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Airlinegirl 31st Mar 2007 18:39

hey guys

just wondering if anyone starts trining on the 24th ? thats when i start mine .. im so excited!!! let me know!!

aggie140378 31st Mar 2007 18:45

little miss sunshine,
I have my assessment day on the 11th too. I take it we are speaking about Edinburgh

JoJoTink 31st Mar 2007 19:50

Hi Adam, Yer i wondered if that was you when you introduced yourself. I really enjoyed the day, didnt feel nervous which I was shocked at. Everyone was so nice so that helped. Dont think i stopped talking about the day when I got home till after about 3 hours. Keep jumping every time my phone rings or i get an email now. I'll let you all know as soon as i do (hopfully it will b good news) And thanks for not making my interview scary :)

Wulfy 1st Apr 2007 02:16

Other Base?
Hi, I'm new here but have some questions

I'm living in Belgium, but I had made an application for an easyjet base in London (cause if I move to London I'm still not that far away from my family in Belgium) , but now I did get the following email :

Thank you for your completed application form for easyJet cabin crew.

At present we are not recruiting for your preferred base and therefore we have not progressed your application any further.

We are currently recruiting for our Edinburgh, Dortmund and Paris Orly bases. If you would like to be considered for any of these bases, please email us at [email protected] and we will continue with your application.

In order to be considered for any of our Mainland European bases it is a requirement that you are fluent in the native language (this would be tested).

I would consider the Paris base cause it's near my family home in the southwest of Belgium (even Edinburgh perhaps) , but i was wondering does anybody know how "fluent" is "fluent french" for easyjet ? my native language is Flemish-Dutch and I consider my English quite fluent as well, but my French is not bad, but it has been since my school days that i really had to speak it often in conversations, and it is quite rusty (especially writing)

justD 1st Apr 2007 10:38

Hey eggorbeans!
About part time:

you definitely have to complete your probation (6 months) then you can get it on compassionate basis or after 1 year you can just apply and you get it if a spot becomes available.

Anyone correct me if I'm wrong...:confused:

Dolley 1st Apr 2007 12:28


They test you in the language, in your case French and I think it's something along the line that they have a talk with you about your family, friends, hobbies and stuff.
They make you read something like the safety demo in French and I think they make sure you are fit to assist in a medical emergency, means you know words like heart, pain, cramp, blood...so you can pretty much talk about signs and symptoms...
Not sure if there's anything written.
I've only got this second hand anyway as I've never had a language test.

You might want to consider Edinburgh and after six month you can apply for a base transfer to London!

Airbourne-Adamski 1st Apr 2007 13:01


Your welcome, it was nice to meet you on the day. I am sure you are very on edge waiting for the call or email, sure it will be soon.

I wish you luck, let us all know how you got on.

Part Time

JustD, You are pretty much spot on about part time, Yes you have to coplete 6 months probation before you can apply for part time. However I am not aware that afetr your 6 months probation part time is on compasionate basis. Until you have been here 1 year which then is normal.
On assessment days we do advise the candidates part time can be applied for after 6 months.
Interesting info JustD, maybe thats our mission to found out LOL.

Oh and Wulfy

The language test is now done over the phone.

justD 1st Apr 2007 14:57

part time
Looked it up :)
You can apply for part-time after you have completed 6 moths, or, if you have a kid you have to look after, you can ask for flexible working regulations after 26 weeks.

eggorbeans 1st Apr 2007 17:12

part time work
Thanks for the info on part time work-helpful stuff. it's also great to hear that so many people are happy at easyjet, they are obviously getting it right!

_DanAir_ 2nd Apr 2007 00:24

Easyjet's Paris base
hi everyone im new here first i'd like to apologise if i didnt write this in the correct forum but i had a look around and i thought this was the one...:uhoh:

I'd like to say that i would like to try and work for easyjet in its base in paris, but there's something i dont quite understand... what does secondment really mean? on the website it says "secondment" about paris and milan... could anyone tell me what does that mean? what difference is there with other bases... and do you need to know french to aply for that base? and is it a very demanded base by easyjet's crew or is it easy to go straight to that base? thanks a lot.:)

justD 2nd Apr 2007 08:41

Unfortunately I can't tell you how popular the Paris base is, but yes, you have to speak French if you would like to apply there. (Although there are people at foreign bases who don't speak the language and still managed to get there as a newbie...there has to be a way around it, but don't know how...)
If you don't speak french, apply to any other base where you speak the language and you can transfer after 6 month.

"Secondment" means that you are on an English contarct, but not actually working in England. Theoretically you are based at one of the English bases and you are only "seconded" to your actual base.
Madrid and the Swiss bases have their own contract.

Hope this all made sense...:uhoh:

little_miss_sunshine 2nd Apr 2007 09:25

Aggie - yes the assessment day I have been invited to on 11 April is at Edinburgh. Have you been to one of these before? Just I'm pretty worried about it already!

little_miss_sunshine 2nd Apr 2007 12:21

I'm wondering if anyone can possibly answer my question. I would love to work as cabin crew but I'm really unsure about the salary. How much roughly can you expect to earn? Obviously trying to make sure I can cover bills etc!

Thanks for any help.

c_ouame 2nd Apr 2007 12:40

To little miss sunshine

I suggest you read this forum from the beginning to get an idea of what the assessment day is about. My best piece of advice is 'be yourself'. The recruitment team will do everything to make you confortable and relaxed.

Salary and Benefits will be explained during that day. Anyway, you shall know how much you can expect to earn before you accept an eventual offer.

Hope this helps. And enjoy your assessment day. Make us know.


_DanAir_ 2nd Apr 2007 12:51

hi everyone, thanks JustD :) ,

there's something that i didnt understand...:uhoh: so if i dont speak french i can't go directly to paris base but i can go after six months in another base? sorry i dont understand...,

and one more question...so if secondment means that you are in one base but you are seconded to another (in this case paris...) that means i wouldnt be the hole year in paris? thank you;)

justD 2nd Apr 2007 13:41

Yes, if you don't speak french, you cannot apply to Paris. But I think there is a way around it, so I suggest you apply to any base where you speak the language, then on the assessement day they will clear it off for you. You will have to choose 3 preferred bases.
I do know a few new crew, who don't speak for example German, but they still started in Germany. Don't know how, though.

If you are seconded to Paris you will be full time crew in Paris, this whole secondment is only beacause you are on an English contract. I guess that is just to make it legal. It is just for their records, you probably won't even notice.

After 6 months service you can transfer to any base even if you don't speak the language. (During this time you could even learn to speak that language)

little_miss_sunshine 2nd Apr 2007 14:42

reply to c_ouame
Thanks for your message.

I had a look at the previous messages on this forum but couldn't find much info at all. Think it seems to be part of a previous forum or something.

Could you possibly tell me at all what kind of information they ask about the company? Just there is so much on the website and not sure if there is an area in particular to look at.


esy 2nd Apr 2007 15:10

JustD, are you by chance SXF based?

_DanAir_ 2nd Apr 2007 15:15

thanks again JustD really kind of ye,

well if they ever call me i'll pick paris base as number one choice since i see that other crew without the language have been able to pick a base without knowing it... just wait and see lol i still have to finish my studies in spain, i just asked all this because ive heard here in spain there is crew that dont speak spanish... thanks for everything.

justD 2nd Apr 2007 15:28

In Madrid there is of course crew who don't speak the language, as they are there from other bases helping out until the newbies get their IDs sorted.
You should see the hotel!!! In every second room you find ezy crew :hmm:

Wherever you'd like me to be from...:O

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