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TheAnswer 13th Feb 2007 13:48

Without "may"... :}

esy 13th Feb 2007 14:10

;) Havn't you heard anything today?

TheAnswer 13th Feb 2007 14:16

No.. :{ why are you asking so? It looks like you know something...:confused:
Am I supposed to get a phone call today? Do you know anything about it???!?:ugh: :confused:
Oh perhaps it was only a simple question.. for a while I thought you might know something, sorry:(

esy 13th Feb 2007 14:37

I am about to send my application, so...it would be strange to know the outcome of your interview lol
Come on, it's almost obvious that you got the job, they must be very busy.

TheAnswer 13th Feb 2007 15:25

eheheh that's true LOOOL:}
I know they may be busy but waiting is hard to handle :(
Everyone I talk with is almost sure I'll get it but what I need is a phone call and I'm going to be nervous and worried day by day:{ :}
When are you going to apply?
Best of luck, cheers:ok:

Ciccio78 13th Feb 2007 19:13

Hello everyone,

my name is Francesco and i just joined this forum. I read all the thread and i found this site very interesting for people who want to persue a carear in aviation. It's full of useful tips!! I got a small question and i hope you can help me.
Basically i applied for Easyjet about three weeks ago by submitting the online apllication form but i still have not received any kind of response fron them:{ Is that normal? On their website, it says that you should be emailed with the outcome within 14 days ... i'm getting a bit concerned


Francesco x

TheAnswer 13th Feb 2007 20:15

Hi Francesco, have you been automatically emailed by easyJet?
Something like: 'Thank you for your application to easyJet for the position of Cabin Crew, which we have successfully received.Applications will be reviewed as soon as possible and we will contact you via email with the outcome of your application.'
If you got it then you just have to wait. It can take up to 15 days too and in some cases I know people has been waiting for over a month.
On the other hand they normally email back quickly in case of an unsuccessfull application. Hope it helps.

TheAnswer 14th Feb 2007 15:04

14th day of waiting and no phone call yet... even if I wasn't emailed with a rejection I really start to think something happened with my application.. I really don't know why they need so much time to inform whether I'm successfull or not.
I start to think I had to be emailed about a rejection but they forgot to do it.. as it's impossible not to get neither e mail nor a phone call unless they didn't change style as they now use to give no feedback in case of a rejection.... Hm? ?
Any chance they lost my file? Any chance they forgot? Should I call them? Will they mind it?

Sorry for bothering, any suggestion is helpful, tnx.

CS-TNP 14th Feb 2007 16:40

Just call them, you won't loose nothing if you call them. It's better than to be waiting for an answer. If you keep waiting you'll have a heart attack.:}
All the luck for you.


Ciccio78 14th Feb 2007 17:19

Hi "The answer"

thanks for your reply. Yes, i got the email where they say that my application was successfully received.... . I hope they will get back to you very soon, i can undestand you as waiting it's really hard to cope with:bored: :bored: i wish you the best of luck!!:ok:

justlikeme 14th Feb 2007 17:54


If you got the mail, cool! nothing is wrong with that. u just have to wait it out ;)
good luck!

Pilas 15th Feb 2007 19:47

I know this is a lOOONNG one.. But there was just so much to comment on.

I have wondered for a long time.
What it is that the people in recuitment are looking for?

I do understand some peoples fustrations with eazy.
But people I know that work for ezy are fare form as "Orange" as some here would like "ezy-newbies" to think. And I'm not talking about people that have been with ezy for less then 2-3 years.

Ezy is like anyother airline, it has its problems internally.
There is some benefits to the way ezy runs... but it is far from some of the ones you will get with a major airline.
And now I'm thinking of the ones that the staff get. (cabin crew)
one good thing is that if you are based at some of the non-UK bases then you get to come home evey night + other things.

I would like to say that I did apply twice to ezy but only because I wanted to get a job were I could be at the same place as my boyfriend and make a little pocket money.

The first time I wasen't upset about getting turned down. I was still studying.

The second time I must say was the worst or should I say the most weird assesmentday I have ever been too. It was like every one was compeeding with eachother and I'm sorry to say this, but there was some people that shoulden't have left school.( level of normal knowlege should be more then how to put on great make-up and sound like a total airhead)

I found it absolutly disgusting that an airline as ezy has the nerv to claime that they invented the questions that you have to fill out to get to the assesmentday.. No really people! :ugh:

Now let me see.. ezy has ONLY ben around for 11 years later in september this year. Hmm.. There is airlines out there that has been recuiting lets say at least the last 60 some years!! So really they should remove that from the internet.

I have worked for a premium european airline and seen those questions before ezy started recruting!

Well back to my second time around. I didn't get a date until about two weeks before the day the actual assesment.
I also had another interview with another BIG premium Airline for the following day. So I thought well if I get yes from both I will say sorry to ezy and yes to the other.
If ezy had said yes and I got no from the other airline well.. then I would have gone for it.

I have only to say that I got no from ezy and I was actually reliefed.
My friend said "well at least now one of us get to work for at real airline." ( the last part was partly a joke):}

The assesmentday is not very friendly at ezy compaired to other airlines so do not be discouraged.:{

The other airline that I now work for. Have had about 7000 called in for an assesment day but only about 70 got through to be pick for a course.
This means that there was more then 10000 who applied.

There has been som writing that ezy has enough people .. From the ones I talk to they have never enough people!

ezy will most likely keep recruiting for the next LONG time. ( next many years)
Today they have just opened their Base in Madrid.

There is a continues stream of people leaving ezy to go to other airlines. With just these two things. The constant growth and people leaving they will keep recuiting.

So for those of you who still wants to pursue a job with ezy should keep trying.

But then again don't put all your egg's in one basket because there is ALOT of airlines out there recuiting right now.

And if you are lucky you will end up at were I am and have some of the best colleuges you could dream of.

I am very proud of where I work today and I know that I was picked for more then my skills to follow orders. This is were I think ezy don't look when they evaluate. They seam to want people that have the least leader skills.
This has been confirmed from other people that work at ezy and from when I have flown with them. ( I'm sorry if I offend enyone)

I will say that my first flight with ezy left me feeling horrified that these people were respondsible for my life in case of anemergency.

They were very unprofesional when demonstrating the safety equipment and had a wierd way of making the PA "personalised" All in all it seamed so unprofessional. Another time the FA's were arguing infront of the pax.

But the last few times I have flown the FA's onboard have been profesional.

It can't be easy to work in a company were you work 6 days and only get 3 days of. And in those 6 days you can have several very long days...

I guess that when the company doesn't spend money on a psychological profile then there will be "those" that the company could have done with out.

When you fly you have so much more to do then "just" sell food ( ezy) / serve food ( premium Airlines) and announce stuff over the PA. For those that have flown before they will know what I mean.

Don't take the rejections personally.
I took it as, If they didn't like me at the interview then.. I wont like working there.

Just a final thing. I don't have anything against anyone that works or is some how associated with ezy.

I hope that for those of you who got no from ezy will try other places.. It is a big world out there and there is sooooo many airlines.
You might have more of a service skill to you that can be put to better use other places. Like serving champagne on first class to Ellen Macpherson or other famous people that do not travel with LCC because they like their privacy.

Have fun out there.:) Fly high!

TheAnswer 15th Feb 2007 20:07

Weel... consider that I've just been rejected by ezy after the interview.. I'm wondering why you felt the need to post such a long negative brief about ezy. Which is going to be the main aim?

Ciccio78 15th Feb 2007 21:25

Hi the answer,

did you try to call them? Why do you consider yourself to be unsuccesfull?

Anyway, do not lose your hope untill you get that blady phone call.:ok:

TheAnswer 15th Feb 2007 21:57

I called them and asked. 20 mins later I've been emailed. Rejected. Dunno know why as the do not provide any feedback.

justlikeme 16th Feb 2007 05:11

OMG thats hard !!!!!!!!! im so sorry!!!!!!! :bored:

Commander1 16th Feb 2007 09:02

Hi, I feel that I am in a very confused state right now. Some of you may know that I have a start with Ryanair on the 22nd of March (Training) but Ezy contacted me for an interview. I dont know if i should go for the interview or just stick with Ryanair. Ideally i want to work for Globespan but im not 21 and i may be rejected. im just looking for peoples opinions and ideas.
Thank you all

vodkaholic 16th Feb 2007 11:57

no harm going to the interview. to be honest if you get it with EZY, it might save you a lot of money having to pay for your training and uniform with ryanair. just a thought.

TheAnswer 16th Feb 2007 11:59

Yes justlikeme it's a bit hard but life goes on no one died :}
I don't know whether I'll try it again, I'll see...
Anyway 6 months for re-applying are calculated on which date? Starting from the date I submitted my application online?.. or The day I got the outcome (yesterday)? Ora what else? Does anyone know it?

justlikeme 16th Feb 2007 16:00

u know what? ive tried it more than 1x!!!! and trust me i was in the same situation! i was disapointed and had no clue if i will try it again some time... but i did! and yea, its cool that i did ;)

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