something new to do
on the con side - less flying (only jumping in if one of the pilots gets sick), 10 hrs working days with a 140 km travel (one way) which means leaving home at 5 am and returning about 6:30 / 7 pm.
Well, I took the chance, "won" in the competition and got the job.
Now it is my turn to coordinate the missions, check with the mechanics, when I can have which helicopter for which time period, checking fuel bills, doing statistics, and so on.
Instead of helicopter displays I now have two computers with four monitors and a big TV with a status board in front of me.
Little and bigger problems, flight crew do know nothing about, have to be solved....
Surprisingly for me, even with the long days, I am feeling much better now, getting sleep every night ;-)
Also some of the back and neck pain I had disappeared...
Funny enough, with moving to the "chair force" with a check ride I could convert my CHPL to ATPL ;-)
So all in all not such a bad year for me.
Greetings to the other side of the plant
Udo "Flying Bull"
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Old 8th Dec 2020, 21:26
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2020 the good: still gainfully employed at my full time job (engineering). In fact my operational tempo significantly increased. In a world of unintended consequences, working from home increased my customer's focus and efficiency and therefore it required a similar increase on my end. I could have told them that since I've worked from home for the last seven years myself! Thus my day-to-day routine actually remained relatively unchanged. What little commercial air travel I had to endure was actually nice. Aircraft were uncrowded, upgrades plentiful, and loyalty program status extended no questions asked.

2020 the bad: both my private and commercial flying dropped off considerably. Every single tour opportunity dried up and has continued to be that way. It does not look any better for the foreseeable future. Business travel, normally plentiful, has been nil. While the air travel was easy, hotels and eateries have been badly affected and posed many challenges when on the road. The lack of face to face, human contact with my colleagues and customers definitely started to affect me negatively right around Aug/Sep. Definitely starving for actual human contact.

The one highlight of the entire year was a two week deployment for a test where I got to fly around in a UH-60. Sadly, in the back, but still an amazing, incredible machine, and it was wonderful to experience the Hawk first hand.

Thank you Ned for your kind and generous offer. Best wishes to all for a better 2021.

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Old 9th Dec 2020, 04:02
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As a US ag pilot our year was interesting to say the least. Our acreage covered was down, but mainly due to a late frost in Oklahoma in April which halted the pecan crop and destroyed a huge acreage of wheat. Low cattle prices and the oil price going negative didn't help out much either. Corn and beans up north were slightly lower than normal courtesy of strong winds damaging the corn crop. As far as the 'rona goes though, we weathered the storm without any 'damage' and for that we have a lot to be thankful for.

Once again many thanks for your generosity.
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Old 10th Dec 2020, 08:16
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Thanks one more Ned.
For my family it have been a bad year.. my wife recently change lane due to illness and got a GREAT job selling gourmet food to restaurant's.. she only had the job a year before Corona hit.
She is now unemployed and there are very few jobs available in this trade currently.. -not easy to get a job with limited experience . I wonder when the things will be normal again... until then will be on one income.. luckily we can make ends meet by stretching things..
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Old 10th Dec 2020, 13:36
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Hi Ned, I'm very happy that you and the mag are still doing well enough to continue with this very generous giveaway!
For me the year has been very fortunate. End of 2019 I gave up my full-time office job with a company that has been hit hard by the pandemic this year. Instead I moved on to my first full-time flying job. Got my first twin rating and flew close to 500 hours on critical infrastructure. Travelling wasn't always easy but somehow we always found a way. We had countless delivery dinners in hotel rooms because the cooks had been laid off. In fall me and my crew cought the Covid while travelling for work. We got very lucky, had only mild symptoms and were back in the air a couple weeks later. So far it doesn't seem like we have any long-term effects, fingers crossed. I'm almost used to the new reality now but I really hope we can go back to something in the vincinity of the old normal in 2021. One thing I'm already looking forward to is a lot less news about soon to be former US President Tweety.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone. Stay safe, stay healthy and try to stay positive!
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Old 10th Dec 2020, 16:04
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Thanks for yet another generous offer Ned!
Contrary to the current general mood, 2020 has so far been rather good. Still employed, still happy with my job. The first wave hit us pretty hard, the second was more intense but we were overall better prepared. The outlook looks not as bas as it used to, even though we’re fully expecting a third wave come January. Surprisingly, I was even able to spend more time in the air than anticipated, including two additional type ratings. And to top it all up on the personal side, the family got a very welcome addition end of march. Our baby boy is healthy and makes sure neither his sister nor his parents have a dull moment.
I hope everyone stays safe out there. There will be sunshine after the rain...
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Old 12th Dec 2020, 21:06
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Ned, thank you very much for keeping up a nice ritual that means so much to the members here.

I am not sure we can brand 2020 as a "Murphy's year" but it covers most bases. I started the year without a job but hopes to get a decent one and it ended up in a similar situation: I have landed a job on a call center with little interesting prospects. Additionally 2020 turned to be the most aviation-free year for a long time despite my willingness to make at least a couple of trips. The closest I came to aviating was trying to make a short airline trip to save a friend from driving some 80km. It didn't materialize and maybe it was for the best - I managed to swim in a river - I was trying to arrange such an activity since 1989 when I swam in Lake Erie.

And while we are all adults here - a female friend who I met on a flight (and spent time with her later) re-appeared and I am happy to announce that not all ex are created equal and are worth my time.

I am going to get the calendar and I hope I will enjoy it as much I enjoy it when this great offer started.

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Old 12th Dec 2020, 21:53
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Shock-horror!! I haven't been in a helicopter all year!! That hasn't happened in a while.

There has not been much in the way of work but I have scraped by with some aviation-related and some road transport.

On the plus side, I have not caught COVID-19, in spite of work taking me to other parts of the country. This year the house has been adorned with no less three helicopter calendars, one New Zealander, one Polish, and one Italian. (After nearly a year I still have not got the hang of Polish months!)

Not many mountaineers going wrong on our patch this year but plenty mountain rescue support stuff to be getting on with including new radio and satellite stuff. The ICAR Air Commission was an online event. The procurement for the next UK SAR aviation contract is about to start so I have been helping to express mountain rescue's needs from the next generation of air support.

I would be delighted to receive one of your calendars.

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Old 13th Dec 2020, 18:04
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Anyone else interested as we are doing the last mailout this week before Xmas.
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Old 13th Dec 2020, 19:31
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My year 2020 was rotorarywise quite uneventful.
Ik did my last (for the time being) offshore trip in February from Esbjerg.
I was back according plan and in time from my own 50th birthday.
(My wife arranged for surprise party while I was offshore)
We lost my father in law in March.
He was already terminal ill but the virus gave him a quick but final blow.

The second calendar will go to one of my best friends as he was quite more affected this year.
He lost his brother in law due cancer in January
He missed my birthday party due to a “fever”.
His fever turned out to be a bacterial infection on his hart valve.
In April on the height of the first wave he spent 6 weeks in hospital while only his wife was allowed to visit.
He received an artificial valve and recovered fine.
In November his mother in law died due to Corona.
After the funeral his wife and himself got the virus from a niece.
Luckily they recovered fine.

Always optimistic He and his wife have already declared that 2021 will become their Happy New Year.
That is what I want to wish all of you as well:
Happy New Year!
and hope, wish and make 2021 your year!
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Old 14th Dec 2020, 09:27
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Hi Ned!

Great you are doing the calendar giveaway again .

2020 has been a mixed year for me, We have still seen offshore flights flying out with not too many problems, main issues being the airport opening hours restricting flights. Seeing the offshore helicopter companies adjust themselves to the pandemic has been impressive. Screens between the pilots and passengers and wearing of masks in the cabin and social distancing in the cabin to client requirements and the requirement for testing prior to flying offshore has made the flying as safe as they possibly can be. Negatives have been not seeing my friends on going on fly outs in the fixed wing aircraft I fly as much as would have liked. Especially with the amazing weather we have had! Some other positives are for me getting out on the road bike and enjoying some exercise for a change! Also spending lots of time with my partner.

Here's to a better year next year for all!
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Old 14th Dec 2020, 12:33
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Hi Ned.
Hope it´s not too late for the calendar challenge. Once again many thanks for these great calendars and amazing helicopter industry photos.

Like a lot people in the rotary world, 2020 was a mixed feelings year.
I've decide to leave my former company in the end of 2019 to get a new type rating on a more advanced aircraft and to change place. Based in Western Africa for 6 years the intention was to get there back again with with competence to fly a better helicopter for the offshore.
Well. Everybody know what happened. the pandemic closed all the oppotunities to get a new job and I found myself with a new TR but with no way to get a job and some experience.
Fortunately I found a vacancy as a freelancer for HEMS that allowed me to get some income and some flying hours on the new type.
Like everything in life: one door closes, but there are good chances of getting a window open for you. Looking for an offshore job, this place now is giving me the opportunity to see some other aspects of life and I feel myself rewarded to be part of emergency medical care.

I'm looking to 2021 as light at the end of the tunnel - the train is passing right now.
Wish you and all the other ppruners a great 2021.

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Old 16th Dec 2020, 01:43
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Hi Ned, pretty keen for a calendar :-)

This year I probably had the biggest rollercoaster ride of my flying carreer. Just before covid came along I was about to get my Ag rating. Due to the travel restrictions, the flight examiner couldn't get to me so by the time he did I had accumulated well over the minimums (more than another 100 hours). During the lockdown the weather here (NZ) was great so it was spraying every day. Fantastic flying until..... September where I learned the hard way about turning downwind with a full load on and not giving myself wiggle room to escape. This put me out of action for a few months. (Bad news for the chopper but no injuries to me) Needless to say, being grounded for a few months has been pretty hard and there has been a fair bit of soul searching going on. I've been driving these things for 18 years now and this is my first 'hard-landing'. Anyway the new gear has arrived and I am back into it.

Here's looking towards a better 2021..... season greetings to you all. Chur
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Old 16th Dec 2020, 20:21
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may be I'm allowed to get one?

Hi Ned
I always enjoy visiting this forum as a Wannabe/PPL(H)er/and long time engineer who was active in flight testing... But I don't think my knowledge and opinion is enough to have a say here. (and I just can't resist the humour of the Brits).
I have followed your calendar action closely the years before... now I dare to do it too... - I find this action awsome (Although I did not responded the last times)!!!
2020 - a very strange year .... I have been in a home office since March and I and my family have had incredible luck so far!!! I've always had work, even if it hasn't always been fun. Everyone has stayed healthy (so far)... and my efforts to get back into aviation after 3 years in the automotive industry have paid off!!!! - I can even devote more time to my favourite, helicopters, again!
In this respect I have been mighty lucky! - which doesn't necessarily mark me out for a calendar - But my future office needs an eye catcher!!!
Merry Christmas to you and your family and a peaceful start to the New Year!!!! As well as everyone else here!!!
Stay healthy, save , and keep your optimism!!! -
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Old 18th Dec 2020, 10:31
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Thanks for the offer Ned - very generous of you!

2020 has seen changes in the way we do things in HEMS, but I guess all the disinfecting and inconveniences aviating with masks etc is easier than trying to breathe through a tube. Many mates have lost their incomes, and the light at the end of their tunnels seem to be an oncoming train, financially, so my tentative relief at still being employed is balanced by a sense of survivor's guilt, and the knowledge that the axe could fall at any time on us too...
Here's hoping for a quick roll-out of an effective vaccine and a return to a semblance of normality as soon as possible. Season's greetings to all of you.
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Old 18th Dec 2020, 13:04
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But I don't think my knowledge and opinion is enough to have a say here
Don't be so bashful. Very few of us have any knowledge, but it doesn't stop us, we might even learn some thing, you'll find everyone has an opinion though, even when demonstrably wrong. Engineer in flight testing? There is a whole bunch you could contribute. Jump in, and welcome.
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Old 23rd Dec 2020, 09:52
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I've benefitted from Ned's generosity for the last couple of years so I think it only fair that others get their share - so a late post from me after the distribution has taken place.

To echo Megan's sentiment, everyday is a school day on Rotorheads, just as it should be in an aviation environment.

My 2020 was unremarkable compared to many, no Covid in the family, one case at work in the whole year, light restrictions where I live and work and continued employment throughout.

Some good sparring on PPRuNe with a mixture of frank exchanges of views and coffee-spitting humour in equal measure - mainly civil but there will always be exceptions who love to revert to name-calling instead of debate.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
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Old 23rd Dec 2020, 17:05
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Crab - Happy to send them out to anyone who posts. Still got a bunch of them here. You made a post so send me your postal and to anyone else - keep posting if you wish.
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Old 28th Dec 2020, 05:05
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2020 has been a wild year, but my employment has been ongoing. I returned from normal 6 week rotation in Kenya to USA on March 14th, the day US locked it down. I had an interesting layover in Chicago, on way to Denver, but made way onto connecting flight just before doors were shut. Awesome, other travelers spent way more hours in that airport and missed connecting flights. Then spent a few months at home, no one traveled outbound/those on shift stuck there . Back to work in Kenya, June to September (longer than normal rotation as contract quickly expired/equipment needed to be loaded up and sent home). Worked my way into a new contract that company was awarded to kick off in January 2021, lots of training at home plate, and now ready to head off back overseas in a few weeks.

None of my immediate family suffered COVID, none of my co-workers came up hot (there were tests, and I can vociferously admit I am not fond of the brain tickles). There were long periods when I could not see kids/grandkids this year, even those living in hometown, as we all tried to practice acceptable social distancing. Win, win. Now let's all get back to normal life!
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