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Airlinegirl 30th Apr 2007 08:16


Why did you say no!!! You should have taken it regardless of having a car or not... these interviews are so hard .. i have 5 interviews with as many airlines before i got the job with easy.. even if i didnt have a car that wouldnt have put me off.. cause i really wanted the job. In my experience some companys do hold it against you if you go turn down things, cause technically you have stopped someone else getting the job... Like Dolley i would question wether you really want to do it.. nothing would stop me.
But if thats what you have decided then good luck to you.

Ive just finnished my first week of training and its absolutly brilliant.. i love it. Its so interesting. I passed my first exam and have my airbus one on wednesday.. which is a bit scary!! But its great to put on the uniform and cant wait till im out there doing it for real, even tho is a little scary!

Good luck to everyone else is applying!

EzyChic 30th Apr 2007 09:11

Glad you're enjoying airline girl.

Where will you be based?

Training is great fun, and you'll probably meet some life long friends.

Good Luck in your exams, just listen and study and you'll be fine.


Airlinegirl 30th Apr 2007 09:44

im gonna be based at stanstead.. ive made some really good friends already.. i feel like ive know them for ever, i have 2 days off now and i really miss them!!!

Ciccio78 30th Apr 2007 15:32

Hello guys,

i haven't been posting for a while, i hope you are all ok..
The last time it was before attending my assessment day. Well, as i red in this forum it was very relaxed and trainers were absolutely fantastic!! I maneged to go throught the final stage which was the 2-2-1 interview.
They really make you feel comfortable and this interview was different from the others i had in the past as i was very calm and relaxed.
When i walked out the building i felt very confident and i had a feeling that i had done quite well.
After exactly one weak i got a phone call that confirmed that felling.
I was offered a job with Easyjet!!!:) :) I was over the moon!! They really made my day!!!!! So, i'm orange now:)
I'll start my training on the 29th of May and i'll be based at Gatwick.
I can't wait to start!
Good luck to anyone who is attending an assessment day!!!

You will enjoy it.....


Dolley 1st May 2007 00:04


Congratulations and welcome on board :-)

Winch-control 1st May 2007 21:11

Dropped in here by accident, but found the discussions very interesting, re- interviews. In preparation, if you are going for one you may like to google; the 55 most difficult hr questions. It certainly helped me when I went for my first interview after a long mil rearcrew service. I hope it will help you too. Hr is huge now in recruitment and knowing how to answer these questions must surely give you the edge. Hope this helps some of you!

Dolley 11th May 2007 23:26


I know it must be frustrating but at least it wasn't a full blown NO.
And they would say NO if they wanted to so you might still be getting somewhere. If I were you I would probably try to find out (email them) how long they holding it on file, just to find out when you can re-apply if you wanted to. And it shows that you are keen as well...

Anyway, try not to be to disappointed and good luck!

esy 12th May 2007 07:57

I think that EZY does invite most of the applicants to attend
an ad, and NO only after sending an application doesn't occur often, does it?

btw an ap. is held on file for 6 months, so you can apply after that time again.

Getoutofmygalley 12th May 2007 10:15

easyJet most certainly do NOT invite most applicants to attend assessment days. I know people who have applied several times to just even reach the assessment day stage.

esy 12th May 2007 10:37

But they inform about "NO", right? Is it possible that it takes them two months to tell somebody that his application has been rejected? Or maybe after so long time an appl. is held on file until a chosen base is available?

Dolley 12th May 2007 10:39

Getoutofmygalley and esy:


Even if you just read through this threat you will find that a lot of people didn't make it past the application state...some of them experienced crew with other airlines.

I personaly know quite a few people who applied and were never invited that includes former easyjet crew who wanted to come back.

To get an invitation is not as easy as some may think.
So getting your file into the system is already an achievment if not necessarily the most desired outcome...

Dolley 12th May 2007 10:43


I'm not claiming for a moment that mistakes don't happen but in general easyjet aims to be in touch with all applicants within 14days and you will either hear NO, get invited or obviously that they'll hold you on file.

Not sure why or under which circumstances they do the later and I don't know how long they hold you on file which is why I advised UKguy to email them to find out.

esy 12th May 2007 10:50

Thanks Dolley, I will wait and see if they send me any answer.:)

Getoutofmygalley 12th May 2007 10:54


UKGuy has not said which base he applied for. It might be he has applied for one that is currently not recruiting, but his application was to a high standard. Therefore, recruitment want to keep it on file just in case a position opens up at his chosen base.

UKGuy might want to possibly consider applying NOW for a base that is currently recruiting.

Dolley 12th May 2007 11:06


Don't they usually mention 'We are currently not recruiting for your chosen base' or something like it when emailing you?!

Getoutofmygalley 12th May 2007 14:52

Can't say for sure as when I joined a few years back I applied for LGW which was recruiting like nobodies business at the time.

Dolley 12th May 2007 21:54

Same with me but BRS :-)
So I guess we are both just guessing wildly after our best knowledge ;-)

Dolley 12th May 2007 21:56

Did that make sense in English?
I hope so :O

JamalWallace 9th Aug 2007 11:17

Hi all! I'm new here, i've a question... Is there any suggestion that you can give me to be ready for the recruitment? I read the requirements... It doesn't seems to be so difficult, but i'm so worried about my English (i'm from Italy...)! I'm studying it hardly, should i get any english-certificate? I was just wondering if attend a First-Aid training and as i said before get a certificate.

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