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Dolley 15th Apr 2007 23:13

Haha, not sure if bribing is the right way to go...

But maybe there's a manager that you got on well with and who might be willing to help you out?
Even if the reason for leaving can't be changed if you get an additional personal reference from somebody important in the same company it might make a difference...
The more positive stuff you got to make up for it the better!

Dolley 15th Apr 2007 23:33

Always happy to help :-)

boyoneder 17th Apr 2007 15:49

EasyJet Assesment Day Luton 20th April
Hi All :ok:
Was just wondering if any body was going to the Assesment day @ luton on the 20th??
If so please get in touch cos im dead nervous!

Regards to all

JoJoTink 17th Apr 2007 18:27

Hmmmm i was meant to be gettin a tattoo on my lower back for my birthday but i said on my form that i had no tattoos :oh: will they care that ive got a tattoo? its not like anyone will see it :\ start trainnin on may 15th so im a little worried :uhoh:

loosey 19th Apr 2007 10:59

assessment day 26th April Luton
hi all
i have an asessment day on the 26th april any pointers please
:confused: :uhoh:

TightSlot 19th Apr 2007 11:40

Have you thought of actually reading the wealth of information on the subject available both on this forum and this thread? Many people find that to be helpful.

Airbourne-Adamski 19th Apr 2007 13:06


I will see you on the 20th as I am recruiting at the academy, good luck


Many people have tatoos including me. As long as it can not be seen when wearing the uniform you ill be fine

Airbourne-Adamski 19th Apr 2007 13:15


From a recruiters point of view, please be honest about your reasons for leaving.
As it is on your application it does ask reasons for leaving for each of your jobs.
If your not honest and it comes out later you will most likely chucked off your training course as this isw when your references are all processed.

Again as previous posts have said if you are invited to a assessment day you will probably get asked why yuo left that particular job. Just explain what happened.

I cant say how it will affect your application. It will be looked at on the day, but gross misconduct id looked at seriously.
Dont let this put you off, it is merely friendly points.

Wulfy 19th Apr 2007 18:42

After a mail about that the London base wasn't available anymore and that I could change my base to get further on with my application (I changed it to Edinburgh) I didn't hear anything anymore from Easyjet. Now I've seen that the Edinburgh base is also gone on the list of bases they are currently recruiting for. Does that mean they won't invite me for an interview?

Dolley 19th Apr 2007 20:15


Best action in my opinion would be a phone call (or email)to find out. Especially to find out if they received your second application because I'm almost sure you still should at least get a confirmation email that they got it. Whilst on the phone to them you can ask about the bases as well.
Good luck!

boyoneder 21st Apr 2007 06:54

Assesment Day
Hi all, Had my assesment day yesterday, it was good and enjoyed it.
Got through to interview, suppose I just have to wait and see what happens now tho! :ok:

Airlinegirl 21st Apr 2007 08:11


Good luck, i hope you did ok? Let us know how you get on!!

I start my traning on tuesday!! Im well excited hehe

boyoneder 21st Apr 2007 08:25

Thanks Airline girl, I do hope I did ok..I was the last to be interviewed though so they proberly found someone before me! Good luck with you training! What Base are you going to be at?? And how long was it before you found out you had been excepted onto training?

stanstedguy 21st Apr 2007 19:47

Please Help
Hi there everyone. Ive just been reading most of your posts and i would just like to say that they have been really helpfull. So Thanks.

I have been excepted by easyJet for a position as Cabin Crew at London Stansted and my training starts on the 1st May, Only 10 Days!!. I am really looking forward to it, but there is just one thing that is starting to make me a little bit nervous and that is the exams that we have to do. I was just wondering if anybody could give me some idea on what they are like and if they are very hard to pass.

I would appreciate any response.


Airlinegirl 22nd Apr 2007 10:14

Boyonder - Im going to be based at stanstead. Im getting a little bit nervous now.. only 2 days before i start - eek.. Ive wanted to do this for such a long time and now its here and ive finnished my other job im getting scared!!

I hope the exams arnt too bad either... ill just have to study really hard!!

I hade my assesment day on the thursday and they rang me the next day.. but i have been told and believe its very different. Depending on how many people they had and stuff.. i dunno. Im sure you will hear tomorrow. You will have to let me know how you get on!:)

stanstedguy 22nd Apr 2007 11:12

Yeah thankyou. I hope all goes well for you to:) . I will definatly let you know how it goes. Ive been told the same as you, but i guess if we do study hard then we should be fine.

I had my assesment day on a friday, oh about 1 month ago now. That went really well actually. They got back to me offering me the job on the following tuesday. I then started getting all the emails about sorting out your references and things like that, and two days ago i got what i believe was my final one regarding all the Pre Course Information with things like the Hotel that im at and course timetables.

Im abit nervous as well. I finished my previous job on friday, now just trying to relax and learn a few things before i leave next sunday!:)

Dolley 22nd Apr 2007 11:45

All you new starters:

Like you already said yourself, as long as you put your mind to it you'll be doing fine in the exams.
It's intense stuff but not rocket science.
A lot of it is common sense and most off it is pure studying and memorizing.

Don't forget, that the most difficult part is behind you: passing the interview!
easyjet now wants you to be successful with your course and they give you a lot of training and support so you are as best as possible prepared for your exams. So as long as you study and focus on your training you'll be absolutly fine :-)

Good luck everybody!

boyoneder 22nd Apr 2007 16:59

My base choice was stansted too, so maybe :confused: you about some time in the crew room! :eek:

GOOD LUCK with your training, ill let you know how I get on.

Thanks Dolley for your positive words! :)

stanstedguy 22nd Apr 2007 18:10

Cheers dolley for the positive words.:)

Hopefully will see you in the crew room sometime then. Hope all goes well Airlinegirl and Boyoneder in your training.

You have to let us know how both you get on. Good Luck.:ok:

boyoneder 22nd Apr 2007 18:30

Thanks Stansted Guy, Hopefully I'll get through to training!
Good luck with yours,sure you will be fine with lots of revision!
If I dont get through let me know what it's like so that I can swot up incase I apply again! :ok:


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