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esy 10th Feb 2007 12:22

And those who hadn't applied on-line were allowed to write a test?

orangegirl 10th Feb 2007 12:29

I think they are always recruiting for crew in sxf and dtm.
I'm based in dtm and we have lots of new crew lately and it seems more are comming.

normally if your not accepted they would let you know within a few days with an email. I'm sure they will call you on monday or tuesday! :)

TheAnswer 10th Feb 2007 12:30

Yes, they were given a new one to fill. I've found this queer as I know about people who was not given the oppurtunity to attend an ass session as their application was found unsuccessful...

esy 10th Feb 2007 12:38

Yes they always recruit there, but it seems to me that they were a bit desperate if they allowed to try to everybody.
Anyway, I just hope that they have assesment days in Berlin from time to time, it would be much closer than Luton.
Thanks for info:}

TheAnswer 10th Feb 2007 12:48

They aren't desperate at all esy! We were 145 but only me and other 29 got through the whole day! They don't need to hire at all trust me!
You're welcome esy ;)

Orangegirl I pm'd you ;)

shinners 10th Feb 2007 20:00

I'll go to an easyjet open day on 20th!!!!!!!

how does it work??

justlikeme 10th Feb 2007 20:00

the answer:

after two weeks i got THE CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! :E:):ok:
so im sure that they will call u soon ;)

johnezy 10th Feb 2007 21:15

places in SXF
hi there are several place available in Berlin this is due to expansion we hold open days there i haven't done one of those but the team will travel to berlin and candidate would do all the tests and group exercises one day one and then if they were successful be invited for an interview on day two. Alternatively if there aren't any open days coming up you would be invited to attend a recruitment day at Luton and do it all in one day.
hope this helps john :)

TheAnswer 10th Feb 2007 23:27

To justlikeme
2 weeks? Really? That makes me hope as I mustn't be worried.. if they didn't reject me till now it means I should get a job offer :D

To Shinners: An open day in Berlin (Palace Hotel) works that you'll have to get through the whole day concerning maths,English and ability test and group exercises. That's DAY 1.
In case of a successful outcome you'll be invited to attend an interview the following day that's DAY 2. Then.. just wait.. hoping eJ will call you before bankrupt auhauauha :D:D:D

justlikeme 11th Feb 2007 07:12

oh yes, two weeks!!!! and im so happy that i dont have to wait anymore! that was such a horrible time haha

i keep my fingers crossed for ya :)

TheAnswer 11th Feb 2007 12:30

ya cross 'em strongly ;)

Virginia 11th Feb 2007 21:38

Just to point out at LGW we get nightstops in Madrid and Milan.

stevard 11th Feb 2007 22:40

Will you get just that new uniforms of EZY when you pass? I like the old ones, so suitable for low cost and surely comfortable to wear :)

Airbourne-Adamski 12th Feb 2007 08:57

Hi Stevard

With regard to new uniforms, they are planning wearing trials over the next month or so to decide who gets the contract. Then from there its all the logistics ect of finalising everything. So I would not expect to see the uniform til summer, early summer if we are lucky. So it looks like you will start with the current uniform, (whats left of it :\ )

TheAnswer 12th Feb 2007 08:59

Are you joking? I'd rather prefer a punch in the eye than wearing the old eJ uniform auhuahuah :D:D

Airbourne-Adamski 12th Feb 2007 09:13

The Answer

Look at the bright side at least we are almost there with it. :ugh: I think the good M.D is pushing for it to be online asap. I am still unnsure about the white shirt, I used to wear one at flybe and they get dirty so easily and quickly. But must say it does look good.

TheAnswer 12th Feb 2007 13:01

Yes you're right:}

BTW today is the 12th day after my interview... I wait and wait and wait for a phone call to know whether I got it or not... I didn't think could be so horrible to wait..but in fact it is :sad: :(

esy 12th Feb 2007 13:59

I don't agree that the old uniform was so bad, it has some advantages.
What is more, white shirt isn't very good idea. It's a pity that there is almost no orange in the uniform. I think that there should be an orange shirt instead of the white one.

TheAnswer 12th Feb 2007 15:34

No doubts that the old one is a bit more comfortable but let me say that an orange shirt is quite a punch in a eye too :D :D
However the new uniform is supposed to have an orange tie therefore orange colour will be still present. About the actual one what I definitely do not like are the black trousers whilst the polo/T-shirt is ok.

esy 12th Feb 2007 15:51

Orange for a man may indeed be not too good.

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