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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

Old 16th Jan 2010, 18:31
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Hi Kash

I spent 2 months at Audi Camp and 1 month before in Namibia. It sounds to me you have the right atitude to get the job, just keep at it and get to know as many people as possible. When you get that job it is the best flying you will ever do and also you will get to see the greatest safari country from the air and from the camps when you night stop.

1, get to know as many people as possible, often the boss will ask the pilots before they hire. Do not become annoying! Friday night is the big night at the Buck and Hunter

2, As said before, ask about the water. Rain but mostly the floods, the town is obsessed with it.

3, Learn about the country and wildlife, anything to set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

4, offer to help anyone in any way even if it is not flying related, it's a small town and word gets around, as you found out after the rum.

5, Keep everything of value with you at all times, i had a lot of stuff nicked from my tent whilst i was asleep in the tent (i think it was the bloody rum). But don't worry about violence, there is none.

6, Move your tent every few days, the ants will eat through the bottom of it.

7, Enjoy and make the most of being in such a great town, it's very odd when compared to the UK, embrace how strange it is, have a good time and do as much as you can whilst there.

8, Most of all hang in there and don't give up, if Maun is not looking good head to namibia.

Good luck

I wish I was back there

Old 17th Jan 2010, 08:45
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Morning everyone,

I hope everyone is well, im sorry i have not posted my last two days accounts. I have been busy chasing up a lead. I came to Zimbabwae yesterday and am now in Zambia. I will be travelling back to Zimbabwae later todaay and back to Maun tomorrow morning.

I promise i will either give my full account later today in Zimbabwae or when i get back to Maun tomorrow. I am so greatful for the messages asking if i am ok.

Im trying to follow a lead in Zambia at the moment. But everything in Zambia is closed on a Sunday so it may have been a wasted journey.

I will get back to you guys later and keep you up to date.

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Old 18th Jan 2010, 18:16
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Afternoon Ladies and Gents,

As always hope all is well and good, just got back to base at Audi camp, back safe and sound but tired. A 12 hour car ride doesnít really do your body any good.

I do apologise again for not posting my daily reports for the past two days. I decided to go up to see Victoria falls and like I said before following a lead in Zambia.

I left early morning on Saturday after a poor night sleep setting off at first light. A 10 hour drive up to Zimbabwe and a punctured tire finally got to the border which I thought I was going to be hassled at but surprisingly breezed though. Arrived at the backpackers pretty late and tired so after a few beers and a bite to eat got my head down in an air conditioned room with an actual BED. I had to treat myself after 20 days of bumming it in a tent.

Another early start and straight to the Vic falls. I must say I have travelled the world a few times over. But what Vic falls did to me no other place yet has come close. I have always heard other people say it takes your breath away but thought how wonderful can it really be. But honestly it does take you back. I sat on a rock and thought for hours but after a while I found myself without a single thought and at peace. Iím not saying I found God at all, Iím just saying I felt really good after a long time. But as everything goes good things must come to an end.

I had to get across to Zambia and see if I could walk around and show my face. Managed to get into Zambia pretty easy but for us British its expensive getting visa's. Got into Zambia and went to the operatorís office which was closed and was thinking just my luck. In the UK we find allot of companies still open over the weekend but Iím not in the UK. So everywhere was closed.

I decided to head to the airport in Livingstone airport and see if I can try my luck there. So with my CV's in my hand I shot straight to the airport.

After about 10 minutes of standing around I met a first officer for one of the operators who after introducing myself said that the training captain was on board and is also from Manchester. And that he will come and see me.

I was amazed at meeting the training captain on how friendly and genuinely interested he was in my ventures of finding my first job. I gave him a copy of my CV. And he did say that you have just come to the right place at the right time. But he did say I will get a response maybe not tomorrow or a month or three. But I will get a response.

I hope something does come off it. But straight back to the border and back into the Zimbabwe. Never did anything else interesting other than pretending to be a guest at 5 star hotels enjoying free perks.

Got back into the car at 6am and after a 12 hour drive and a few problems on the way got back in time to do my rounds.

Got into Maun to find 3 new guys had turned into town while we were away I believe that takes the total to 25.

Iím not too sure now if this is the right place for me now. The numbers are out the roof and many more are coming. And the operators have zero jobs going. It seems with the economic problems allot of the pilots are renewing their contracts and the operators are being cautious.

I not too sure what my next move is going to be but Zambia is asking for a 1000 hours which I donít have and have heard that Namibia has 16 people in Windhoek. And also require pilots to speak German.

Iím not losing hope but am finding it hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Again I hope this finds you well. And as always if you have any leads on any jobs or contacts worldwide please PM me. And this is your post too so feel free to add to it.

Take care!!
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Old 19th Jan 2010, 01:08
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Kash, how about some pictures of your travels. It will benice to see some of these places you are visiting and the people you meet
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Old 19th Jan 2010, 03:36
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Absolutely fascinating to read of your "travails' (French for very hard work) and now your "travels". Keep it up mate. You are a winner. Your family must be so proud of you.
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Old 19th Jan 2010, 09:49
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Dude, you absolutely rock.
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Old 19th Jan 2010, 13:10
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Good luck mate, hope it works out for you. Awesome what you are doing!!

cheers Nick
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Old 19th Jan 2010, 19:31
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Evening guys,

Firstly i'd like to say thanks to the above post. Very kind of you guys to write such comments.

After about 5 hours of sleep last night and an upset stomach went back to the paradise city (Maun Airport). Sat at Bon Arrive and met the new pilots who had come into town while i was away. I sat there pretending that i had just arrived into Maun and was the new boy. I had them going for about 30 minutes before i ended up telling them that i have been around for 3 weeks. I know it was mean but just abit of self humour!!

Did my rounds at the operators trying to get on some flights but the companies are very quite themselves. Sat around Bon arrive again most of the day as one of the operators asked me to help them with some data analysing and doing some chart stuff.

Have spent most of the evening working on it and have just finished it. Hopefully i havent made any mistakes and will hand it in tomorrow.

Was offered a house sit too which i took without a thought but that starts next week and its just for a few days. But it's better than nothing.

So 26 guys in town fighting for the same food. The pressure is now certainly on. And to anyone even thinking of coming bring your A game. The competion is high and strong.

Been given some advice through PM which is basicly stick at it and dont put all your eggs in one basket and to throw your net further afield. So been calling operators in Africa today trying to get a feel of where next to pitch my tent.

I know sometimes i come across as a crying baby and when i have PM of people telling me that it had taken them 7 months to find there first job, i feel like an idiot.

But the truth is that this is my last chance, like many off you my finances are starting to dry out and i dont wish to go asking anyone for hand outs. I made the choice of becoming a pilot and saved every penny while my mates used to go out on nights out. And so i dont wish to borrow money for a future that is uncertain. Im not better than anybody and am glad that my feet are firmly on the ground. Im not a person who feels he is too proud to ask for help in fact i have said on here many of times that im not shy in asking for advice. But i dont wish to gammble other peoples money.

Spoke to my family today who are 100% behind me and thats what counts the most.

I noticed on one of the posts that someone has requested for some photos on here. I promise i will put them on. But i dont wish to put peoples faces up on here until i have asked for there permission.

But dont worry guys i still have health, strength and hope. And so am not looking at giving up anytime soon. We all have bad days and these are mine. But at the same time i am meeting some great people and seeing some amazing sites. And it will be these things that will help me through.

As always i hope this post finds you well.

But for now take care and Godspeed!!
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Old 19th Jan 2010, 21:49
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Dear Kash

I have been reading your blog for only a couple of days now, but already I'm hooked! I think many people will agree that it is the most interesting thing on PPRuNe for ages. Everyone likes a good serial, so keep it up, good news or bad, happy or sad, with no apologies. I can tell you it has already been inspirational: people will reference this in future when they plan their trip overseas, so let us know what's the right bug juice to use.
Yours wishing you good flying tomorrow

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Old 20th Jan 2010, 10:03
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thanks for this really informative thread Kash !

I'm sure you'll start flying soon, hang in there buddy
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Old 20th Jan 2010, 10:44
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Truly inspirational kash,

With your attitude, operators would be mad not to want you.......

Hope it all works out for you
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Old 20th Jan 2010, 18:28
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Evening ladies and Gents,

Again i would like to thank you all posting such nice, promising messages.

Not got much sleep last night kept hearing something scratching outside my tent last night. Didnt want to get out and check just incase it turned out to be something poisionous!!

Sat up at 5am sending messages to operators around Africa before heading to the airport. Sat at Bon arrive waiting for pilots to come in but i think it must be towards the end of the month and they ran out of money. No one came in, or it could be that we scared them off from there local.

But staright after breakfast and went up to show the teacher my homework ( data analysing for one of the operators). As i arrived in there office i was asked to have a look at a problem which has taken me all day in fact till 8pm tonight. But im so glad that they asked me, it gave me something to do. In Maun you need something to keep you sain when your looking for work otherwise this place quickly takes hold of you and leaves you feeling useless.

Just got back to the camp writting this having a cold drink, let me tell you it tastes so good when yo have done something productive.

Spoke to one of the new guys today who was asking me about when he will be hired, i took the glass closest to me and gave it to him. I then told him to rub it unil a genie came out and ask him. Again just a another bit self houmour.

Anyway guys better go guys really tired now, Will speak to you all tomorrow. But as always i hope this post finds you well. And please remeber this is your thread so please feel free to post on it.

Take care and God speed
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Old 20th Jan 2010, 19:37
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The word resilience springs to mind when I read your posts!
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Old 20th Jan 2010, 20:20
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Thumbs up Kash

A very admirable journey you are undertaking. Fair dues to you.
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Old 21st Jan 2010, 18:10
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Evening Ladies and Gents,

Hope all is well and good, and hope you are all reading this in high spirit.
Today is my 22 day in Maun and still in the same position as i was on my first day here (looking for work). But in these 22 days i have made good friends, seen some amazing places. That is not what i had 22 days ago.

I have made a rule at Audi camp with the lads. I ill buy anyone a shot as long as i choose what shot. 2 minutes ago i had my second victim who i gave 3/4 tabasco sauce 2 fresh chopped chilles and the rest stroh rum. I do feel sorry for him now. But im sure the feeling will go away soon.

Headed down to the airport this morning, and after breakfast went back to the operator to carry on helping them with some computer stuff. I've not got a job but it feels good working.

Got back to the camp early around 3 and witnessed the biggest storm i have ever seen. My tent is drenched so am sitting wondering what kind of sleep im going to be having.

It's a funny place Maun, i came here a stranger hateing the place but once you get to know the place and people you get attched to it very quickly. But i must not loose my focus i am here to find work!!

Im scared about moving on to somewhere else to find work but i felt the same before coming here. I'm not too sure what to do now, but i know that i must hunt for my food.

Like many i have a dream about finding a job and making an honest woman out of someone and settling down. But i cant go doing the rest until i have something that will help support my future family.

I get some great positive remarks on here and when i read them it makes me smile. But at the same time im asking all of you reading this if you hear of any place or have any contacts that will help me find work please please please PM me.

I know im sounding desprate and i know i shouldnt. A few of our senior pilots have said dont sound desprate. And to those who gave me that advice i hope you are not upset for me grovelling. But im in tight spot!

To those who are thinking of becoming a pilot because they love flying dont let my journey put you off, Im a great believer in things somehow just seem to work out. But if your doing it for the money or glamour find something else. We as pilots have a responsibilty when we are working. Making sure safety is above all things and remembering that people have put trust in us to deliver them to there destination.

Im no saint, not at all i have a laugh like everyone else but when we have been tasked to fly people we must put all other things aside and focus.

I dont know why im giving this advice im in no position to and certainly dont have a job. But dont come into this industry other than for the love of it.

22 days have gone by as if it were yesterday. With nothing to do all day you will be suprised how fast time passes you by.

Spoke to my mother today, the sweetest woman in my life. Who said to me "dont let yourself down just remember im still here the world hasnt come to an end". Thats all you want to hear from your mother is that dont worry son whenever you fall i be there to help you up. No other relationship can offer that security. Sorry just being a sentamentle ****!!

Anyway guys, as always keep your spirits high, your courage strong and your hopes high. We will all come through this rough patch it's just not our time yet. But it will be soon, so hang in there.

Take care!!
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Old 21st Jan 2010, 19:26
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Hats Off.

Duuuuude. You're making me wish I were a film or TV producer, we could make a fortune! Anyway, all I can say is, I'm impressed. I wish I had your kind of dedication. Who knows, maybe once I step into a cockpit for the first time in my life, I'll get "the bug" as well. So far I'm just content to work in Ops and dream of becoming a pilot. I only discovered this site today with the help of one of the FOs at my company. But I think I'm going to embark on that journey pretty soon. I don't even need to wish you luck. You've already made it. As a Greek poet once said "When you set out for Ithaca, hope that the road is long". Or as Aerosmith put it, "Life's a journey, not a destination". You're living the kind of life we only see in movies, the lives we're all too chickens#[email protected] to go out and lead. I envy you and stand in awe of you. Hats off. Dunno what else to say other than hang in there. Not just for the job, but for this whole attitude toward life you have. Cheers!
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Old 23rd Jan 2010, 10:02
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Morning Ladies and Gents,

Firstly sorry about not posting yesterday, wrote the entire report and when i went to press send the internet went down. So again sorry!!

Yassan81, i would like to thank you for your extremely kind post above but honestly im not worthy of half your compliments. This is no movie or a TV show. This is a normal bloke just trying to get his first foot on the ladder and am just giving you my personal accounts of how i have been getting on. Im sure you will become a great pilot one day and join the ranks.

Yesterday i was speaking to another wanabee looking for work who had read my blog. His first comments to me is that i am seeking attension. Im sorry if some of you feel the same way but honestly i enjoy posting but at the same time its meant to teach us things about the do's and dont's of finding a job.

I met 3 more pilots who have just come into town all blue eye and bushy tailed. They ask us guys who have been here for a while looking for tips of getting a job. But the answer is there is no rules to this game. If your face fits and theres a job then its proberbly yours.

I got a fantastic PM from a pilot who has thousands and thousands of hours under his belt. But the one point that took me back was the fact that even when his senior pilot was placed in a nursing home he constantly went and met him. Thats what respect of your seniors and friendship means to look out for each other.

Nothing has changed on the job front. The work i was doing for an operator has been completed and so am joining my ranks of unemployed people looking for work again.

Im still doing my rounds and last night was invited to a party which was awsome. but i was back in bed for 10:30 im sure im getting too old.

Im now coming to a stage where im thinking about going home, nothing is changing around here and feeling that i am wasting money. Im not getting anywhere with the other countries around Africa either.

But ill see, anyway as always i hope you are well, and please remeber this is your thread too and if you have any contacts or know of any jobs going around the world please please please PM me!!

Take care!
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Old 23rd Jan 2010, 12:31
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Hi Cash I must say that I admire you for your brave decision to head to maun without any certainty of a job. I am in a similar position as you are ( same age, jobless Frozen ATPL 250tt) I recently also lost my regular job and now I'm unemployed again . Some days I feel really down about my situation, and I know it must be a lot harder to be a in a foreign country not knowing anybody on your arrival.
I was also having the thought of heading to Maun, Namibia and Bots... But somehow I did not have the balls to make the final step. I just could not afford to lose any more money or maybe I'm just to much of a pessimist... May I ask how much your journey has costed so far incl plane tickets? Have you set your self a limit (time or money) after which you will return home?
If you do not want to post it here you can also pm me
I wish you all the best and honestly hope you will find something soon!
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Old 24th Jan 2010, 00:25
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Kash - you have sparked one of the best threads I have ever read on PPRuNe here! I admire what you have done and like many here, respect your ethics, professionalism and perseverance!

I am in a similar position, and although having considered Africa, I don't think I have the guts to do what you are doing. Being able to keep your spirits up like that is amazing. I truly hope that places there start hiring soon and am confident that you would be one of the deserving ones to get a job.
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Old 24th Jan 2010, 02:38
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Get it in writing from the magazine place that they will do a story on you if you get employed, and then take this proposal to the operators asking if they want to be the hero and get some free publicity, could be a win/win for both you and some operator...
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