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EzyChic 16th Mar 2007 21:53


it was on inside, and it was sent out in an email to all LTN crew. I don't now why it isn't now (not checked), I saw it on the old intranet.



EzyChic 16th Mar 2007 22:32


it's not there as the closing date for applications was the 13th March.

Dolley 16th Mar 2007 23:18

Strange, because I checked before the 13th but on the new one....hm, I was probably just blind ;-)

Nevermind, I wasn't interested, just wondering why I couldn't see it anywhere.
Sounds like you will have to wait for the next chance now though...

returningtofly! 17th Mar 2007 08:48

Ez Assesment Day/base Transfers Etc
Hi Guys:)
I am ez crew and for those going to the Assessment centres,dont worry!
They are all a nice bunch,and based on my previous flying experience,alot more relaxed as a whole.
The selection is quite tough,but just be yourself,seriously.
The test is currency conversions(they do give you a calculator!!),multiple choice,it is really easy!!
About half the original amount get to stay the whole day,but they all tend to get it,by way of telephone,usually within days.
If you are successful but prefer to be at a base where there not currently recruiting for,you can put in for a Transfer as soon as your Training course has finished,and priority is given internally rather than recruiting from the outside,for smaller bases be prepared to wait 2/3 months.
All training for all bases is done at Luton at the Academy,and you stay at the ibis hotel(which isnt the best,but a good laugh!)
Good luck to all those going for the interview,smile lots!!!:ok:

returningtofly! 17th Mar 2007 08:52

Hi Guys,the Recruitment Position wasnt posted on the intranet,it was just sent out to all Luton crew,has anyone heard anything back yet??

Airbourne-Adamski 17th Mar 2007 15:34

Hi there returningtofly!

Nice to see a new face on here, not sure who you are tho LOL.

Again as returningtofly (RTF for short if thats ok) i belive it was only email to LTN crew.
The job on inside was for Full Time Recruitment Coordinators.

Airbourne-Adamski 19th Mar 2007 15:47

Blimey its gone quiet,

Everyone get a job or something LOL

EzyChic 19th Mar 2007 15:51

yeah, working away....sat in the crew room as we speak.

Airbourne-Adamski 19th Mar 2007 15:55

ASB oh the joins and fun

JoJoTink 20th Mar 2007 14:14

Staying in Luton
Hey ive joined today as ive just found out im going to the assesment day on the 29th March...Im sooo nervous :eek: Just wondering if anyone knows the best place to stop up at Luton? im goin to travel up the night before, i only live an hour and a half away but im just worried i'll b late so think its best if im stayin close. So anyone have any ideas?
Im loving this site!!! So much helpful information about what will happen on the day, its put my mind at ease and im getting excited now.

Thanks everyone :ok:

EzyChic 20th Mar 2007 15:57

In English(?)

Or just simplyfy it for I am thick.

psychopathbabble 22nd Mar 2007 21:49

Hey, not sure about where to stay but I drove down to Braintree and stayed at family members the night before, giving me just under a 2 hour drive instead of 4 and it was fine. Having left at 6.10am there was very little traffic on the road and after only 2 wrong turns, I made it to the academy at 8.10!

I am generally a highly strung person (also not good with mornings) but I didn't find the driving at that time particularly stressful and I felt fine when I got there apart from the expected interview nerves!

good luck x :ok:

JoJoTink 27th Mar 2007 09:43

Cheers :) I found somewhere close to stay now as i know i will get lost, im so bad with directions. Gettin so nervous now though...oh i hope i do well on the 29th! :eek:

psychopathbabble 27th Mar 2007 14:15

If I can do... I am positive you can!!

Best of luck to you, let us know!!

Where is your preferred base? I start training in May and will be based at Stansted.

JoJoTink 27th Mar 2007 16:26

Stansted aswell :) oh im soooo excited now! got everything ready and sorted to go up, just have to sit and wait now (well i cant sit still for to long cause im excited) I shall b back on Friday and let you know how it went or if I never come back then you know it went really bad....or I got totally lost and ended up at the wrong place :hmm: hehe :ok:

Vectors Req'd! 29th Mar 2007 08:36

Recruitment Gig
Hey all

I made some enquires yesterday, as I also threw my hat into the ring, and was told that the applicants had not yet been discussed with higher management. It seems the whole thing has got slightly held up.

So I guess no news is good news!! Not sure I know that much about it, as when I first registered an interest I was under the impression you may work at the accademy a couple of days a month and carry on with your flying roster as normal.

Did anyone else take it as a full time job? Not so sure I would want to do it if thats the case!!

ps Long live the new Bacon toastie from April 1st he he :)

little_miss_sunshine 30th Mar 2007 08:27

Hi all. I filled out an online application form on Tuesday and got an e-mail yesterday inviting me to an assessment day on 11 April. Is the reply from easyJet not really quick? I know I shouldn't complain though! Also does anyone have any idea if they're recruiting a few people for the Edinburgh base? This is all new to me!


eggorbeans 30th Mar 2007 10:55

part time
Hi Can any one tell me how long it would be if I worked for Easyjet before being able to go part-time at STN or LTN, please?
I really want to go back flying but due to family commitments cannot do full time. thanks

Airbourne-Adamski 30th Mar 2007 11:41


Hi Jo, If i am thinking right and looking at your name, i think I interviewed you yesterday, How did you find it?

Good luck let us know

esy 31st Mar 2007 14:47

I have just noticed that EZY doesn't recruit for SXF.
I applied two weeks ago, when Berlin was available. Will they take my application into consideration? I have not heard yet. Adam, what do you think?

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