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chevvron 30th Jan 2021 06:48

RAF Henlow?

OUAQUKGF Ops 30th Jan 2021 08:24

Morning chevvron. Alas not Henlow. I'll post some more clues this evening.

Duchess_Driver 30th Jan 2021 09:17

RAF Sealand?

chevvron 30th Jan 2021 09:23

RAF Hendon?

OUAQUKGF Ops 30th Jan 2021 09:32

Sorry chaps. You are in the right country with the right heritage.

Shackman 30th Jan 2021 13:39

A manufacturing location but no longer an airfield?

Get me some traffic 30th Jan 2021 16:52

Bracebridge Heath near RAF Waddington?

OUAQUKGF Ops 30th Jan 2021 17:04




Shackman your observation is correct insamuch that it is no longer an airfield. A large area it now embraces Housing, Education, Retail , Storage and Manufacturing.

Shackman 30th Jan 2021 21:28

I'm sure I've seen it fairly recently, but can't remember where. Penderford (Wolverhampton) perhaps.

OUAQUKGF Ops 31st Jan 2021 05:52

Sorry Shackman... distant echoes of Wolverhampton perhaps but not it.


Late Nineteen-twenties - early Thirties.

Asturias56 31st Jan 2021 07:55

Originally Posted by Shackman (Post 10979912)
I'm sure I've seen it fairly recently, but can't remember where. Penderford (Wolverhampton) perhaps.

I have the same feeling - I 'm sure we came across a similar picture when searching for another challenge.......

nvubu 31st Jan 2021 09:35

That is Sidestrand Halt near Cromer, but apart from Northrepps, I can't find any airfield near Cromer :(

Max Tow 31st Jan 2021 09:41

Well, Boulton & Paul who made the Sidestrand used Mousehold Heath before moving to Penderford, so perhaps there if the railway station is an indirect clue? (and in your local area!)
OH if correct.

Self loading bear 31st Jan 2021 09:45

Edit beaten by Max:
Mousehold heath Norwich

Mousehold was also part of the Kings Cup air race 1931.
What a fabulous quest again!
What was the link with Sidestrand Hall railway station?

Edit probably one of those two hangars

nvubu 31st Jan 2021 09:51

Assuming it is in Norfolk from the railway station, the only airfield that seems to match, being active in the 1920s & 30s, and is now a housing estate and light industry, would be RFC Mousehold Heath.

Damn. beaten to it as well.

Max Tow 31st Jan 2021 10:05

Sorry guys but Shackman rang a Boulton Paul bell with Pendeford and then of course Nvubu's Sidestrand led to a search for the factory. Team effort, for sure, as with many recents on these wonderful challenges.

p.s. Looking forward to learning who is climbing out of the F2b as seems there is quite a reception group?

Shackman 31st Jan 2021 11:37

J8430 was the personal mount of HRH Prince of Wales in the late 20'/early 30's before the formation of a specific Royal Flight (and he flew in to Norwich either 1928 or 29).

OUAQUKGF Ops 31st Jan 2021 11:54

Well done chaps. Mousehold Aerodrome, Norwich it is. I thought you were going to miss the train! A few snaps to follow. Active 1915-1939. RFC First War and No3 Aircraft Acceptance Park 1917 for duration receiving aircraft from Norwich manufacturers such as Boulton and Paul and Mann Egerton among others.

The aerodrome was established on the Cavalry Training Ground.

Boulton and Paul maintained an assembly and manufacturing facility on the aerodrome until 1934 when their aviation division moved to Wolverhampton.


Boulton and Paul Air Frames were manufactured in the city. Initially at Rose Lane and then at the huge Riverside Works. They were then transported some distance to the aerodrome for assembly. A light railway was built on to the tram network at Mousehold to facilitate the transit of airframes and armaments to the aerodrome.

Leaving Riverside Circa 1924

No prizes for guessing what this is ! Later- Engine compartment Boulton and Paul P12 Bodmin.

Norfolk and Norwich Aero Club established at Aerodrome in 1927. The photograph of the Bristol Fighter depicts The Prince of Wales' personal aeroplane. I don't know when that snap was taken. However this next image was taken on July 21st 1933 on the occasion of The Prince opening The Municipal Norwich Airport. (He flew himself to the aerodrome in a DH Dragon).
Prince of Wales and Sidestrand of 101 Squadron at Norwich Aerodrome 21 June 1933. Photo credit Chaz Bowyer Collection.

Boulton and Paul a very diverse manufacturing company. This building typical of their work. Note its presence in my clue earlier.
Today this wooden built pavilion functions as an eating house.

Max Tow has declared Open House.

Finally select videos on this link:https://www.abct.org.uk/airfields/ai...heath-norwich/

siftydog 31st Jan 2021 16:05

Don't think we've had this one yet...

Asturias56 31st Jan 2021 18:19

Not as warm as it looks - are we in Europe?

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