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Monysofy 16th Apr 2008 06:25

I will appreciate with all do respect to everyone if you could give me the complete name and nationality of your fellow pilot that past away recently

I knew a Captain whose name is Renato and left Mexico for the Gulf many years ago.

Thanks for the info.

JungleJett 16th Apr 2008 14:52

Not the same.....Our Late colleague was from Croatia.

BUSTRASH 16th Apr 2008 15:49

Can anbody provide actual interview info. Ive been trying for weeks but cant get any info but standard, general, generic but no actual real info.

9.G 16th Apr 2008 16:44

No Info
NO info for you bustrash. Now you know what to expect in QR! Does it ring the bell? Supposedly not! Come over and join "DON'T CARE" club.

CEO PITA 16th Apr 2008 16:48

We dont know about intervew . But just to let you know few days a go on intervew almost everyone fail !
Just dont jojn QR its better to try EK or Emirates mate !

loc22550 17th Apr 2008 05:31

or EY(Etihad),or Air Arabia,or Bahrain Air....:)

CEO PITA 17th Apr 2008 06:24

48 F/O give there resignation letter in past 10 days . ( Etihad )
Meeting few days a go with CT,GMFO ,CP ts ( upgrade to capt. expected if you jojn naw you can expect left seat in 7-9 y )
No salary increament.
Latest command intervew 8/7 7 failed .
Is there any pilot on globe want to jojn QR after that ??
Congrets new management you really manage to get rid of F/Os .

loc22550 17th Apr 2008 08:22

CEO, don't known if the figure you mention about the F/O resignation rate is as accurate as the salary increase you announced a few months back here(30%):uhoh:....If its correct 48F/O resignation/10days, it means almost 5/day...Sh...if it continues like that at the same rate,within 2 months there will be no F/O anymore in Qatar airways...!:ouch:

Anyway i think Upgrade "problem" is just the tip of the iceberg here, if you work in a good career airline(wich Q.A. is not)..and live in a nice place, you will be probably ready to wait 7 years or more for an upgrade, and it's probably worth it...:not here.

Smirnoff N21 17th Apr 2008 08:23

Latest command intervew 8/7 7 failed
Are you saying more people failed than attended? :hmm: Don't get your math man! Being told that candidates should learn the basics. :{
Don't take it personally take it on the rocks!!!:ok:

CEO PITA 17th Apr 2008 17:51

Yea some fail in advance for next intervew in few days . There head is already choped !Enjoj it ~!

otbd34 18th Apr 2008 06:57

QR Resignations
Is it true a lot of F/O's are leaving?. And if so where are these guy's going?. And how many have left?. To be honest, I have not seen a difference at tech.

otbd34 18th Apr 2008 07:09

Good one. That reminds me I need to get my log book checked. Got about a years work to be checked.


CEO PITA 20th Apr 2008 10:20

Do youu really want to stay and wait 7 y to command ant then when time comes 4 instructors will aske you crazy things and fail you .
Instead you could go to Etihgad or any other ialrine and become captian in 2-3 y without hard time on intervew . Hey man only 1 cleared last one !

AiRBuS_380 14th May 2008 08:37

Qatar Recruitment Waiting time
Hi guys,

I am just wondering how long will the process of recruitment takes for Qatar Airways? I.E after the interview how long do most employees takes to actually start work?

Thanks! Cheers!

Homo Ludens 14th May 2008 13:25

About 20 days to get the letter (presuming it is positive), then it is up to you, really.
If you can start immediately, it is gonna be a month or so. Then ground courses + type rating course = 3 months. Line training takes between 15 to 30 days.
Do the math yourself.
All this if no delays due to lack of training capability at that exact moment.
I've heard of training taking 2 and a half months and 6 and a half months.
As allways - just a matter of beeng at the right place at the wrong time, or vice-versa!

Good flying to all!

Arrowhead 21st May 2008 08:46

Can anyone tell me the general mix of pilot nationalities?

BUSTRASH 21st May 2008 09:08

I just did the interview and they said 88 countries.

salamalikum2 21st May 2008 09:43

The main centers of gravity of pilots nationalities here have two poles: south America and Far east countries.

RnR 21st May 2008 10:43

AN YOUR POINT IS????????? :yuk:

Grow up,

Off to.


JungleJett 21st May 2008 14:59

I thought it was a QR salary discussion here....
I've heard two different guys telling me that we might get something by July....Any truth to that or same donky and carrot tactic?
We being the donkies....

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