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Ryanair interviews and sim assessments - 2

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Ryanair interviews and sim assessments - 2

Old 27th Nov 2021, 08:13
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I must say you were more lucky than you think. No airline wants a cadet to be playing a line training captain at the assesment! Standart call-outs only! I once screwed up assesment with Air just because I advised to keep power setting on final. This is how simple it is. Good for you, but for others - don't ply smart-asses at screenings.

Good luck everyone!
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Old 27th Nov 2021, 11:22
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Firstly well done on passing, a whole new world awaits you.

However, a bit of advise, be careful telling others what to do, you will no doubt be very keen to show your skills and knowledge, but do that during line training to a Training Captain, they will tear you a new one. You may think you know it all, but I can assure you don't, I don't and I have been around a long time.

Be open to learning, the sim is where we learn, it is better to make mistakes in the sim, rather than the aircraft, so let your sim partner make them as you yourself will do as well, the instructor knows what they are doing and wont appreciate you trying to correct/train your partner.

Other than that, enjoy and safe flying.
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Old 27th Nov 2021, 11:23
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I imagine some of the contractors, want the same. Join the queue i suppose.
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Old 27th Nov 2021, 17:26
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Brian Pern

I have been told to do so ( correct, help, guide my PF while I am the PM on duty) during my MCC training.
I don't see why not! Being humble yes that is a must, but helping him during the approach or guide him in a LOC approach telling if it is on a profile or not, this is a job of a PM!
That's the basics of a Multi-Crew Co-operation.
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Old 27th Nov 2021, 18:25
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Vinny, yes you should speak out. However the young chap advocated telling the PF what to do to correct the situation.
I have no problem with being told I am too high on the glide or I am turning on to the wrong taxi way, that is what I expect of a competent PM. If I miss something tell me, I wont be angry. However if you then tell.me.to put power on, lower the nose or even try to take over, you will a best get a bit of a telling off and at worse a visit to the chief pilot.
That is what I meant.
Once you are in a jet on the line,with a regular captain,you will realise he or she is very aware of what is going on, it is prudent to use good judgement. You will learn a lot on the line, not all of it good, but if you really want to upset a Captain, try telling them to add more power, which is what the young man was suggesting.
Sadly he has taken his write up of the Ryanair Selection day down, it was very informative for others.
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Old 27th Nov 2021, 20:14
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Just don’t be a smart arse, be prepared but also be prepared to listen and learn. That advice will do you well on the line.
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Old 27th Nov 2021, 20:25
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from my experience, a 3000hr Captain will be nervous about the flight deck gradient - be very careful not to undermine the Captain's authority, but at the same time actively monitor
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Old 27th Nov 2021, 22:31
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Yes I could not find it anymore! It was useful that feedback! Anyway yes, I got your point. Thanks for sharing your advice!
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Old 28th Nov 2021, 20:52
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ladies and gents, support your Captain and remember that your role as a First Officer is to assist in the safe operation. However, do not be afraid or intimidated by the person in the left seat regardless of the experience the person may have. It’s extremely important to use good non technical skills such as clear communication and if possible, good adherence to the PACE model. It allows an opportunity for your superiors and your inferiors to understand the difference between their mental model and reality whilst respecting leadership or fellowship. First Officer must be ready to take control of the aircraft in extreme emergency situations but a gentle reminder is more than enough at most times. Use the time as an inexperienced First Officer to gain as much help as possible. Stay humble, polite and most important, know when to speak up and make sure you do speak up.
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Old 29th Nov 2021, 13:38
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Active pilot monitoring is a key focus area for the company right now. It may be because overall experience levels in the cockpit are comparatively low. In my experience as a line CP and trainer in the company, inexperienced co-pilots are generally too scared to speak up and question the CP's flying and/or too overwhelmed by the demands of SOP compliance and the very busy operation to contribute fully to the operation.

Cocky FOs are rare on the line. They soon learn to be more tactful.
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Old 30th Nov 2021, 08:29
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Hi there !
Did anyone who applied recently receive any news for the online assessment ?
I applied about two weeks ago..
Thanks !
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Old 30th Nov 2021, 10:47
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Online assesment, as many of you already wrote, latestpilotjobs.com is pretty similar as the real one. Though the Deductive, inductive and the ATPL questions was quite challenging for me. The deductive and inductive test is harder on the real test so prepare much on these. The reaction & and missile was easier than latestpilotjobs.com, video interview, same questions as on the website.

about a 2-3 weeks span of preparing before you actually go to Dublin. So you have plenty of time to prepare and make sure you really use this time to PREPARE.
latestpilotjobs.com has excellent technical and HR questions to prepare you, but i highly recommend to scroll back in this forum and study ALL potential questions you can get hold of.

The day began with a short company presentation followed by pairing us for the sim-assesment.
The instructor handed out the charts which was a basic SID out of Birmingham.
We had about 20minutes to talk and brief each other before we went into the simulator

I started as PF. Asked my PM to call for clearance and met-report. Clearance as expected, same SID as handed out before.
Tuned all the required frequencies, courses and F/D on.
Briefed my PM, be very short and just include the relevant stuff(frequencies, radial intercept, highest MSA, initial altitude)
Normal takeoff as in the profile, you will get acess to them after you confirm your interview spot.
Radial interception at a given distance, remember to look on your ND which shows your distance. It can come very quick so make sure you talk to your PM during the briefing so he can remind you that you are getting close to the distance.
Climb checklist, reached the initial altitude. Time for Airwork. 45deg steep turns all the way around, acceleration, decceleration, descent and climb at a given fpm (around 1000fpm).
Sim freeze, instructor asked my PM which entry we would do if we have to enter the published NDB-hold.

Cabin called, handed over my controls to my PM aswell as ”your radio” before talking to the cabin crew. Passenger collapsed on her way to the toilet, i asked if he could make an announcement and ask if there’s any doctors onboard, 10 seconds later he replied that the passenger looks dead. Still PM on the controls and i perfomed a DODAR NITS brief asking open questions to my PM to involve him in the decision making. PAN call and we we’re given the ILS at Birmingham, still raw data manual flight.
Short chart brief, ”my controls. I configured early (about 12nm out). Same here, know the profile by heart.
Approach went smooth and we landed.

Time for PM, same SID, airwork, my turn to answer which entry. Fire in the cabin. DODAR NITS, Mayday call, cleared for the ILS again.

Had about 20min break before my interview.
The interview started of with the technical part, the instructor noticed that i had a lot of simulator time in the 737 so he only asked questions about the 737. About 10 tech questions, fairly easy in my opinion, then 4-5 HR questions. The interview lasted for about 15 minutes.

Recieved an email 4 days later and i’m starting my type rating in a week.
Lots of useful information, it would be a shame not to re-post this
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Old 30th Nov 2021, 22:38
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Brian Pern

Hi! Thank’s for the reply.
I understand your concern and feedback.
I posted my experience to help other candidates and not to brag about my skills and knowledge, this was a very intense and challenging process for me aswell.

I wrote a large amount of text about the experience and hadn’t the energy to look through my choice of words, i’m not a native english speaker, so that’s why sentences can seem misleading.

As safety is always number one priority and as i’ve been taught during the MCC, communication is a huge factor. To clarify some things about my post which i’ve removed for now.
When my PF doesn’t correct an on-going negative trend, if i comment twice on the error and still nothing happens, why should i not consider to intervene on the controls? As taught during the MCC, i might of even thought about incapation.
All i was trying to do was to help and i do not see anything wrong with helping out as much as telling him what to do in a high-workload situation.

Of course, i understand that this might not be the correct way when flying on the line, I just brought all my knowledge taught from MCC to the assesment, that’s it.

I am keen to learn new things and i appreciate your feedback. My earlier post seem to have lead to a misunderstanding from your perspective, and i truly understand that as you probably are an active airline pilot.
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Old 1st Dec 2021, 09:50
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If you choose to remain quiet while the PF is deviating from the safe flight path, you're simply not doing what you're supposed to be doing as the PM. The fact that the guy in the LHS is more experienced than you doesn't mean that they're infallible and can never screw up. And if they get offended by you notifying them of a deviation... Well, that sounds like a good candidate for the "CRM of the year" award. Any half-decent airline would steer clear of such a pilot.

That is not to say that some simple rules are not to be followed. First, stick to standard callouts as much as possible. Second, apportion your actions to the time criticality of the situation and to its impact on safety. Last but by no means least - remain professional and courteous. If you stick to those principles, chances are you will do just fine.
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Old 1st Dec 2021, 13:34
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I had my assessment with Ryanair first week of April and, to my disappointment (or luck, maybe fate is trying to tell me something here) I was unsuccessful.
My understanding is that after 6 months from the assessment we are entitled to apply again, but so far I haven’t been able to apply via the career page and any email I was in contact with doesn’t reply anymore. I also tried contacting them on Linkedin, with no luck.
Is anybody in my same position?
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Old 1st Dec 2021, 14:40
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The information below is from their FAQ on their website
Q. Is it possible to re-apply? A: It is not possible to create an additional application on our website, but you are able to update your ONE online application. If your application has previously been unsuccessful but you would like to re-apply to the program, you should continue to update your one online application. All changes & updates made to your online application are registered by our systems and reviewed at an appropriate time. If the airline decides to review your re-application in the future, you would be contacted accordingly at that time - but it is not possible to provide information as to when or if this may happen
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Old 1st Dec 2021, 15:08
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You should leave it then, looks like fate is telling you something here
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Old 1st Dec 2021, 19:42
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I flew with an FO last week, and I must say, I was staggered, the penny never really quite dropped before this point in my simple mind.

The path that this lad took to ryanair was thus.

University, 3 years, cost circa £50k (although some cost is delayed)
Zero to hero course, £70k.
Ryanair’s fee..30k.

£150k in direct costs. Throw in loss of earnings for 5.5 years, at an extremely low base of £15k, thats another 75k not in his bank.

So £225k.

His reward for this?


20 years ago, my first office job was £16,400.

On what planet, do people think this is sensible, sustainable, fair, or meritocratic.

Can you imagine Tesco, Barclays, National Rail or any other employer saying “invest 225k in your training and get a job paying £16,800”.

I can only serious question these people’s decision making abilities.

Oh, but they promised you great earnings at that open day, (although never actually being able tl tell you a figure..)

Well, the first contracts post training are landing, and its 18k.

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Old 1st Dec 2021, 21:35
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1) University is good, but not really necessary for being a pilot , and a good degree can cost much less than 50k.

2) When you start the "zero to hero", you don't know to end up with FR for 16,800.

3) 16,800 hopefully will be just the beginning of the career. Tesco cashier maybe will be on a 16,800 salary for the whole life.

4) One day, with the right experience, if FR is not suitable anymore, there are plenty of other companies.

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Old 2nd Dec 2021, 05:40
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No, on point 4 you will find other airlines cannot compete with Ryaniar’s “Tesco pilots” so either eventually go bust (e.g. Malev) or are forced to lower their wages to the gutter to better compete. So £16,800 is now the going rate for a junior FO. I’m amazed it isn’t lower. Given how many lemmings sign up to that deal I’d make FO at RYR a voluntary role if I was in charge. I’d be inundated with applications.
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