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Ryanair interviews and sim assessments - 2

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Ryanair interviews and sim assessments - 2

Old 2nd Dec 2021, 16:14
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When I say potential, I mean an average year where there is no crisis, you get paid for working full time hours, just like everyone else. In the unforeseen circumstances like at the moment when a crisis arises, you have a lovely (high) basic, for doing F all.

You get your bonus/productivity of £6k which you can basically add that to your basic. And Iím sorry but there is no way that you are spending £5.5k on your yearly allowances.

Mate you earn a six figure salary for pushing a few buttons, and you come on here to complain about it! Once again, get over yourself!

Anyway wasnít this point about you spreading false rumours, I answered your previous question about this, or am I wrong on that?

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Old 2nd Dec 2021, 16:57
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Good for them, that’s because the basic is higher but the sector pay is lower at Jet2. I’m sure if you calculated the yearly wage based on 800hrs for the year, the wage would be the same, if not favouring RYR.
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Old 2nd Dec 2021, 17:00
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If you think the job is merely pressing buttons you are perpetuating the myth MoL spouts about taxi drivers and an easy job. Which guess what, in turn helps him out in the public percentages of what we do. Perhaps work in the city if you want a 6 figure salary for pushing buttons.

Button pushing is so far from the truth. You have the practical unlimited liability of 189 humans behind you. You will be blamed for any incident. Potentially taken to court. I know capts taken to court for diverting and not given any help from the company. I kid you not, you may fly with that person at ema.

I will not earn a 6 figure salary for another 4 years, if he decides to restore the pay. He does not have to. There are clauses there saying he does not have to.

And by that time, my “potenial” will be down about 5k from inflation.

Not spending 6k of my allowance? Remember you lose about 40% to taxman, which leaves 3.5k. Car park is about a grand a year, LoL 1200, medical 300, hotac for sims 3-400, yeah, got a whole heap of change left over from that don’t we! (All free at normal companies, and higher pay as well on top!)

I am complaining about the treatment of staff. It is not normal, it is a broken mentality not fit for an age outside of victorian factories. Why do we allow it? Why do we as society allow ourselves to be so treated at our own expense so a ceo and shareholders benefit. We do not benefit, we get penalised.

They are so out of touch, if they treated staff with respect and transparency, they would have one of the happiest work forces around. But they prefer fear. It means people do not call sick, pilots still run around min fuel, still rushing checklists, all fear. Nothing else.

4 days sick, enjoy your meeting in enterprise house.

Nothing I have said is untrue. I have seen it, experienced it, seen peoples contracts. There are no secrets amongst staff.
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Old 2nd Dec 2021, 17:11
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I agree with you that yes the pay is high because of the responsibility for all the people behind you, but letís face it, most days are pretty easy non eventful days, so I do think that we earn a lot of money for what we do (which is not a lot most of the time).

And your last point about only being truthfulÖ if you could correct your previous statement about cadets ONLY being on £18k per year, as we both know this is not correct, and weíll leave it there.
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Old 2nd Dec 2021, 17:41
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The contract I saw, had only a mention of 18k basic, no reference to any base agreement or sector pay in it, so I am unable to correct it, merely stating what was on the contract.

I stated above the pay for new cadets in Dublin. If they were so transparent why do they not tell cadets when they join? No one is told, its fraudulent mis-selling. They certainly were not told they would end up in morroco, which an entire TR ended up in a month ago.

One lad a month ago was offered a base in PMO. Sign it by tomorrow or transfer is nulled, but they could not tell him what the pay is. I kid you not. This is not normal behaviour.

The most telling fact about what a terrible place it is to work is this.

Why are there no staff in any significant numbers here from tui/ba/az/lufty/klm/vs/j2?

The odd one or 2 (normally after a disagreement with management or sacked), its all cadets, or tin pot airlines from brazil or eastern europe.

That is so telling, even for the mystical 5/4Ö.hire cadets, they donít know any different. Most have not even worked in tesco, and think this is how all companies operate.

Some cadets were at primary school when the old FO contractor pay was here. Of course they do not know anything about how it was, they only believe what they get told when duffys group appear at their flight schools.

I wish my days were easy and non eventfulÖmy base is fairly renouned for being hectic. I would share how the last month has gone but it would be too revealing! It is not a striaght forward job, especially coupled with 3am wake ups to blunt your edge.
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Old 2nd Dec 2021, 17:49
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Whichever way you look at it, it sounds like youíre paid proportionally to what you do. If Iím being paid over 100k a year or close to Iíd expect to be working my socks off for it.

I was told pay scales when I joined, I just asked the question and they told me what the wages would be, and they are correct for DAC contracts.

For whatever reason the cadet contract only mentions basic pay, this was how it was done pre covid too, not sure why.

The cadets in Morocco on the new contracts as I said are seeing sector pay and the additional allowances, even though there was no mention of it in the contract, which proves my point.

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Old 2nd Dec 2021, 19:56
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I hope you are joking !! Really Which job requires you to study all the time , keep you skills fresh .... The pilot job is a serious one !!! its not all about pushing buttons and having an easy life !!!
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Old 2nd Dec 2021, 20:06
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I understand all of that, believe me I find the job very stressful and challenging at times, but the majority of our working day we are sat in the cruise not doing a fat lot.

If you look at the original point I was making, I was saying the guy earns a six figure salary for doing this job then comes on here to complain that itís not enough money!
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Old 2nd Dec 2021, 20:10
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Dashcam, I agree UAV is incorrect on some facts, but can hit the fan also in severe CAVOK. I would dare to say that we aren't even paid enough (I'm not in RYR).
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Old 2nd Dec 2021, 22:22
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Any person who feels that a First Officer or a Captain should be on less than £100K basic is in my opinion the problem. The amount of constant professional development and standards that need to be developed or maintained are the highest in any industry. The responsibility of hundreds of lives whilst flying a machine at speeds beyond human capability requires nothing less than talent and skill. I used to love the aviation profession, unfortunately I now feel itís been taken over by social media children. Take a look at the net worth of aviation leaders including Michael OíLeary and you will appreciate where the lack of salaries are ending up. As long as there is one prostitute in aviation willing to invest £50-100K and then to be paid peanuts, we will all be treated with the utmost disgust. Itís now up to the Instagram children how they wish to be treated for the next 30 years.
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Old 3rd Dec 2021, 05:01
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Spot on.

Ironically it is youngsters that often drive change for the good in all parts of society, apart from aviation.

Every person that is on linkedin “thanking” Ryr for the job (which they paid for in training and rating) is part of the problem. Everyone of these protrays ryr in a good friendly light, helping their cause, making others want to join. Its incredible to witness.

As long as the boss keeps getting richer, thats the main thing though. Lets all take an even bigger paycut to help him…perhaps just pay the insta warriors in likes? That instant gratification they all crave.
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Old 3rd Dec 2021, 09:39
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Take a holiday from PPRuNe mate.
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Old 3rd Dec 2021, 10:29
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How long did it take to hear back after you sent in the online cut E assessments?
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Old 3rd Dec 2021, 12:05
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although I think the term prostitute is a bit harsh, I cannot understand why a pilot needs to pay for their own training and if as UAV says you are even paying for HOTAC, then you are being taken for a ride.
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Old 3rd Dec 2021, 12:07
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2 working days
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Old 3rd Dec 2021, 12:44
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I sent my cut e tests in a week ago. Havenít heard back
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Old 3rd Dec 2021, 16:26
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As much as I hate to say it UAV is telling the truth, although I do not work for Ryanair, I have been involved in training and selection for them in the past.
I also keep in touch with some of the young men and women I have had the pleasure of training.
But hey its all supply and demand, as long as there is demand....
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Old 5th Dec 2021, 14:34
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I really don't understand the motivation of all those on here attacking UAV, he is spreading nothing but facts, and is desperately trying to warn people from falling into the death trap that is the RYR cadet scheme. There is nothing waiting for you lot here after line training apart from a toxic work atmosphere, financial struggles, a base far, far away from home and all the associated mental health issues.

BALPA recently surveyed its RYR member on said mental health. in which:

92% felt that the company contributed to a reduction in their wellbeing
98,2% has concerns about the overall well being of staff
64% reported to duty while feeling unfit to do so, because they couldn't afford not too.
22,9% said in the past months their operational safety- decision making was compromised by commercial pressure.

How about that for facts.

This is not normal, this company and its "management" are not normal. They are playing a very high risk game with a lot of peoples lives, it really is a matter of time before we see some serious accidents/incidents on line because people are just so worn out, or god forbid, we see some GW9525 type of accident.

I ask you, look again at those percentages, and ask yourself again, does this seem like a company you want to work for, let alone for that atrocious 'salary'?

I can promise you, though it won't reflect on your instagram timeline, its a lot less fun being at work when every other week you have some cabin crew crying in the back because they haven't been paid, again. In one of the UK bases CC went to their manager to complain that their current salary (while working 90hrs a month) could not cover their fixed living expensed, rent, insurance, food etc. You know what their manager replied?, "have you considered staying at a host family".

A prime example how these deranged "people" at HQ view their employees who work their arse of day in day out.

I said it before and I'll say it again, do NOT fall into the trap of joining RYR, but if you must, please share us your experience after a year or so in the company, prove us wrong.
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Old 5th Dec 2021, 15:24
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Brian Pern correctly identified the root cause, supply and demand, when the supply (of pilots) exceeds the demand, pay rates go down and when the demand (for pilots) exceeds the supply, then pay increases.

The mantra has for some time been, "if you don't like it, move on" and therefore the turnover of staff has been huge and the queue of people to replace those who have moved on has meant that there is no case to increase the rates of pay, so we have a situation where a cadet on qualifying nets around £1800 and pays £1200 of that to the bank leaving £600 per month for rent, beer and fags.

There are those who look back at the 1980s as the golden years, but here we are in 2021 with 1980s pay.
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Old 5th Dec 2021, 19:16
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Don't forget the 35k up front that it costs before you have received your first pay cheque after approx 3-4 months.
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