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ramjett18 23rd Jan 2020 14:50

Hi all, like a few people here I'm wondering if anyone has any recent knowledge of the ATPL Tech exam questions? Again it would be greatly appreciated for any information available.

fokker0 27th Jan 2020 11:00

Hello everyone,
Regarding the ATPL questions. I took the ATPL test, group exercise, panel discussion and interview at a road show in europe recently.
I found that using the Qatar Airways ATPL question bank on LatestPilotJobs, and really studying it made this test fairly easy. pretty sure i scored near 100%

During the group exercise, i really just tried to work with the others without being too overbearing. I can be really determined and want to take charge so this was very hard for me
The panel discussion throws up topics for you to answer. You are meant to give your best answer, then discuss with group, then finally tell them if you want to change your answer based on new information.

Finally the interview topics are covered pretty well on LatestPilotJobs.
Take this seriously, use a few days to study and formulate honest answers to the "HR-style" questions like strengths/weaknesses etc. and you will do fine
Best of luck!

krik767 29th Jan 2020 07:11

Hello guys

Any other people waiting in the Boeing FO pool? It s just to have an idea about the time between the mail and the offer (received the positive mail 2 weeks ago).

Thank you and good luck guys.

Aloha_KSA 29th Jan 2020 10:49

I paid for interview coaching from pinstripe solutions. Spent an hour on Skype with a specialist. The questions were not exactly the same, but the answers I prepared for the Pinstripe questions were relevant in the interview. They also helped me present myself well and avoid common mistakes that I have made at other interviews. https://www.pinstripesolutions.com/
(I passed the interview process in November, and was offered a class date in April.)

incspeed 29th Jan 2020 18:51

congrats man! What position did you apply for? How long waiting in the pool?

Zakary 30th Jan 2020 15:49

what KSA stand for ?

Aloha_KSA 31st Jan 2020 13:31

It's just some letters. How about "Kick Some Ass"? 😅

fokker0 3rd Feb 2020 08:02

Does anyone know if they ask you technical questions before the simulator assessment?

matr72 3rd Feb 2020 11:58

If you mean right before the sim, no. But during the personal interview, yes they do.

Aloha_KSA 4th Feb 2020 07:06

Does anyone know if the Coronavirus will impact hiring/ class dates?

fatbus 4th Feb 2020 15:02

Sudden increase of available DECs may have an impact.

Amouric 4th Feb 2020 20:16

Anyone know when they are starting hiring DEC for Boeing again? Thanks

Lima Bravo 4th Feb 2020 23:24

I was patiently waiting for a joining date since I was placed in the talent pool 11 months ago, but unfortunately yesterday, got this email from QR:

After careful review to the holding pool and the number of projected joining slots, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to offer you a date within the validity of your application.

Has anyone received a similar reply before?

GearUpa 5th Feb 2020 13:38

Which fleet and position did you apply?

Lima Bravo 5th Feb 2020 22:47

Originally Posted by GearUpa (Post 10680069)
Which fleet and position did you apply?

A320, First Officer

QatarBoy 6th Feb 2020 08:14

Anyone thinking of joining, beware.
Terms and conditions frequently change with no discussion and never for the better.
They fly to places and in airspace that most airlines avoid!
They fire people routinely for things that in other airlines might merit a debrief or a sim session.

Think carefully before joining!

Aloha_KSA 7th Feb 2020 10:00

Pilots are a fungible resource.
Yes, It’s a real eye opener to work without union protection or even the legal rights afforded to most employees in many countries. it was certainly an eye opener for me.

But yes, my friend, that’s how it is,

Before taking ANY contract job it is very important to read all of the fine print, and assume nothing.

If job security is what you are after, “ex-pat pilot” is probably not the right tree to be barking up. , ... But if in spite of your better judgment You still want the thrill of running with the big dogs... (or just need the job), well then, you have to keep up, keep your head down, keep your mouth shut, make friends and allies, don’t step on the other dogs’ paws, and really, just run as hard as you can, for as long as you can...

Believe me. there are plenty of other dogs waiting to join the pack

and we are very replaceable.

Team Bravo 10th Feb 2020 12:42

Hello all,

Recently submitted an application around mid January with nothing but the standard auto-reply saying the application is being processed. Anyone else in a similar situation?

fokker0 10th Feb 2020 17:26

Did you perform the initial computer based tests? Or have you not received those yet?
In either case it may be to raise a query on the web portal

umitatl 10th Feb 2020 17:38

Me as well;applied at the end of december but not heard anything since,rather than automatic reply..

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