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stanstedguy 22nd Apr 2007 19:02


You will do fine, Just keep thinking you can do it and then you should be ok. I will tell you even if i do get threw the training , how about that.:ok:

At least youve got the right attitude. Keep Trying no matter what.

Again Youll be fine.:)

Airlinegirl 22nd Apr 2007 19:03

thanks Dolly for the advice.. its much appreciated !!!

Dolley 23rd Apr 2007 09:21

No worries guys,
I still remember how it was for me and I'm feeling with you!

You won't meet me in Stansted any time soon as I'm BRS based but you never know :-)

Again, good luck and keep us posted how you are getting on.

FlyJumbo 23rd Apr 2007 20:02

In Need Of Help!!
Hello to all EZY crew.

I am wondering if anyone can help me. I am VERY seriously considering joining EZY, for many different reasons, too many to get into on here. I am currently working for the counrty's flag carrier, but really need a change. I am wondering if anyone can give me some more information about the company, ie: what the crew really think about the company, salaries etc. I know what the rosters are like and not affraid of wearing orange. Although i must say, I do like the new uniform.

Some information wouldbe greatly appreciated, and if anyone would like to IM me that would be great, would love to chat.

Ta all :)

Dolley 24th Apr 2007 13:38


You will find plenty of information in this threat and in the crew discussion threat in case you haven't read them yet.

However, ver quickly, I believe most crew like their job with easyjet, the pay is very competative, and the company seems to care about us more than most others do.
But you'll always find some few who will disagree with all I just said.

The rosters are 6 days on, 3 days off, and how hard you'll work in your six days depends on base and season. Personally I barely ever work all six days cause there's usually one or two sby's I don't get called. It's normally 2 or 4 sector days but I believe there's a couple of bases with 6 (very short) sector days.
No night stops except from Gatwick in MAD or unplanned.

I've been with the company for 1.5 years now and I really like it (well, most days, anyway ;-)). I just got my promotion to SCCM and if you've been flying for a while you might be able to apply for direct entry SCCM which boosts the salary up even more.

If you've got anymore questions feel free to ask here or pm me.
Hope this helps.

psychopathbabble 24th Apr 2007 15:04

May 15th
Anyone else who starts training on May 15th?? :8

I got my workbook through last night and am now stressing about learning it all as I'm on holiday the week before, so no doubt it will all leave my brain! :confused:

Look forward to meeting anyone else who starts at same time :p


c_ouame 24th Apr 2007 15:26

Whaoo ! 15th may ! It is tomorrow ! I am starting my training the week after.

With your post I know I should receive my workbook in a few days...

I am finishing my job at the end of the week and I've planned to go to holidays next week. I am also stressing a bit as I don't know how much I will have to learn before I go to Luton. BUT... isn't it a pleasure to learn new things while you're putting your toes in the sand ?

Good luck to everyone.

psychopathbabble 24th Apr 2007 16:06

Hello, good luck to you for 2 weeks time... I am starting in 3 weeks (the week after you I think) so I have 7 days left at work :ok: I was hoping to not use my brain while laying on the beach, but I can think of worse places to revise! ;)

See you there!

boyoneder 25th Apr 2007 20:51

ok, got the job! Buttt, just turned it down! I'm going to re-apply when I can drive!


Dolley 25th Apr 2007 22:24


Wasn't that a bit hasty? There's lots of crew who can't drive/don't have a licsence/car/... and they all find some way to deal with it...and normally do quite well with public transport.
Most of them get a car and their driving test sorted out quickly to be sure but some crew even seems to prefer doing it this way because they reckon they wouldn't want to drive after a long four sector day...

Anyway, my point is, there's usually a way around it.

Capricorn1 25th Apr 2007 22:32

Easyjet Luton Base
Hi all
I'm new to this forum. Does anyone know if you can apply to Easyjet for Luton base even though they are not recruiting there at the moment, and be put on hold until there is an opening there? Or do I need to wait and keep checking to see if something comes up at Luton?
Many thanks.:)

boyoneder 26th Apr 2007 08:58

Dolly, it wasnt hasty cos Ive been thinking about it for ages...If I was on stand-by and ezy called me at 3 in the morning, I would not be able to get there, at first I thought I would be able to, but I would have to get 2 buses and 1 train and I only live 30 mins drive away!
The other thing that was bugging me was living on 600 for a month whilst training...So im going to learn to drive save some money and then re-apply......If easyJet will then have me,but may have :mad: ed that up now.

Getoutofmygalley 26th Apr 2007 11:02

boyoneder you do realise that training is just ONE month don't you? Once you start flying you will then be earning sector pay and commission which will be more than double 600!

If you do know that training is just one month, then it seems like you are cutting off your nose to spite your face. It's not that easy to get a job with an airline (as most people on here will confirm), it might be worth thinking about it over the next few days and maybe changing your mind.

There are ways around standbys though. You might get to be really good friends with people on your course who live near your base, and they might let you sleep over when on an early standby. You might even get THAT friendly with people that you want to consider a house share with them too!

EzyChic 26th Apr 2007 11:41


I live a good 45 minutes away from the airport and always managed to get in without driving, you will find trains run throughout the night for one thing and you may just have to get a cab to the station. Too me almost 2 years to get a car.

Or you could even get a cab to the airport.

Or try and swap your sbys for flights.

To be totally honest I would question your desire to fly if you are letting such minor obstaicals (sp??) detare you.

Maybe it's best you don't join ezy, you might deide it's not for you after a days hard work.



EzyChic 26th Apr 2007 11:44


and if you have problems getting to an airport why are you asking if virgin are recruiting...?

Are you aware that you have to go to the airport if you work for Virgin too?


boyoneder 26th Apr 2007 11:51

getoutofmygalley, Thanks for your feedback..I would feel more comfortable if i could drive, as i dont want to let easyjet down by not being able to get there or being late cos of trains or buses.
I understand that it's not easy to get the job with an airline, but it is something I want to do and I want to do it well, so thats why I would rather wait and get it right.

boyoneder 26th Apr 2007 11:54

ezychic, I was asking because once I have a car, I will reaplly to Easyjet but fear they may not employ me now cos I turned down there job offer, so was keeping my options open.

EzyLady 27th Apr 2007 09:45

5th june
Hi everyone!
Anyone who starts training on June 5th?
I know this will be an endless month for me...I'm already getting quite nervous...anyway I'm so happy about it.:

ezystar 27th Apr 2007 17:40

sccm interview advice
Hi everybody!

i will apply pretty soon for the position of sccm, any hints and tips for the interview day will be higly appreciated please!:D

Dolley 27th Apr 2007 20:20

As I've been approached a few times now about the SCCM interview, here my statement and my advice on the matter for everybody to read:

Best advice I can give you is the one one I've been given by an OPM myself:

Think about all the qualities of a SCCM eg leadership, customer service, organization,... and try to remember a situation when you used those skills yourself.

All the questions they ask you are like: Tell us about a situation when...
So have lots of examples ready for everything you can think of. Make sure they are about you and not about a team achievement.

Oh, and be ready for the usual stuff like: why do you want to be a senior.

Be yourself and relax. Remember that they want you to get it right too! I was very nervous and not very confident because I applied for CRA before and didn't get it because of the interview but I prepared really hard with the advice I just gave you and it paid of.
Good luck!

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