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Jhieminga 6th Jun 2020 20:38

Nice photo from earlier times at Gilze-Rijen!

Self loading bear 6th Jun 2020 20:41

Jelle on the ball!
Would it have been more difficult if I had posted this one first?


Jhieminga 7th Jun 2020 10:36

I must say that the NF-5 helped a lot :p The interesting question is: what was the reaction from the cyclist on the left of your first image. It would appear that he/she is past the traffic lights...

Open house by the way, I've got loads of bad shots taken from various aircraft but not a lot that would make an interesting challenge.

OUAQUKGF Ops 7th Jun 2020 16:57

Forgive me if this has been featured before.

OUAQUKGF Ops 8th Jun 2020 15:29

Clue: And The Wall Came Tumbling Down..........


Allan Lupton 8th Jun 2020 15:46

That'd be Jericho International then!

Self loading bear 8th Jun 2020 16:03

Originally Posted by Allan Lupton (Post 10805897)
That'd be Jericho International then!

with the famous Babylon control tower

OUAQUKGF Ops 8th Jun 2020 16:25

Sorry I don't have much of a sense of humour. Can't stand those bratwursts playing around on that 'Gate Guardian' Halifax.

OUAQUKGF Ops 8th Jun 2020 19:15

Perhaps this will help?

dash7fan 8th Jun 2020 21:10

Berlin Tegel ?

OUAQUKGF Ops 8th Jun 2020 21:59

Well done. Tegel it is. Construction commenced 5th August 1948 - Operations commenced 5th November 1948. I suspect this image is of the formal opening which I believe took place in December 1948 . Concrete was not available so bricks and rubble from the ruins of Berlin was compacted and topped with tarmac for the runway ,taxiways and aprons.

dash7fan 9th Jun 2020 20:20

Thanks, the new challange


mustbeaboeing 10th Jun 2020 08:43

Lorient Lann Bihoue LFRH LRT en France

Open House if correct

G-ARZG 10th Jun 2020 08:58

KOPF Opa Locka, Florida... Lockheed Constitution
I saw this 'off airport' near OPF in 1978

OH if correct

dash7fan 10th Jun 2020 14:42

GZG correct, OH

mgahan 10th Jun 2020 21:42

1 Attachment(s)
This airport is still operating, but with a different "owner" since the days when this picture was taken .


mgahan 11th Jun 2020 20:37

About a decade later I had a similar view (without the DC6) and saw aircraft takeoff to drop 500lb bombs just behind the hill in the middle distance.


JENKINS 11th Jun 2020 21:07


mgahan 11th Jun 2020 22:40

1 Attachment(s)
Certainly is Butterworth. circa 1967. The next clue was to be the attached shot of a Lancaster, with a red kangaroo tag.

I spent three years and one hour there 1975-78. The outbound charter (QF 166 -a B707) was delayed six hours and the one hour was critical as it made me eligible for Malaysian tax. .

Officiated at a couple of ejections from RAAF Mirage during my tour, one as tower controller and one as the traffic director using the AR1 feeding to two finals controllers using SLA3/C. Both pilots suffered only minor injuries. The first had been a year ahead of me at school and when I turned around to tell the supervisor about the second I came face to face with the pilots wife who was part of "Ladies night Flying Tour".!


JENKINS 12th Jun 2020 13:15

Thanks. Pan Am R and R flights interesting. I gather that aircraft joining downwind from the range at Butterworth may have caused Air Traffic problems.

Try this: I have very limited facilities, self and machine, but I hope not too easy. My father ended his military career ici many years ago.

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