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SMOKEON 19th Jul 2020 10:09

Thank you,nvubu.

Flap40 28th Jul 2020 19:34

This should be an easy one for some.


jensdad 29th Jul 2020 18:45

The only airfield I know with a water tower bang on the extended centreline is Guernsey :)

Flap40 29th Jul 2020 18:46

I said it would be easy!

jensdad 29th Jul 2020 18:58

I'm amazed it took so long, with some esteemed contributors from the Channel Islands who lurk around these pages...

Here's another airfield of these islands that might not last long. Some of it might even have gone already, I'm not sure...

Flap40 29th Jul 2020 19:56

That's only a few miles from where i'm currently sitting.

I'll leave it for someone else.

jensdad 29th Jul 2020 21:14

Very gracious of you, flap!

jensdad 2nd Aug 2020 18:20

Is anyone out there?
To sum up previous clues: it's in the same group of islands that I live in, and flap lives near there.

jensdad 2nd Aug 2020 18:21

And it's featured here before...

Self loading bear 5th Aug 2020 14:09

Edinburgh Turnhouse

jensdad 5th Aug 2020 20:03

Absolutely correct, SLB. I think my last challenge on here was from the same airfield. I need to get out more :)
You have control...

Self loading bear 5th Aug 2020 21:51

Thanks, not so very easy when you do not have the residence of Flap.

something different:


India Four Two 5th Aug 2020 22:26

Tropics. SE Asia. Possibly driving on the left. Malaysia?

jensdad 5th Aug 2020 23:00

Is that a (upside-down) Gabonese flag hanging from the lamppost? If so I'll take a shot at Libreville.I'm also thinking the Michelin advert might point to somewhere in the francosphere...

jensdad 5th Aug 2020 23:01

Although the airport sign is in Anglais, so maybe not. Hmmm.

chevvron 6th Aug 2020 03:59

Originally Posted by jensdad (Post 10854078)
Absolutely correct, SLB. I think my last challenge on here was from the same airfield. I need to get out more :)
You have control...

That VCR (glasshouse) was originally on the tower at Blackbushe, being moved to Edinburgh after the MoA summariily closed Blackbushe in May 1960.

descol 6th Aug 2020 07:03

Looks like Kigali ?

Self loading bear 6th Aug 2020 11:19

Descol has it with Kigali Rwanda.
flag has same colors as Gabon.
Rightside of the road driving.
Previously a Belgian colony, French is the 2nd official language.

descol 6th Aug 2020 11:32

thanks SLB - nothing available at present - open house

mgahan 6th Aug 2020 21:31

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Should b a quick one.

Still in use but with considerable expansion.

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