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Juud 2nd Apr 2007 14:29

Sunshine, I am having a lazy day here, so I did some searching for you. :)

link & link

esy 2nd Apr 2007 14:31

oh sorry didn't mean to be nosey:\

justD 2nd Apr 2007 14:34

Hey, I was just joking!:}

little_miss_sunshine 2nd Apr 2007 15:10

Juud - thanks for the links. Just I obviously wanted to make sure I would earn enough money to pay my bills etc. Do you have any idea of what kind of questions you get asked about the company at the assessment day?

justD 2nd Apr 2007 15:46

As long as you have a general knowledge about the company history (!!!) and the operation, you'll be fine.
A couple of years ago they had questions about passenger figures, management team members, company history, bases, destinations, conditions of travel ie. how long before departure does the boarding start...
Back then it did not matter if you could't answer these questions correctly. I know I couldn't... :\
These must have chaned ever since though...

c_ouame 2nd Apr 2007 16:45

to little miss sunshine
You're welcome.

Don't worry about the information you need. Pick up 2 or 3 pieces of that, 2 or 3 of this... You don't need to learn the website by heart ! Try to remember things like : what are the existing destinations from the base you chose ? Do you know if there will be new ones in the future ? What's the duration of a roster ? things like that... But be honest in your answers. Nobody's perfect !

Hope it helps.


aggie140378 2nd Apr 2007 23:47

hi sunshine,
First it was u offline, then me. I think you've been helped quite a lot already but if you go back and read all the posts you will see the best piece of advice is to be yourself. Don't worry about group exercises as such, as there are no wrong answers, the easyJet recruiters want to see you as a part of a team, remember to respect others' opinions but get a chance to voice yours in a polite way. I should be there a bit earlier on Wednesday so we could have a wee chat, I am not an expert but have been reading a bit. When it comes to history's company, have a wee look at key facts such as when they had first booking online, what bases they've got roughly and definitely, as mentioned politely before, where they fly from your chosen base, which would be EDI. Speak to you soon, as I'm off tomorrow and Wed, I'm sure I'll catch you and we can have a wee blether.

little_miss_sunshine 3rd Apr 2007 08:11

Thanks for the comments from everyone. I really appreciate them!

Aggie - yeah we can catch up for a chat at some point!

little_miss_sunshine 3rd Apr 2007 11:01

Sorry to bother everyone again but I tried to get in touch with the tax office for a letter of my previous employment etc and basically they have made a mess of my file and can only sort it when I get my P60 in the middle of the month. My assessment date is 11 April so I wondered if I definitely need exact dates of employment before my assessment date or if I can provide these if I am successful? Just really worried I will have to cancel my assessment!

psychopathbabble 3rd Apr 2007 12:31

Little Miss Sunshine...
I had mine on the day but they just want it as soon as possible.

Even though I had already handed it in, it is requested again in your contract pack. Don't panic! They are aware the tax office aren't always on the ball :E

little_miss_sunshine 3rd Apr 2007 13:10

Thanks for that! I will hopefully get it sorted ASAP with the tax office but just not in time for my assessment!

little_miss_sunshine 3rd Apr 2007 15:09

Sorry everyone but one last question. Is there any particular colours I should avoid wearing to the assessment day (like bright colours)? I know jeans aren't very appropriate. Also is it ok to have my hair tied back and how much make up should I wear?

JoJoTink 3rd Apr 2007 15:26

Sunshine you worry to much, just be relaxed and enjoy the day. I had my assessment day last week and it was fine, not scary and everyone was so nice. Good Luck, Im sure you will be fine :ok:

Dolley 3rd Apr 2007 15:26

I would advice conservative interview style clothing like a suit in conservative colours. You just can't go wrong with that and everything else is a risk.

Hair tied back is fine, just make sure it looks tidy and stays like that for the day (check in mirror in your breaks).

Same counts for make-up. Again, go conservative, nothing too funky or like for a night out. If you usually don't wear make-up I would recommend to put on a minimum anyway as it's required for the job.

little_miss_sunshine 3rd Apr 2007 15:39

JoJo Tink - yeah I think I do worry too much! I hope your assessment day went well and you get the job.

Dolley - thanks for that. I think I'll just go for simple colours like black and cream cause I guess you can't really go wrong with them.

psychopathbabble 3rd Apr 2007 16:06

Just wear what you feel comfortable in, i wore my favourite green (!) cardigan and black trousers. if you are uncomfortable with what you wear, it will make you more nervous!

best of luck x :)

Wulfy 3rd Apr 2007 19:44

In a mail the recruitment team said i can change my base : If you wish to change your requested base you can do this by logging back onto your application and changing the base you have asked for. Please note you can only request one base.

But i just don't see where i can change it when i logon onto my application ? :confused:

justD 3rd Apr 2007 21:13

I think you can change the requested base under:
"Resubmit Screening Questions"

little_miss_sunshine 4th Apr 2007 11:14

Can someone tell me roughly what the English test consists of? Just English is definitely not my best subject! Thanks!

c_ouame 4th Apr 2007 12:33

little miss sunshine
The English Test is very difficult. You have 10 minutes to write a 300-pages essay about the theory of low cost companies financial systems !

Good luck !


To tell the truth, they just want to know if you do understand what is written on the paper they will show you !

Be cool, nothing impossible will be asked !


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