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Self loading bear 1st Jan 2020 16:28

Originally Posted by Asturias56 (Post 10651541)
yes its Yaonde - over to Bear

I am afraid EvansB has had a slight fit over the carpet. ;) ;)
I found the same edge pattern of the red carpet at the popeís visit:

New challenge coming up is a few hours.

Self loading bear 1st Jan 2020 18:23

The next challenge is to my liking and to another regular posterís liking:


Kemble Pitts 1st Jan 2020 19:29

UK, ex-FAA as it looks like four runways (one hidden in the grass), plus Robbin(?) hangars in the old technical area. Apart from that I'm stuck.

Self loading bear 1st Jan 2020 20:22

All good answers.
Let throw in some aircraft ID:

Kit Sanbumps KG 1st Jan 2020 20:23

St Merryn of course...

Self loading bear 1st Jan 2020 20:48

I would have expected MReyn24050 to drop by.
I never would have thought to find an airfield with my First name; Merijn.
But finding one being a saint is way to much.

Kit has control.
(I answered your pm, i cannot open the link)

Kit Sanbumps KG 1st Jan 2020 21:01

Roger. Open house I’m afraid. I’ll attend to that tomorrow.

Asturias56 3rd Jan 2020 07:55

OK - over 24 hours gone - here's another relatively modern (less than 50 years old) spot


chevvron 3rd Jan 2020 09:35

Originally Posted by Kit Sanbumps KG (Post 10651709)
St Merryn of course...

Arthur C Clarke based his docu/novel 'Glidepath' at a Cornish airfield called 'St Erryn'; could this have been the same place? Was he based at St Merryn?

Asturias56 3rd Jan 2020 09:45


At 17 he joined the British Interplanetary Society, an organisation then widely regarded as crackpot, but of which he was later to be treasurer and, eventually, chairman.

In the civil service his mathematical ability took him into the audit branch. But, after the outbreak of the second world war, he opted to join the RAF where, via electronics training, he became an instructor at radio school. Finally he went to work on the development and proving of American ground control approach - talk-down - radar at Davidstow Moor in north Cornwall, a system which pilots never liked because it robbed them of control until the last moments.

Self loading bear 3rd Jan 2020 12:27

Originally Posted by Asturias56 (Post 10652607)
OK - over 24 hours gone - here's another relatively modern (less than 50 years old) spot


Probably your own photo? Which I always appreciate!
But not much to go on.
Except that we can rule out the Netherlands and Sr Merryn
Do you have more clues?

dixi188 3rd Jan 2020 12:37

Is that a Flybe Dash 8?

(No, can't be, it's too clean)

Asturias56 3rd Jan 2020 12:59

No pictures of the Pope's carpet here Bear.... dixi is correct as to aircraft type and also that it's far too clean to be Flybe - which is a clue in it's own right....... :ok:


SMOKEON 3rd Jan 2020 17:06

Tsushima Yamaneko Airport

Asturias56 4th Jan 2020 08:00

Yes - far away off japan - some very interesting scenery around there....... Over to Smokeon


SMOKEON 4th Jan 2020 09:46

Thank you. Open House.

India Four Two 6th Jan 2020 03:33

Here's an easy one to keep things going. I've always liked the runway symmetry at this airport.


evansb 6th Jan 2020 06:40

Edmonton International Airport, CYEG, Alberta, Canada.

Asturias56 6th Jan 2020 13:08

In summer too!!! :E

evansb 6th Jan 2020 18:49

Do I wait for India Four Two's go ahead, or do I post a new challenge?

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