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chevvron 10th Feb 2020 19:44

Originally Posted by ea200 (Post 10684487)
Challenging I hope, but this one shouldn't be too hard if you spot the clues.

No picture attached.

ea200 10th Feb 2020 19:51

Chevvron, picture is at post 18313.

Max Tow 11th Feb 2020 01:49

Originally Posted by ea200 (Post 10684640)
Chevvron, picture is at post 18313.

Meribel? OH if correct, but I think Harry W deserves the credit!

Harry Wayfarers 11th Feb 2020 08:32

Originally Posted by Max Tow (Post 10684812)
Meribel? OH if correct, but I think Harry W deserves the credit!

Don't worry about me, I'm in a hotel getting p1ssed at the moment, carry on without me!

ea200 11th Feb 2020 17:12

Time expired. I can confirm that Max Tow has it with Meribel Altiport and has declared open house. Take it steady Harry!

Meribel today.


dook 11th Feb 2020 17:54

I think he's going to need standard spin recovery....

full opposite bedpost and sheets going forward until rotation stops with, if necessary, a touch of inspin beside light

ea200 11th Feb 2020 19:27

Good advice. Not forgetting of course to close the bottle first. ;)

Asturias56 12th Feb 2020 07:53

An early coloured picture


dook 12th Feb 2020 09:06

Judging by the uniforms and the blue sky it looks WW2 and somewhere warm.

Asturias56 12th Feb 2020 09:20

Not sure about the exact date but definitely not the arctic regions......................

dook 12th Feb 2020 09:23

I think it's a DC3.

Self loading bear 12th Feb 2020 10:54

Why did you crop the Brit out of the picture?


Asturias56 12th Feb 2020 15:09

To irritate Quem and to make it a little bit harder................ :E if he IS a brit of course


Asturias56 12th Feb 2020 15:21

Still in use!!!


dook 12th Feb 2020 16:23

Anything to do with "over the hump" ?

Asturias56 12th Feb 2020 16:50

I don't think so but its been a major field for some time......

dook 12th Feb 2020 17:10

Do I see a Wapiti ?

dook 12th Feb 2020 17:20

This is your Wapiti. It's an Indian one so I think the challenge is in India.

Now have to find out where it was.


dook 12th Feb 2020 17:31

It was one of the Coastal Defence Flights.

Self loading bear 12th Feb 2020 19:19

Originally Posted by dook (Post 10686155)
It was one of the Coastal Defence Flights.

I hope this is not blamed on the pilot/navigator?

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