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TightSlot 9th Jan 2007 09:20

easyJet - Wannabees & Recruitment (merged)
easyJet thread for those with questions about the recruitment process

TheAnswer 13th Jan 2007 17:59

Hi to all
Hi guys, I'm italian, first of all let me say this is a wonderful forum, I red all the 20 pages of the thread and I've found almost all answers I needed!

I did my online EJ application on Thursday and I got back this by the company:

Dear XXX.

Thank you for your application to easyJet for the position of Cabin Crew, which we have successfully received.

Applications will be reviewed as soon as possible and we will contact you via email with the outcome of your application.

Many thanks again for your interest in easyJet.

Kind Regards,

easyJet Crew Recruitment

I accurately filled my application, including the last five years history and my personal references too, I answered all questions concerning special situations with my customers that occurred in my current job. I obviously didn't get any outcome yet but if I well understood I should be emailed in any case within 14 days, if they'll find my application succesful I'll be invited to attend an assesstment day otherwise no. Is that correct?
Although in the EJ's site is reported that the assessment day will be attended at London Luton, I red here many different locations, (e.g Berlin or Dortmund) does this depend on the preferred base marked by the candidate in the application?
I red all comments and statements in the thread and I've to say it looks like EJ (as it's right to be) is carrying on a hard selection policy! It sounds like an assesstment day is supposed to start with 20/25 applicants but reading your comments I realized only 10/15 manage or not?
I've to say I'm a bit worried... even if I feel at ease.. I'm not English mother tongue. I was just wondering whether my fluency in English is enough to attend in a cool way an assessment day.. sigh sigh... :rolleyes:
I'm not scared about any math's test considering they provide you a calculator as it seems to be dealing only with normal additions and conversions (€->£).
I have no problem in correctly reading an announcement, I only guess I could find some problems concerning ad libbed announcements, it's not easy for foreigners to get a card and succesfully come out :* I remember that someone previously wrote they got rid of it, does anyone can confirm this statement?:confused:

Kind regards, thanks in advance for your answers.

ps: How did you find my English? Is in your opinion fluent enough?:confused: :}
ps2: Do you think the fact I need glasses could represent a problem?

I Just Want To Fly 14th Jan 2007 04:52

I have just left EasyJet, but my boyfriend still flies for them.

Good luck with your application. There are a very large number of foreign crew, so I honestly don't think you will have a problem.... just make sure you FINISH the exam. Even if you are not sure of the answer at the end, just guess!

Are you interested in flying from Milano Malpensa (MXP). They are realy desperate for crew there! Particularly with Summer coming up. My boyfriend recently operated a flight from LGW-MXP-LGW, and when they got to MXP they were told that as there wasn't enough crew, they would have to operate MXP-NAP-MXP, and therefore delay the MXP-LGW flight, even though there were no italian speakers for a domestic flight. What a nightmare. They are so desperate for crew in MXP. I spent a week in MXP operating flights, some crew have been sent there for over a 3 months.

TheAnswer 14th Jan 2007 10:19

Hi 'I Just Want To Fly', thanks for your answer. I red through this thread about the time you were the happiest girl of the world when you got the job and now you've just left it, what a pity! Anyway..I hope it has been your choice..;) What do you actually do?
Before thinking about exams I need they email me providing an invitation to an assessment day.. I hope they'll find my application successfull. It's quite queer they need crew in MXP, I'm quite certain they provided an assessment day in Milan 2 months ago in order to recruit people at MXP's base..didn't they? Unfortunately I'm going to move to Germany therefore I'm not interested in MXP's base, on the contrary I am for a German one just like Dortmund for instance. Do you know how is about DTM's base at the moment? Do they need crew?

In case they'll find my application successfull I hope you'll allow me to ask you some tips ;)

Greetings from Italy :D

Dolley 14th Jan 2007 19:59

The answer:

Ciao :-)

I'll try to answer a few of your questions:

Yes, the selection process is quite hard. My assessment day started with 22-25 people and at least 8-10 had to leave during the day. The rest was invited to stay for a final one-to-one interview, so it still doesn't mean that everybody got it.

English is not my mother tongue either. Like 'I just want to fly' said, there are lots of foreign crew and I would say their level of english varies from averagely good to fluent. As long as you are able to understand what people want of you and you can make yourself understood (which seems to be the way) you should be fine!

Glasses aren't a problem as long as you can see good with your glasses on. You will need a confirmation from your optician but they will let you know about this in due time.

I don't know about DTM or SFX base and if they need crew. But you could always start at a different base and then transfer as soon as possible.

Anyway, good luck with your application!
Any more questions let us know :-)

Arrivederci :-)

TheAnswer 14th Jan 2007 21:19

Hi Dolley thanks for supporting ;-)
I've asked whether they need crew at DTM's base in consideration of the fact that I've been watching on the site for 6 months, I only was wondering why it is always marked as an "available base" for recruitment. No one applies DTM as a preferred base??!!!

Asking a transfer could surely be an idea but first of all I need to be emailed in order to get an invitation to an assessment day and what is more I will need to succeed in :}
I red that in case of any vacant position at your preferred base they hold your application for 6 months, can an applicant suggest to be anyway assigned to another base with the purpose of asking a future transfer?

I'd have further question concerning ad libbed announcements.. I remember that someone previously wrote they got rid of it, could you confirm this statement or not?

The English test seems to be a comprehensive text followed by questions and multiple choice answers (3 and 1 is correct?). Is it a sort of memory exercise? I mean once you're given and red the text do they take it back as you must answer remembering its contents? It must be so otherwise I can't understand how people can fail, you know, once you're allowed to keep the compehensive text it's easy to come out with the correct answers isn't it?

Did you get through at your assessment day? :D

Dolley 14th Jan 2007 21:53

The Answer:

I'm not sure how often they up-date the available base section on the webside. When I applied there was nothing on there for BRS but they were advertising in newspapers that they need crew for BRS...so just give it a go. They ask you for your preferred base but you can always start at a base where they need people and transfer later...but depending on the base the waiting list might be long...

About the PA announcements, I can't tell you if they're still doing them or not. They did 1 1/2 years ago when I had my assessment day but that might have changed. It wasn't very hard anyway. They would give you a card with a statement like ' MR AND MRS SMITH ARE ONBOARD TODAY, FLYING TO VCE TO CELEBRATE THEIR 25TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT.' So you would get up and say something like 'Ladies and Gents, we have mr.and mrs.smith on board today and they are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. The whole easyjet crew wants to congratulate them and wish them a great time in venice.'. Not too hard! It's more about being confident than being great at PA's.

When I did it the english test was a comprehensive test and a few question (not multiple choice) that you had to answer. I believe it's only about finding out if you understand and are able to make yourself understood. Not very hard, only the time pressure. Just make sure you read thouroughly!

There was no kind of memory tests when I went through and I doubt there is now. But they do ask a few questions about the company that you should be able to answer if you did your homework and read the webside.

And yes, I did make it through my assessment day and have been flying with easyjet ever since...actually having my senior interview coming up soon!

Best of luck!

TheAnswer 15th Jan 2007 09:05

Dolley you kind, really thanks for all your Infos ;)

Well if there'll be no vacant position for my preferred base I could start at another one hoping there won't be too much people asking for a transfer to mine ;) :{
There's any memory test as it looks like you can with calm the comprehensive text before giving the answers ;) Is it about easyjet?
About the PA announcements.. well Mr Smith's anniversary is quite easy but e.g 'you ran out the sandwich make an announcement'..this I find difficult!
Applications are supposed to be screened withing 14 days as it's mentioned in the mail I got back but I red about people who waited also a month or more in order to know whether it was successfull or not! That sounds strange..it depends on what?
After all I find normal you should be studied about EJ's history, at least the most important steps. I do think it's right they ask something about the company ;)
Saluti :D

ps: Wish you good luck for your senior interview I'm sure you'll get it!! ;)

TheAnswer 16th Jan 2007 09:55

Oh it looks like there's not so many people answering like in the previous months :(
Anyway...does anybody remember any of the items you are supposed to choose about the sinking cruise group exercise?

Virginia 16th Jan 2007 15:17

I didn't have a PA annoucement in mine a few months ago.

And um...there are no correct items in the exercise. They don't give two hoots what you pick, it's all about teamwork. Even if you don't complete it they don't care, there will be an asssesor watching you to see how you work in the team.

TheAnswer 16th Jan 2007 15:33

Thanks for your answer Virginia.
You didn't have any PA announcement? I guess you referred to the ad-libbed one as I suppose you were at least given a card to read a standard pre-fixed announcement isn't it?

I'm aware their main aim is finding out whether you're a team player or not but what about the cards you're given? E.g "you're diabetic you need peanuts to be carried..." or "you've alcohol problems you won't allow someone to bring alcoholics.."
Are there other cards' samples?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Getoutofmygalley 16th Jan 2007 15:53


As Virginia has said, there is no right or wrong with the task, it is about team work. Don't go worrying about what is on the cards as the cards will say "You need XXX make sure you get it" and what the assessor will be looking for will be seeing how you go about making sure that you have XXX.

They won't want someone who is down right rude, nor will they want someone who doesn't speak up. So, it is a case of being diplomatic, letting everyone have their say but still making sure you get your point accross.

BTW Dolley - congrats on getting your SCCM :ok:

TheAnswer 16th Jan 2007 16:07

To Getoutof...
Thanks, got all!
Hope I'll be emailed and invited to an assessment day soon! hi hi hi :}
At the moment I only know they reveived my application!
Do they normally manage to screen within 14 days as they wrote me back in the mail?

Dolley 16th Jan 2007 18:51


Thanks, but I havn't got it yet. Just the interview coming up! I'm very nervous. Loads of people who I thought would get it didn't get it lately... I guess, I can just give it a shot and see what happens. At least you get feedback either way so it will be a learning experience if nothing else!

The Answer:

Like everybody else said: Don't worry too much about the details. If you get invited just go there and try to enjoy the day. That's the best thing you can do :-)
And be patient if you don't get an answer straight away here. After all we have some flying to do sometimes :-)

TheAnswer 16th Jan 2007 18:57

Ya that's what I think I'll do!
I'm patient I know the company might be busy.. but sometimes I'm not so positive and I look for a support here uahuahauh :} :hmm:
We will see... :ouch:

TheAnswer 19th Jan 2007 12:13

Hey guys I'm really happy! Got an invitation to attend an assessment day on Tuesday 23rd January at Hotel Palace Berlin anyone else going?

Dolley 19th Jan 2007 14:00

Congratulations, the answer,

and good luck! :-)

TheAnswer 20th Jan 2007 09:12

I've been invited to attend an assessment day in Berlin.
I was emailed and my attendance is now confirmed. They also specify before that I start the assessment session I'll be required to ensure that all my 5 yrs history are well and correctly completed. They advise me I'm still ontime to re-access my application if I need to add or modify something...
All I wrote is correct and true but why they asked me to check it again? Now I'm nervous..considering they seem to be rigorous and strict about it..and I wouldn't like later to be in the position of not getting a job a cause of misunderstandings that could have occurred :S

I've been doing my current job for 9 yrs, since 1998, never changed it, never gave it up therefore my 5 yrs history is not so long! As a reference I put my accountant as I'm self employed therefore I'm not able to state someone who's higher than me within the organisation.
Do you think that's enough?
Will they ask me to provide a letter from the tax office ('Inland Revenue') or is this something only related to English people working in UK?

ps: If I'll add or modify something am I supposed to click the 'SUBMIT' main botton as I previously did in order to send my application? As I so do then they'll have it twice (a second one). Unless it is sufficient to click only the submit botton in the modified session/window..

Dolley 20th Jan 2007 11:33

The Answer:

Dude, you worry to much :-) Chill out a bit :-)
You got an automated email everybody gets. A lot of people struggle with their 5 year history because they have to chase up loads of references and don't take responsibility for it. You don't seem to be the type who will have problems like this.
About having been self employed: Just go to the Assessment day and when you get to the stage of the one to one interview they will go through your online application anyway. Then tell them about your concerns and ask if your accountant is the right person to pick as a reference.
I don't know about the Inland revenue stuff but again, that will be the time to ask them. You will have plenty of time to get everything organized and from what you said you won't have a problem at all. Don't forget, we've all been there!

As for your online application, if I remember it right you just re-submit an modified version by clicking the submit button again.
Don't worry to much, you'll be fine. It's all not rocket science after all ;-)

TheAnswer 20th Jan 2007 11:57

I couldn't ask more than Dolley's support!
Thanks mate ;) and... Yeah that's true man, I should chill out more than a bit! ;-)

To be sure I've just now added my old accountant too (she's cool,won't be a bad ref. even if I left her:} ) and my solicitors too.

My session will be on Tuesday 23rd but I'll fly tomorrow to Berlin as I want to take it easy and have some free time before to chill out ;-) Fingers crrrrrrrrrrossed :D

justlikeme 21st Jan 2007 20:20

hi everyone,

ive started reading in here and thx to everyone who posted all his experiences. they are very helpful!

kinda embarassing question but i need to know cause i cant get it out of my head lol. ive just read the things about the PA´s and i have no clue what that means haha

so... what does that really mean?

"There is a stag do travelling, announce it."

i think my englisch isnt that bad (ok actutally i hope so) but hmm a STAG isnt that an animal?!? any help would be very appreciated :) cause if im still clueless when im going to my AD im sure that im the lucky one who will get this question.... and actually i dont wanna blame myself with talking about an animal who´s traveling around the world haha.... cause im sure that would be damn wrong haha

EzyChic 21st Jan 2007 20:43

Before a woman gets married she goes out with all her female friends on a HEN DO (she being the hen). The man has a STAG do (him being the stag).

It's supposed to be their last night of freedom before their wedding.

A lot of people now go abroad for theirs, so for a stag or hen do, you'd expect lots of (stereotypically) rowdy men/women, good fun as long as you know how to handle them.

Hope that helps


Dolley 21st Jan 2007 22:48

Just in case you still didn't understand (although I'm sure you have after ezychic's explination) here in german:

STAG do/party: Jungesellenabschied fuer Maenner
HEN do/party: Jungesellenabschied fuer Frauen

But I thought of like the idea of the travelling stag looking for his doe...;-)

justlikeme 22nd Jan 2007 04:52

ahhh i see i see!!! THANK U VERY MUCH :)

TheAnswer 24th Jan 2007 12:57

Hi guys here I am!
First of all I´ve to say my assessment day has been a bit different from all others I´ve red here.
Starting at hotel palace Berlin was supposed to be at 08.30, I was there at 08.10 more or less.
When I step outside the lift I couldn´t believe what I was going to see.. a queue of maybe 140 people waiting to be checked.. I thought they couldn´t be there for EJ... but unfortunately they were.http://www.cabincrew.com/ccnetwork/smileys/smiley5.gif
I was facing an open day provided by EJ probably with announcements on locals newspapers as half Berlin was there to try!
Though I was pretty confident and aware of my capacities this fact got a bit on my nerves.. I started to consider 2 possibilities.. 1. they really need to hire...or... 2. they are simply going to hardly select.. during the day I realized they didn´t need to hire at all!!
Anyway.. we are split into 2 parts, more or less 70/70. First step the EJ staff introduce the figure of a cabin crew member by showing a video. Then the tests started.
Math test: You are given a blank paper, a pencil, a calculator and obviousy the test itself on which you find the on-board menu with prices and currency conversions.
I found the math test pretty easy but revising conversions before could be a precious suggestion as questions are like:
"A passenger buys 3 vodka, 2 pringles, peanuts, 2 muffins and 3 tonics. He gives you 50€ but he´d like to get back Danish KR" or variations such as Swiss FR or €. They provide you all what you need you definitely can´t miss it! And what´s more it´s all about multiple choice.

ENGLISH TEST: Well, here things are going to be not so easy as before, you have now a comprehensive text (I got one about a company which was goin to move..) I suggest you to red carefully and to understand all as you´ll face answers in a true/false style and they like to mislead and confuse you a bit ;)

ABILITY TEST: ie Dialogue:
John:"My flight is scheduled at 7 o´clock in the morning"
Mary: "Pretty smart, I´ll be able to bring you to the airport"
Question: "At what time is J. supposed to leave"?
a- 7 AM
b- 11 AM
c- 7 PM
And other stuff like this.
Break 30 min more or less.
Back in the room. They say "the numbers we´re now going to call should please follow me into another room in order to make another
test... please take all your belongings and don´t leave anything in the room" ...try to guess why you´re advised to to take all your belonings.. hi h ih hi. Those people has been rejected. It´s incredible, we were 140 we remained more or less 60!
GROUP EX: Sinking Cruise/carrying items to a nearby island.
Split into 3-4-5 people groups and supposed to choose 10 items out of 30 list. Everyone has a special card in which is specifically told what you definitely MUST bring with but you´re not allowed to show to others. At each table seats 2 EJ staff.
It´s all about team working skills, stay calm and be confident.

30 min break
Invited again into the big room and again the game of the marked numbers... another 30 people rejected.
We remained 35 who are entitled to attend the last step: the interview.
Unfortunately I wasn´able to be interviewed because of a personal problem occurred, EJ staff is out of lines friendly and told me I deserve it and I´ve earned it by getting through the whole day therefore they´ll call me the next days and will invite me to attend it in UK.
That´s all friends, I had a pleasant day, I knew amazing and friendly people but please let me say a word about EJ staff they are more than FANTASTIC! Always friendly, smiling, providing help. I guess it was not easy to deal with such a big number of candidates but they have given more than their best. I was relaxed, confident and smart. That´s what they provided and that´s the figure they´re looking for ;)
Hoping I´ll be called a.s.a.p. I virtually embrace you all and thank for all tips I was able to get from here.

See u soon ;) Regards

Dolley 24th Jan 2007 14:26

Hi The Answer,

Well done for making it through the day. I guess it was such a big event as it wasn't held in Luton...
Anyway, you made it through which is the main thing :-)

A bit annoying though that you will have to travel to Luton for your interview...
If you haven't had your call after a week or two I would call them myself if I were you. Just to remind them of yourself ;-)

And you are right, the staff is usually pretty good, friendly and helpful.

Hope your personal problem has been sorted. Good luck for the interview :-)

TheAnswer 24th Jan 2007 17:44

Ya nice I got through :D
They assured me I have deserved my interview and I must be interview the said they won´t forget about me however I will wait one week and in case of no feedback I weak them up :D
I got through, that´s true but it isn´t over, I must manage my interview, so fingers crossed ;)
Regards, I´ll let you know ;)

TheAnswer 25th Jan 2007 09:19

Interviewed on 24.01.07 at Berlin Palace Hotel?
Hi, I am just curious as I´d like to know whether there´s here someone among the 35 people who has been interviewed yesterday at Palace Hotel Berlin. If yes I´d be delighted to be PM´d.
Thanks :D

Global Pilot 25th Jan 2007 19:13

Online rejection
Hi Guys,

my wife recently applied to EZY online. She has over two years flying experience with a prestigious UK carrier and is looking to move to a LCC to reduce her overnights. About 2hours after sending the application she got a rejection email.... "you do not meet our minimum requirements"..or somet¨hing to that effect. The email was timed at 0300 on a Monday morning. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar mail, reapplied and got thru to work for them or is there anyone who thinks it was just a computer sending out the mail. The application was filled in with care so I cant think why she was turned down.

Any advise on where to go from here would be welcome.


teachin 25th Jan 2007 20:17

Me too
16 yrs experience, and 7 of those for the "big one" and I got turned down. There again, I do not wish to dance around the table every morning like a child to work for thm, they can get stuffed.

Dolley 25th Jan 2007 20:31


The minimum requirements are something like being over 18, over 1.58m tall, fluent english, customer service experience, be able to swim 25 meters and be physical fit, some gcse's, I believe, and obviously the right to work in the UK.

Does your wife meet those?
If she does, she should go back to the application and have a good look that she ticked all the right boxes, just to make certain.

If really worried send an email and ask. She should make a point that she meets all of them and is worried that the computer which sent the automated reply has made a mistake. Always worth a try!

Good luck!

teachin 25th Jan 2007 23:18

You don't have to meet those requirements, you just have to be very young, willing to do just about anything to fly, not be old enough to remember when flying actually was fun and you got to see the world, gave a nice and complimentary service to well educated passengers.

Now you are up and down sell sell sell rubbish in plastic, harrang everyone for money, money for this, money for that, you can't have a magazine, clean the cabin for us so we can squeeze another rotation out of this tin can, seat pocket? Why would you want to put anything in a seat pockets, so we will remove it. We'll replace the inflight magazine with a sales brochure of our overpriced cold coffee and stale sandwiches, clear it all in into a plastic bag, what are trays and napkins anyway? And then throw it all away in landfill and stuff the rest of the world.

Dolley 26th Jan 2007 10:43


you pointed out that you never worked for easyjet as you didn't get the job.
Sounds to me like you a bit bitter because your skills were unwanted. You can't have always thought that bad about easyjet otherwise you wouldn't have applied in the first place...

I, on the other hand, have been working with them for over a year now and I love it. I think it's great fun and I'm far away from willing to do everything as you called it. Neither are the majority of my colleagues.
And I'm not that young anymore either. And we have cc quite a bit older than me around who are in their 40's and 50's. For some it's the first flying job, other have years of experience flying for prestige airlines before they moved to shorthaul and low cost.

Your idea about the job is bizarre, the least, and most defenitly unfair. But maybe that's the reason why you didn't get it.

Rubbish is a problem within aviation in general, not just easyjet. But at least easyjet is trying and has started recycling on board which no other airline (to my knowledge) has done before. If you have a problem with flying because of environmental reasons than you shouldn't fly at all. Neither as cc nor as a pax on a holiday!

And we do have an inflight magazine by the way which lives in the saetpocket together with the saftey card, a sick bag and yes, a menu. So does BA Connect and other carriers. Pax do want a Menu with a price list. They know that we don't give complementary services and they don't have to buy anything on board if they don't want to.

Why don't you chill out a bit, get over the rejection and move on? There is no reason to try putting other people off only because you didn't get it.

TheAnswer 29th Jan 2007 09:48

Holy words Dolley I agree :D

Why EJ doesn't call meeeeeeeeeee ?????????????????????'' hu hu hu hu :( :(

atmosphere 29th Jan 2007 10:00

Teachin... I recall previous posts where all you did is bitch and Whine, Thank the lord EasyJet reviews applications, or you might just of got in, and no one likes to see that!:D

EzyChic 29th Jan 2007 11:28


Is your wifes attitude anything like yours?
If so I cannot imagine why she didn't get an interview!

If this "big one" that you speak of is so fabulous and easyJet is so sh*tty then go and work for them again instead.

I have been employed by easyJet for 3 yrs and love my job, thankfully thats because I don't work with pessamistic, bigoted and uneducated a**holes like you.

Go get rejected somewhere else.


TightSlot 29th Jan 2007 12:45

Enough with the personal stuff - move on please - teachin' was trollin'

justlikeme 30th Jan 2007 17:25


i guess that u just have to wait it out....

ive been to the AD at the hotel palace too and made it through the whole day but hmm im still waiting for a call or something else.... good sign? bad sign? i have no clue :( :(

anyways!!! good luck and i really hope that we will hear from them very sooooon!!!

CS-TNP 2nd Feb 2007 18:35

EZY open day 07FEB
Hi u all,

Is any1 going to the assessment on FEB 7 at LTN? Do I wear suit/tie or just casual?



TheAnswer 6th Feb 2007 11:18

Wear what you feel comfortable, there's no dress code however I wore a suit with a tie but that's just as I'm accustomed as I actually wear it every day for my current job ;)

Be calm and most of all YOURSELF, best luck for your ass. day

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