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little_miss_sunshine 4th Apr 2007 12:49

I did like your funny reply! Thanks. I know I can only give it my best shot and hope for the best but I can't stop worrying!

Airbourne-Adamski 4th Apr 2007 15:13


Not been in here for a few days, and there is a fair new faces here going for easyjet.

I am not in recruitment for a few weeks so i want get to meet some of you going on assessment days.

I wish you all luck though.

Ramino 5th Apr 2007 20:07

I had the same problem. could not change my requested base online; I sent them the application but had no reply; is that all right?
Last time I applied they gave me a feedback after few days, even just to say...we received your application etc.etc.; now it has been 10 days without any notice, should i ra submit again?
I don't know how to change the base online? any help?

Wulfy 5th Apr 2007 20:26

I've sent them a mail about that and they did change it for me.

JoJoTink 5th Apr 2007 21:23

:) Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay i got thejob!!!!!! Soooo Happy right now!!!!! Thank you adam and everyone at the assesment day!!! I start my trainin on may 15th!!!! so excited :ok: Good Luck to all those goin for assesments, im sure u will all b fine :ok:

Dolley 5th Apr 2007 21:40

Congratulations JoJo

and welcome on board :-)

psychopathbabble 5th Apr 2007 22:35

That is fantastic news!!

Well done :ok:

I look forward to training with you xx

c_ouame 6th Apr 2007 09:05

Congratulations. I know what you feel. I should see you there then !

Seize your last moments of leisure !


esy 6th Apr 2007 09:22

How nice everybody gets the job:E

mead1981 6th Apr 2007 20:22

Hi im new here and i am also on the training course on the 15 may.

Airbourne-Adamski 9th Apr 2007 11:43

Hi JoJo


I actually knew you had the job, me and my college decided take take you on after we saw you in the interview but obviously i could not say anything :}

Good luck on youtr course x

Airlinegirl 11th Apr 2007 17:51


Hey Guys

Congrats to everyone whos got jobs, i start training on the 24th April and my base will be stanstead, am really looking forward to it, is anyone else on here starting then? Ive had all my pre course stuff through now and i only have 1 more week left at my current job YAY!! So scary tho!

Will probably be seeing some of you in the air soon! YAY!!

scotslasslaura 11th Apr 2007 19:46


Im new here and obviously considering a career with Easyjet. I would like to be based at Glasgow (Edinburgh is just too far away) but there are no vacancies. Just wondering if anyone reading this can tell me if there will be any in the near future.

Im desperate to become cabin crew espcially with Easyjet as Ive heard so many good things about them.

Im 22 and have an HND in International Travel and a BA Tourism International Travel Management degree. Ive got 5 years customer service experience and a Welcome Host certifcate. Im also currrently doing the cabin crew diploma course so hopefully this will help too.

Do you think Easyjet will look at this and see how committed I am to pursuing this career. Ive spent a lot of money and time and hope that this will pay off!!

Id apprecaite any helps/tips for my application form especially the bit about why you want to be cabin crew apart from travel and meeting people!!!!

Thanks v Much

Laura x x

shinners 12th Apr 2007 15:24

Easyjet Course in Luton!
Who will start the ezy course in Luton on the 8th May?

Please contact me!

c_ouame 12th Apr 2007 15:44

I am not ! But I should start later on May 22. see you there..

Dolley 13th Apr 2007 18:42


Great that you are interested in a career with easyjet. I personally love it, I hope you will too!

Anyway, here's some answers for some of your questions:

I'm sorry but I wouldn't know if they are recruiting for GLA in the near future. My advice would be to apply anyway if EDI is a short-term option at all.

The network is always expanding and sooner or later they'll hire more staff for GLA. Don't forget that the whole interview process and the initial training will take quite a while...who knows...maybe by then it's already an option.

If you've got to go to EDI take it as an experience and transfer as soon as possible back to GLA. If EDI is not an option at all you will have to wait...but if you are as keen as you make out you probably won't want to wait. I waited forever until they where recruiting for my preferred base and in hindsight I wish I had applied sooner and dealt with the base later....but that's just me.

About the course you are doing...not sure about easyjet's view on things but I could imagine they view it a bit as wasted money (well, I do and I don't know any crew who bothered)...but obviously you are keen and trying to proof it which is good and I'm sure they'll appreciate it. Plus, if you get the job it might help you a bit.

They are even some companies that prefer new entrants with no experience because crew with experience have to 'un-learn' a lot and not just learn new stuff.
easyjet is not one of them as we are having lots of people who've been working for other airlines (from Ryanair to BA) before so I guess the course won't hurt.

So I don't believe the course will give you a disadvantage but I don't think it will give you a great advantage for getting the job either.
On the other hand it'll probably give you an insight into cc work and therefore show you if you really like to do it as much as you thought and that alone is priceless.

Good luck.

Getoutofmygalley 15th Apr 2007 22:08

It depends on the severity of the 'Gross misconduct', but remember though that companies are not really allowed to give bad references. All they are really allowed to do is confirm you worked there and the dates that you were under their employment.

If a company gives you a bad reference along the lines of "You were caught with your hands in the till", then that company would be in the wrong as it is no longer allowed for those types of references to be issued.

But honesty is the best policy. There was a recruit from Glasgow who I knew who made it to the second week of the training course and was called out of the class room one day and was fired on the spot. He basically had not told easyJet that he had been sacked from one of his previous employers, and that information came to light and he was sacked as a result.

The company does say to you to be honest and be upfront, because if you are honest and upfront they can try to help you and will let you know if your "transgression" is a major problem or not. :)

TightSlot 15th Apr 2007 22:18

An easy way to give a bad reference is simply to decline to give one at all. I think you'll find that there are unofficial methods of communicating that are effective - I'm also not certain that it is correct that a 'bad' reference cannot be given

What I'm trying to say is that you should assume that the nature of your dismissal will be communicated, one way or another.

Getoutofmygalley 15th Apr 2007 22:29

I think that once you have issued easyJet with your references list you are not allowed to change that list - but I can not swear on that, you could always contact the id department using the same email address that you would have sent your references list to to clarify.

I can not say either way whether you are "screwed" or not, that is why I say honesty is the best policy. Just keep your fingers crossed and keep the company informed of what happened in your old job and fingers crossed everything will work out for you.

Dolley 15th Apr 2007 22:34

UK guy:

I'm sure they appreciate your honesty, however, depending on why and what the whole story is easyjet might not have a choice because of safety and security reasons.

In general they seem to give people a chance but some things are worse than others and if there is the slightest suspicion that your history suggest trouble for your colleagues/passengers/the safety of an aircraft they won't take the chance just to do you a favour.

I hope it's nothing so severe and I hope you'll be ok as you sound like you have learned from your mistake whatever it was. Good luck!

I wouldn't try to hide it from them because you never know who knows whom and if it ever comes to light you'll be in even more trouble and would probably have a second bad reference to deal with.

I think they are not allowed to give a bad reference as such but they are allowed to give your reason for leaving and if that's gross misconduct they will say so. Any chance you can talk to your old company and get them to change it?

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