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CEO PITA 24th Jul 2008 03:06

What a joke !
Annoucement in april annoucement in june ,then annoucement in july .
True is no annoucement at all becouse litle small man told his top management people "soon we will have pilots from USA and some EU airlines which are going down knocking on QA doors " why should he give anything if he has a rated pilot without job ?

Flyer1015 24th Jul 2008 04:44

No medical exam?

Xaxa 24th Jul 2008 04:48

They check that you have a valid medical, you do the actual medical after you join.

BizPilotBrazil 24th Jul 2008 05:36

Other Question

QR still hiring a non type rated F/O?

QTRminator 24th Jul 2008 06:27

...6 days to go...

BizPilotBrazil 25th Jul 2008 04:04


What is the salary to A320 F/O ?

salamalikum2 25th Jul 2008 04:29


Go on page nr 7 of this thread,i put already the details for F/O salary.
Note that from the 1st of july an ERP(exchange rate protection) will be introduced as well,to protect 30% of your basic salary..

Flyer1015 25th Jul 2008 04:34

Any links for airline med standards? Or maybe even Qatar civil aviation medical standards?

Spirit1 25th Jul 2008 06:55

...5 days to go...

Black Stain 25th Jul 2008 10:30

Unless you boys have an allergy to vaseline you should be fine.

ramiyns 25th Jul 2008 11:54

Guys safe your breath and stop the count down.

The pay rise,It turn out to be just rice.
The pay rise is been rejected completely by the CEO.
So stop dreaming,and wake up and deal with inflation and currency depreciation,and enjoy flying for less money.

Two Dogs.... 25th Jul 2008 12:14

No pay rise?? Enough is enough let's strike!! Illegal....Oh

OK, let's all resign together on the same day. Yeah, and any bastard that even applies for a job at Goat Airways after we resign gets put on that Scab List. What we need is an experienced leader, any nominations comrades....

javierdcv 25th Jul 2008 17:24

first officer pre employment assestment
How are you?
writing from canary islands,spain.
May i ask you about first officer life at QR,salary,housing,roster,interview,etc...
i will go doha the 4th of august for interview..and will appreciate to have an idea what its like.
best regards
thank you
javier del corral videau

javierdcv 25th Jul 2008 17:41

qr gral questions
do you mind togive some details about the life in doha and flying into qr airways??salary,roster,days off,as much as you can give..to have an idea prior my interview??
thank you
best regards

QTRminator 25th Jul 2008 18:55

Well Javier... we're not that good actually, because as you might have seen, we're not getting any salary increase... but thanks for asking.:rolleyes:
I suggest you use the search-function and you will find your answers.
Good luck on your interview.

P.Clostermann 25th Jul 2008 19:31

Great head hunting QR!
I heard we have our new SVPO to thank for...apparently it was him who said no payrise was necessary in view of the looming aviation crisis!


Great introduction in this company mate...thats for sure the way to get the troops behind you!

But than again, there always had to be a reason why you fled the UK! From what I have heard they hate your guts overthere (both your ex-company as well as the UK CAA)

Two Dogs.... 25th Jul 2008 22:22

I nominate Pierre as our Leader!! He has the loudest bark.

Lulu qatar 26th Jul 2008 22:28

No Increament On Qr Salary Till Next Sommer

Black Stain 27th Jul 2008 11:15

Publishing your true identity on this gossip site is arrogant and stupid. That pilot dispute was started by arrogance and lost by stupidity:

How I got into this discussion is beyond me? Whereas my thoughts on scabs are well known, they are spoken out loud and not under a pseudonym on an anonymous forum such as this or any other for that matter.
Mate, your thoughts on so called scabs are a practiced barbeque sermon. Eer av a sausage, a beer and my opinion. You wear it like an old scout badge. Why are you surprised when one of your barbeque clowns dumps you in the pot with an ignorant and misguided jab? It is your own endless bitching to impressionable fools; always carefully behind the back you accuse, that now sees a bone pointed at you.

Everyone has heard your story. Let us level the game.

You and your greedy mates tried to hold a nation to ransom. An outrageous 30% pay rise on a softening market. In fact a similar sour global economy that we see now. Your employer, your government, in fact the whole nation didnít blink when all of you fools resigned en-masse. It is a shame however, that so many young pilots ruined their careers by following the lead of silly old farts. And do you and your mates ever spare a thought for the many local tourism businesses sent to the wall by your actions? Aviation is an essential service, like police, fire brigade, ambulance service. Mass resignation by pilots is morally corrupt.

Scab labor was not used to end that dispute. You ended the dispute yourself, with your resignation. Please donít now blame the AFAP, maybe if you were as noisy then as your current barbeque rants maybe your path would have been different. This scab list is a vengeful old fart fabrication and referred to by few employers anyway.

To rub the message in a little deeper, I joined there 5 years after you left and mate it was great. Excellent remuneration, working conditions and fantastic management. I guess they got rid of all the problem children with your bag.

Having said all that, I would be truly honored for you and your silly old mates to put me on that Scab List now please. You know who I am, and hell I sure deserve it after pissing on your campfire.

To the barbeque fools, why do you think the old fart will not ever retire? He has tried, yes? There is no welcome mat for him and his mates at homeÖ.

Black Stain 27th Jul 2008 11:17

To the moderator: The above rant is relevant in the light of endless struggle between Goat and pilot. History is the best teacher.

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