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Self loading bear 22nd Jun 2020 22:05

Absera/Bishoftu South East of Addis Ababa?

Self loading bear 22nd Jun 2020 22:11

On second thought I think Copperbelt International airport in Zambia is a better fit.

nvubu 22nd Jun 2020 22:19

Not Ethiopia or Zambia.

There was quite a big clue in my post #19058 as to a source of funding, which might narrow down the possible countries. Remember all of my images are from the last few months - so no runway yet.


India Four Two 23rd Jun 2020 02:49

This one, near Hoima in Uganda?


Senior Pilot 23rd Jun 2020 05:36

Originally Posted by nvubu (Post 10816645)
Is it just me or has all the functionality gone from the reply/advanced.

I don't see any formatting options, or any options at all, and the "source" button - which is how I add my images from onedrive - is no longer visible.

Got round the image "issue" by pasting the path, preview, changed the url & /url to [img] & [/img]

nvubu would you raise your problems in PPRuNe Problems and Queries please?

The current functionality is a constant problem which is raised by Mods but generally ignored/rejected by IB management. The more posts about formatting, etc, the more likely to get a response :ok:

nvubu 23rd Jun 2020 08:20

India Four Two has it. It has a couple of names either Hoima International Airport or Kabaale International Airport.

Unlike most of the other infrastructure projects in Uganda (Africa) this isn't being built by the Chinese, but rather by a joint venture between a Ugandan company and a UK based one - hence the JCB rather than a Chinese knockoff.

It literally is in the middle of nowhere population wise and isn't (initially) for tourists, but rather as the article above mentioned for the oil industry that has been growing steadily over the years.

Apologies for the not yet an airport challenge, but thought it was interesting when I came across it - while looking for other challenges in Uganda.

Over to you India.

India Four Two 23rd Jun 2020 14:05

Thanks nvubu. I had never heard of it. An interesting story. No need to apologise for the “not yet an airport”. ;)

I’m responding from my phone and don’t have access to the “Quizzes” folder on my laptop, so Open House.

India Four Two 24th Jun 2020 07:06

I'm back on my computer. Here's another in the extensive series "Airfields I have flown into!" :


... although I was in an F28.

Self loading bear 24th Jun 2020 10:31

Looks like the ESSO Convair
Then probably Libia
But where?
edit: first stab is Benghazi

kenparry 24th Jun 2020 12:56

Sarir, Libya? Oiled strip in the boondocks, way south of Tobruk

India Four Two 24th Jun 2020 15:12

... and I thought the Convair was sufficiently anonymous to not worry about disguising it!

Yes, it’s Libya, but not Benghazi or Sarir.

The runway was hard-surfaced when I went there in the late 80s. The facilities these days are definitely an improvement:


PS I wasn't sure if this was a photo of the new terminal or a 3D rendering of the proposed terminal. Then I saw the 380 in the background, which definitely confirms it is a rendering!

Self loading bear 24th Jun 2020 16:54

Marsa El Brega
Clearly a rendering with too much clouds.

India Four Two 24th Jun 2020 20:20

Slb is correct. Marsa El Brega in the SE corner of the Gulf of Sirte.


I was in a group that was visiting the Sirte Oil Company in the late 80s. Confusingly, Sirte Oil is based here and not in the town of Sirte.

We were told that the north end of the runway had recently been extended out onto the “sabkha” by building a 20’ high embankment. The extension was to accommodate Ghaddafi’s 707.

We stayed in Ghadaffi’s “guest house” which was surprisingly austere.

The best thing about my one week trip was getting on the Swissair DC-9 to take us out of Libya. The cabin crew refused to get out of the aircraft during the turnaround!

Slb has control.

Self loading bear 24th Jun 2020 21:08

Thanks India,

In the Netherlands we know Esso from the petrol stations.
I thought a long time that outside the Netherlands it was all switched to Exxon quite a while back.
Some time back I found that in Oil production and tanker trade Esso was also used as an brand name much longer.

Esso aircraft gave the Convair as first hit.

Now this one in my English sports series:


dixi188 27th Jun 2020 13:16

Are we round the back of Birmingham, UK?

Self loading bear 27th Jun 2020 15:19

Originally Posted by dixi188 (Post 10822756)
Are we round the back of Birmingham, UK?

I was referring to English sports being played overseas (from your point of view) so not UK.

Shackman 27th Jun 2020 15:40

I would suggest the Scots might get a bit upset calling Golf an 'English' game!

sycamore 27th Jun 2020 19:11

Might suggest that it`s a `slice`,and gone into the bushes,judging by his stance...or maybe he`s just `winding-up` to throw the club after the ball....

JENKINS 27th Jun 2020 20:07

Not a golfer, socially unacceptable! Do I detect RAF Transport Command uniform, with black shoes of course?

India Four Two 28th Jun 2020 03:08

That looks like an American radar tower.

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