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Lulu qatar 27th Jul 2008 13:29

Scabs are deangorous where ever they fly becouse they will do it again when we all stop they will fly for boss to get somthing back.
I agree with K.H 100% . Put them on list dont give them job or jumps seat and treat them like scabs as they do it to others.
QR scab was saved by CP while others where not .( remember Alexandria,Franfkurt,JNB....) all suspended only scab saved.

Two Dogs.... 28th Jul 2008 04:13

89'er scabs are a myth Lulu, just like the the Jewish suicide bombers that took down the world trade center. Your fellow pilots have not been entirely truthfull to you. Regards, ;)

FlyingCroc 28th Jul 2008 05:54

two dogs, too many drinks?
89 industrial action a myth, what are you talking about mate. You guys still do not understand what industrial action mean and just us less moaning and whinging on pprune since nobody gives a rats ass what you think since you have no union to stand up for your interest.
And what is this crap about jewish suicide bombers, never heard about that one.

loc22550 28th Jul 2008 14:30

CEO pita,
Are you really convinced that we gone have a lot of US pilots here in Qatar Airways...??I think Q.R is still waiting for them...!:bored:
Most of them are going to Dubai or Abu dhabi...

P.Clostermann 28th Jul 2008 19:53


what the hell are you talking about mate? The other incidents you are referring to where 100% obvious and clear instructor failure. The mashad one is debatable, I give you that one!

But to bring up the alexandria thing! Man, that training captain was an absolute moron and what he did went not once but 4 times against several books we have to follow at QR..

All the way from his recovery crash technique on a 2200m RWY to his 'NOT'writing the incident in the techlog!

So before you open your mouth, think!

Black stain....well said!

Me as leader...NO THANKS! been there, done that....and you are absolutely right! A bottle of Lafitte and a juicy blond would instantly take my focus away...

Black Stain 28th Jul 2008 23:21

And Later at the Nursing Home....
With cane shaking and dentures chattering the old man of the air cursed:

"That asshole over there with the blue shirt took my fugging seat at the bingo table when I went for afternoon nap!! Everyone knows thats my fugging chair!! No-one can speak to him from now on."

LIBYA_LION 29th Jul 2008 08:38

You still work at QR Black Stain?

Black Stain 29th Jul 2008 15:11

I would ditch in the gulf rather than ever set foot in that dusty farmyard again Libya Lion.

NoJoke 30th Jul 2008 01:34

I would take that as a NO. :ok:

No_BS 30th Jul 2008 19:23

Black Stain- well said, you have left K.H. speachless...

The silence is deafening!

K.H. has not answered you back, oh wait he has….

K.H. = Lulu qatar!!!!:eek:

K.H nice to have someone striaght fwd on this forum.You might be old but you have bo...s !
Its a sad person who gives himself kudos:=
reminds me of a song... “He was looking pretty dumb with his finger and and his thumb in the shape of a L on his forehead”:D

Safari Goat 31st Jul 2008 08:27

We actually should get back on the subject of salary or start a new thread. Still off the subject of salary a bit. Most of us hide behind names here, as we rightfully should. If our identity was found out for saying anything about the chief pilots, management and or the company it would hurt us with promotions and life at this job in the middle east.....TRUE!
K.H has Ba...ls and stood up to one or two of you who hide behind these names and point fingers. For this you jump all over him? WHY?
I actually remember when K.H stood up to POPAY (popay was an old sign on name here for someone) and did you know that they became friends after their conflict?
It really confirms the small minded, immature people that we work with here in our small part of the sandpit. We are expanding here with more and more complainers coming in everyday. I guess people from the old school with morals and good experience, are now the minority in Qatar Airways.

Smirnoff N21 31st Jul 2008 13:22

S.G. just to clarify a bit your statement. There was never a conflict but rather a dispute. It's still an actual issue btw. Who is QR good for or what's your take on QR? It was a genuine reference to early retirees let it be from CX LH BA whatever. That fact that K.H. is the only one from C.X. doesn't costitute a malicious intent hidden in a genuine reference. How it perceived from the other party is unpredictable and can lead to tensions provided the no wind up was intended in first place. Hot headed discussions are useless and not conclusive. Generally we don't have to love or to hate each other as long as the job is done professionally. What matters is not who's right but what's right.
Doesn't work in QR though. Stand up against popay well, it's like Mike Tyson against a tiny skinny student. Give it break, will ya. No compare at all. Still QR is generally understood to be a good escape for early retiree or ab initio. nothing for experienced pilots being ready for a big frog leap in the career.
Best regards to Mr. Aussie K.H. he can afford to be straight forward guy without being dragged to much into politics in QR. Good candidate for a leading position but then half of QR pilots have to go not meeting the standards, I'm afraid.
Don't take it personally take it on the rocks!!!:ok:

Safari Goat 31st Jul 2008 17:03

Don't get me wrong Smirnoff, I actually like the popay guy. I thought he was also a guy who stood up to people. I was not saying that he was immature or small minded. actually the opposite for him. I enjoyed talking to him before he left. I actually liked to fly with both K.H and Popay. Two good guys.

CEO PITA 31st Jul 2008 18:46

We dont need clostermans we need experianced people with boo.... And K.H is one of them .

Lulu qatar 31st Jul 2008 19:23

popay boy is now doing his left seat in A.A . Congrets mate !

bluesky dreamer 31st Jul 2008 20:06

This is my first time on pprune.
I recieved an invitation to the Qatar screening.
I've done a lot of research but cant find much information.
Please tell me about the interview.
Whatquestions do they ask?
How does the pay break down?
How much do you fly ?
And what aircraft are most pilots assigned to?

Smirnoff N21 31st Jul 2008 20:14

No worries S.G. Upgrades, well probably, THE most important occurrence in pilot's life. Don't know how much of that is true but I hear frightening rumors of a very unusually high failure rate at different stages. It's OK if the failure rate fluctuates somewhere around 10% but from what I understand it's at least 50%. That's scary indeed. This guys on the right aren't sand sacks, aren't they.
Anyhow not my worry anymore. Good luck guys and hopefully you'll get through without getting astronauts.
Don't take it personally take it on the rocks!!!:ok:

vivace 1st Aug 2008 04:23

Popay if memory serves me right(as he had a picture of himself on his profile) is not in A.A but left QR months ago and is now back in Germany. Good guy, and not sure where hes heading local German airline I heard last.

CEO PITA 1st Aug 2008 15:05

Yea Popay is in Germany in city " Kuala Lumpur"

Capt Krunch 7th Aug 2008 15:41

Have any of you guys bothered to use the SEARCH function on this site.... sure would save us old timers allot of time in repeating and repeating the same Sh!t over and over and over again

and just one advise.. if you have ajob.. don't come here, if you have a life, dont come here, if your out of work, no money, deep in debt, no way out, ok then you have no choice, come here.

as far as the interview is concerned.. did mine decades ago so i can't help there.. but from what i see with some the F/O's i fly with, if you got 2 arms, 2 legs, can blink and breath, you got the job, standards here are far far below the bottom of that old barrel.

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