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johnezy 6th Feb 2007 12:14

hi yeah wear what you like, as long as it's smart. ties are optional, up to you, do NOT wear jeans or trainers!! good luck :ok:

ARGON1980 7th Feb 2007 19:56

Hi can someone please tell me if easyjet do any nightstops?? If so what is the longest trip for?

johnezy 7th Feb 2007 20:02

hi i am based at Luton at the moment we do not do night stops we used to but no longer. However sometimes you may be needed to operate out of another base, so you'll be posistioned out to that base and operate for as long as they need you normally just one night. we have two types of aircraft, and unless your base has both you wont be dual rated (trained on both) so that does limit where you can work, specially at luton as we just have 737 and most bases now have A319 or a mix. S o to answer your question:

No easyjet dont do night stops

johnezy 7th Feb 2007 21:14

oh also i forgot to mention, anyone traveling to Luton for an assesment day should be aware of very heavy traffic on the M1 at J10 due to the road widening and on the road from there to the airport, they are also doing major road works there too. Expect VERY heavy delays and please do allow extra time ( i personaly would allow an extra hour or so!!). Don't want anyone to be late, as it's not really a day you want to be late on!!:)

Airbourne-Adamski 8th Feb 2007 13:24

Hi Condor

I think there is possibly plans to recruit in Oz all i can say is keep your eye on the web site, It is always updated. Good Luck

johnezy 8th Feb 2007 15:53

Hi at the moment no formal plans have been made to recruit in Oz, however the team does think that we may do this year, just don't know when. The crew that we do have from Oz are all fab so you guys do make great crew for us and have been worth while. hope this sort of helps. My advice is keep your ears open in the next few months:ok:

CS-TNP 9th Feb 2007 11:25

Thanks for the answers. Anyway didn't got the job, just fell on the second phase. About jeans, there were a guy that went in jeans and got to the third phase.

I was really myself and in the group phase was very relaxed, never shouted and even forgot that was in a recruitment assessment.

First phase was really easy. First they collected some info about passports and then put us all in a room to fill a form. Then to another room for the tests. First was the presentation and say something about EZY.

The the maths test. Increadibly easy. Then the english test, not so easy but perfectly accessible.

Break and 3 guys out. Second phase, group tests. First, groups of 5. We had laminated cards with a story of a street with 5 houses, with each resident with a certain job, house colour, pet. We had to guess wich one had a fish as a pet. Second exercise, the old sinking ship and change of groups.

I wish that all the people that went to the third phase got the job, they were amazing and met some really nice people. Innthe group stage it seemed that we've met for some many years, it was really fun.


teachin 9th Feb 2007 11:32

Yeah if you like cheap cut the corners of service and being nickeled and dimed for everything, easyJet's great, not for me at all, and I am not prepared to dance around the training school table each morning like kiddies just to satisfy the teambuilding aspects....enjoy easyJet.


TheAnswer 9th Feb 2007 12:12

O O O O... NINE days passed since my interview... hu hu hu got no phone call :-(
What do you suggest? Should I call them on monday? Or should I wait untill I'll be called??
What a luck she had told me "You'll know all in a couple of days..." :( :(
They'd be unpro if they'll tell me I'm unsuccessful after so many days waited... isn'it?
Cheers friends

CS-TNP 9th Feb 2007 13:36

Just call them to know something. Even me, that I was rejected, they sent me an email giving me some "music". So if you were successful till the end of the day why don't call them?


TheAnswer 9th Feb 2007 14:12

"music" what do you mean? How many days after your ass day were you emailed with an unsuccessfull outcome?

Commander1 9th Feb 2007 14:18

Do Easyjet ever hold interviews in Glasgow? I had applied for a base in Edinburgh not long ago and not heard back (3 weeks ago) They're not recruiting for Glasgow though. got a position with Ryanair

CS-TNP 9th Feb 2007 15:56

I was on the assessement last Wednesday. Today they sent me an email explaining why I was not accepted and bla bla bla. Nothing new, because I fell on the second stage.


TheAnswer 9th Feb 2007 16:53

So only 2 days to get the mail back... I'm sorry you didn't get through hope you can re sit and pass it in future.

johnezy 9th Feb 2007 16:58

hi commander at the moment as far as i know we don't have any recruitment day in Scotland, we do sometimes have open days (we just did one in Bristol) I don't know about glasgow having spaces at the moment, they are a very small base, however we are recruiting for edingbrough at the moment and your assesment day would be at Luton if you applied. If you decide not to then good luck at ryanair.

esy 10th Feb 2007 09:29


do you know how is the situation in Germany as far as cc recruitment is concerned (especially SXF)? I mean, do you have shortcomings of the crew there as they are always recruiting? And how often is the assesment day organised in Berlin?

Commander1 10th Feb 2007 09:53

Hi Johnezy,

Yeah I applied for Edinburgh about 2 weeks ago but not heard anything yet. Does everyone applying for Scotland bases have to go to Luton?

For everyone else, i dont think Ryanair are as bad as everyone makes out there were at least 200 people at the recent open day in Glasgow and only around 30 got accepted including myself. Its around 800 for training but so what, you gotta spend money to earn money these days and it was my goal to be cabin crew and here I am thanks to them.

My base will either be Prestwick, Barcelona, Girona or Madrid.

TheAnswer 10th Feb 2007 11:45

To esy: I have applied for Dortmund, it looks like all people who applies for a German base are requested to attend the assessment session in Berlin.
I was invited there and there was mainly German people as it looks like they reserve Berlin for foreign applicants (not English) or at least for those who didn't ask to be based in UK. My assessment session was in fact an "open day" for everybody who wanted to interact with easyJet in any way

esy 10th Feb 2007 11:59

"for everybody who wanted to interact with ezy in any way"
do you mean that there came people who hadn't even applied as well?

TheAnswer 10th Feb 2007 12:15

Whilst giving my passport at the easyJet desk one of the crew asked me "Did you apply online?" I answered "Sure, why?"... later I understood why she had asked me ;)

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