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old747man 18th Feb 2008 19:45

Give Money If You Want To.
Lets Not Try To Find Out, Who Wrote What And Why On The Memo,to Donate Some Money.
Atleast The Intention Was Good To Help The Family.
If You Feel Like Giving Some Riyals Good , Dont Feel Like Its Every Ones Personal Choice .
There Was A 300 Captain Dideir Cruremberg Who Passed Away At The Same Time As Renato Pls Pray That They Both Rest In Peace .
Lets Not Make Pprune Threads To Discuss Their Financial Status.

Qatari515 18th Feb 2008 20:18

Whohow NA...

easy on the heavy stuff mate.

let people decide for themselves, not everybody has known renato.

not all pilots have a 50000+ salary!

in short...everybody should decide himself if they want to contribute, and how much!

And maybe we should do something for didier as well...

papyjo 19th Feb 2008 08:37

tomuchwork you re my man:ok:

CEO PITA 19th Feb 2008 13:43

Yea naw with new CEO s idea of reducing salary and new CT with his 5 y to upgrade better save money guys !

Qatari515 19th Feb 2008 14:31

New CEO....

New ideas......

Salary decrease.....

5Y to upgrade.....

Man man man.....did I pass out that long??????


Smirnoff N21 19th Feb 2008 14:56

Get properly insured by the company wouldn't that be an ideal situation?
I guess after we sorted out all the others pending issues.......

Who can blame the guys for not being highly motivated or company minded since force is main drive.... We are in a highly sensitive environment here and many guys and sometimes wrong words can be detrimental. Let's just take the fuel issue it's not the idea of collaborative decision making process but the wording which set off the uneasiness. Apart from the legal situation, which is cristal clear "the commander takes the final decision" I'm inclined to believe that the intention behind the notice was to prompt the commercial awareness in regards to fuel costs.
Not all the possible measures have being actually introduced yet. There's much more we can do to save the fuel. Though without pilots willing to help the company NOT A CHANCE.

Force is never going to work gents only persuasion and motivation.

QTR 515 has nailed it pretty much.

Don't take it personally take it on the rocks!!!:ok:

loc22550 21st Feb 2008 16:18

You were talking about 15000 U$ as 9 years gratuity paid to the family of Renato....??? :\they must be a serious mistake in the calculation ...!!!!if we are talking about the same gratuity,as far as i known after 5 years of service , gratuity equals 4 weeks of your latest basic salary/year of service...
(qatari law).

shneidertrophy 22nd Feb 2008 09:49

Loc 22550.

Do the math yourself and see

Qatari labor law demands 75% of your last basic salary to be paid as gratuity, per year of seniority you have within the company. This adds up to 3 weeks basic salary per year of service.

Renato was on the old system of 4 weeks basic salary per year of service.. His salary basic at least was around 28000QR times 9 = 252000 qr = ..(even more)

Off course whatever amount he owned the bank would be deducted from this, and he just bought another appartement back home...


A330_300 24th Feb 2008 08:37





Jo Banana 24th Feb 2008 09:16

Oh Cooool!!!! When was this anounced?:ooh:

loc22550 24th Feb 2008 11:19

Cool down jobanana... it seems that AAB(or 330-300) does not have the same calendar as us...if you have to wait till the 30th of february ... you better be patient...:\

Jo Banana 24th Feb 2008 12:27

:{:{..thanks LOC

papyjo 24th Feb 2008 20:44

LOC It was a joke!!!

Spirit1 25th Feb 2008 02:54

I am sitting here long away from the dusty town of Doha.:)
Having a few question to the management of this lovely company.

First of all why did U lie to me and many other during the interview?
Why is three years now five years?
Howe come that non of the CP are talking the pilots case?
Why are U recruiting DEC on 330. Knowing that the he been flying B737 the last 15th years and has no flying experience outside India. And on top of that only have 3-5 years left in this business.:ugh:
Knowing that the inflation is crazy and that the riyal has hit the button. Why no pay rise?
Are U all just so afraid of the CEO that common sense is no issue:confused:

For me jumping ship is defiantly a possibility and I will not feel sorry.
Five star :mad:

loc22550 25th Feb 2008 04:17

Papyjo..thanks for your remark...but even without your advice, i noticed it was a joke..:hmm:
Spirit well i think Q.A. is recruiting whatever they can recruit...(able to recruit..)..They probably have to recruit DEC 330(non rated) just to make think a little bit more attractive for those guys, otherwise they will never come to Q.A...

Look what happen with DEC777...i may be wrong but i think the expectation of Q.A was a little bit to high.. a lot of cpt(777 rated) turned down their application and decided to go somewhere else..(Jet Airways for example..)..
And so And so.....

P.S.: even Air Arabia wich is a low cost company has decided to offer a nice Bonus to their employees..:ok: At least they known how to motivate their crews..not like Q.A....

hairy plotter 25th Feb 2008 07:55

Spirit1 in case you haven't noticed yet it's Indian run company. In case you haven't been to India it's weirdest country.
Qatari+Indian is perfect combination first one is willing to buy everything the latest are ready to sell. That's the way it works here.
No one gives a [email protected] about the rest.
As for the management they are just puppets without any kind of decision power moreover to keep their seats they have to comply with any none poppycock coming from QR tower.
Put it in plain language you are the last one any of them is worried about.

chainsaw 25th Feb 2008 08:35

Common sense or lack of it?
Spirit 1

Are U all just so afraid of the CEO that common sense is no issue
Perhaps it would be a bit more accurate if you'd said that no common sense by the CEO (ie LACK OF) is making people afraid, and that's perhaps the issue? :E

CEO PITA 26th Feb 2008 04:11

I was told today by member of royal familly that CEOs days are counted and he will be terminated as he terminated many pilots and crew and maybe even more ....
When he is out salary increase and orange juce and laban will be given to every pilot in dispetch before taking fuel so a pilot will have full stomack and take less fuel and airline will save a lot .

I had a dream that in late 2008 my capt aske to clean a cockpit windows and maintainance told us ok and call on Motorola : Akbar Akbar jaldi jaldi window cleaning on 330 at E9 . There he was small and skinny in blue with a wet tissue and wipe it really good.
I forgot the rest i think he fall down or so but i remember window was ok .

A330_300 26th Feb 2008 05:32

"dream On"

loc22550 27th Feb 2008 04:55

Here we are ..a new LOW record for the U$ and so the Qatari riyal 1:ugh:v/S Euros..:ouch::
1 euro=1,5U$, But guess its not better v/s other currencies.....another consequence:this is just gone put the inflation higher and higher as well.....!!!

Really do you think our "5 stars" management will do something immediatly(salary wise), before its too late....???Even the meal allowance has not been adapted for this problem...Amazing!!!

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