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pspcz 7th Aug 2008 16:17

sicological test. 16 questions

and obviously they isnt no spellin or IQ test neither

KRUGERFLAP 7th Aug 2008 17:47

Considering some Captains in AL Qataria is the same standard or below , very very low.Sometimes very dangerous my friend.
Even on the widebody fleet. I feel sorry for the TRIs, and the poor First Officers.

But there are some preety good guys left or right seaters.

captjim 8th Aug 2008 06:45

OK, I've seen the 2,000 post threads. They are very long, very old and take forever to pick out relevant and current info. Could someone other than a grumpy old timer please update the pay, housing, and roster info. I'm flying charter in the middle east and am woundering if it would be worth it to fly a heavy. Also how is the quality of life there?

KRUGERFLAP 8th Aug 2008 07:50


BASIC: 26500 QR
HOUR: 120 QR ( average 70-80 hs montly)
HOUSE ALLOWANCE: 12000 QR montly
PER DIEM: very low ( big table to see the values and depend on the layover station)


BASIC: 18500 QR
HOUR: 90 QR ( average 70-80 hs montly)
HOUSE ALLOWANCE: 10000 QR montly
PER DIEM:very low ( big table to see the values and depend on the layover station)

msian1147 8th Aug 2008 08:19


i thought FOs earn QR 36,100 monthly..?

Sudan19 8th Aug 2008 09:13

Capt Krunch
the airline started in 1994. so how did you do yours decades ago????

are you talkin s:mad:t or i just can't read?????

Terri Wrist 8th Aug 2008 09:26

You can read ok, you dont understand what you read:ugh: Every year in Doha is like a decade in prison:sad:

loc22550 8th Aug 2008 14:44

Msian1147..yes indeed:
..36000.. QR/month... that's what you might get for the total (excluding education allowance but including house allowance).:hmm:

msian1147 9th Aug 2008 09:27

better join EY or EK then :}

Lulu qatar 16th Sep 2008 21:10

New memo is out :
No fleet transfere as it is expencive .
DEC 777 + 330
UK licence is +
Upgrade slow down to 12 per year
salary increament - 0
qatari pilots dont get any management position
Lets start all over as at 2000y remember ?
I.M and B.W get direct on A330 so they can go for vacation with wifes to Bali and LHR it was cheap to give them CCQ A320-330 but its expencive for others IN the airline so we can bring DEC
777 fleet is mess all over cant even get a DCT without fight
A330 is doing OK with CP and DCP + roster
A320 is a joke fleet ( instead going to jail they send you on A320 )
A300 is having good time
A340 roster good/ airplane bad
There is a BLACK Cb+TS over Doha ( i guess it come all over from UK ),LVP in progress and as we all know we dont carry extra fuel ha ha, which is good alternete ? answer is "ETIHAD" WX is good there and no Cb s .

Ronaldo 330 16th Sep 2008 21:18

I didnt saw that ACN but i will check it on my next flight .
A320 is really bad with bad roster and bad destinations
B777 will be good i hope in year or 2
DEC wow not good for us !!!

PIPE RIDER 16th Sep 2008 22:05

Not really surprised about UK licenses as this people should pray facing LHR...
cause is sooooo good for them, and they make fun cause Indians want to have brit passport.

B777 good job guys keep on burning engines...
A300 half of your roster is DH (unpaid duties)
A320 do we actually have a CP or DCP or Training CP??????never seen em.....
A330 They DO have a responsible person on the office...
A340 the perfect commercial decision longest A/C in the world with the worst seating config....
New managers (yawn) have they approached any pilot meeting or something like that? please tell us the goals that the new upgrades/transfer policies are trying to achieve....
Salaries...nah pilots are cheap dont worry we will have more begging for jobs soon, and speaking that redneck thing they call english....
Yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel, the question is, Is it the exit? or a train approaching head on to run you over??

loc22550 17th Sep 2008 04:40

DEC 777/A-330...from Where...??

plumponpies 17th Sep 2008 14:25

Just A quick question guys.
Currently 738 rated and 2000 hrs. F/O
Got an interview coming up. Which fleet is my likely destination?
Not sure i want the 320 fleet after reading all the SH8te.
By the way , don't tell me to stay where i am, 'cause where i was is now no more!;)

Homo Ludens 17th Sep 2008 14:50

you'll get the T7, most likely.
and a shortend course, at that.
Good luck!

ali03 17th Sep 2008 15:24

any idea about what is the most important;i mean the interview or the sim ?
Im f/o on 737ng an my sim on A320 was a pretty bad
i worry about it .
thanks for your help

PIPE RIDER 17th Sep 2008 16:28

mmmhh you better worry about your english.

loc22550 18th Sep 2008 10:39

hope for you you will not be put on the A-320; not because of the 320 itself but because of 320 roster; totally unbalanced,unfair,unsafe(very tiring,crew pushed to the limit of legality).

loc22550 18th Sep 2008 13:23


-Correct basic salary new F/O 18000QR ,CPT 26500 QR.
It Represents 40..50% of your final salary IF you take the house allowance.

-Does it go up..? Oh yes...3%:hmm: increase (on the basic only) every year BUT only for the first four year in your respective grade! Why only for the first four year.....?Maybe you got the answer...i don't have it!
(for info inflation in Doha is around 15%..20% for 2008!)

-Retirement?:} Nothing provided by the company.

To make it short in Q.R you got paid for what you perform,no less no more: no bonus,no benefit,no pension....

loc22550 18th Sep 2008 13:53

The Basic with EY is much more, but the flight allowance is less.
All together at the end of the month don't think there is that much difference...between EY and QR (only when you go on leave as the basic is higher with EY).
People who are leaving QR for EY it's not for the money,but the way you are treated there i guess it's a world of difference with QR.
And Abu dhabi is probably a better place to live as well compared to Doha....

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