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Self loading bear 13th Jan 2020 20:01

Singapore and Hongkong might be too obvious.
HMS Eagle Sea Kings rescued crew of SS Steel Vendor and delivered them to Subic bay Philippines

dook 13th Jan 2020 20:49

The hill profile is at RAF Kai Tak.

dook 13th Jan 2020 20:52


John Eacott 14th Jan 2020 01:53

Originally Posted by Haven't a clue (Post 10661348)
Looks a bit like Lion Rock in the background. Kai Tak? But the perspective seems wrong.

Originally Posted by dook (Post 10662106)
The hill profile is at RAF Kai Tak.

It is indeed, RAF Kai Tak where I went to pick up some stragglers when Eagle left for the last time on 27th October 1971. Honkers was a very different place then, and we had a fairly free rein flying around doing various jobs such as lifting equipment to a remote island for the RE to build a water purification plant for the village, same for a lighthouse on the edge of the New Territories with a Chinese gunboat tracking us with the AA to ensure we stayed on our side, landing on the Blue Star ferry pier, etc.

Line ball between Haven't a clue as first in, refined by dook with the actual strip. I hereby nominate dook to carry the torch to the next location :ok:

ps this was the return to Eagle from HK, and a flypast for the Governor where we had half a dozen Sea Kings: 100% serviceability wasn't unusual! :cool:



dook 14th Jan 2020 09:26

Thank you JE - a great challenge.

I feel I should offer this to Haven't a clue. If he is unable to take the baton then I will call OH to give the "international" players an opportunity.


Haven't a clue 14th Jan 2020 18:39

Thanks dook; my apologies to all for being tardy in responding but I have been in a car, departure lounge, an aeroplane, several trains and (sorry) a restaurant.

I'm in the air again tomorrow (I'll be close to Kai Tak for the next week), so regrettably it has to be OH.

dook 14th Jan 2020 18:42

Mind the girly bars then...….

nvubu 15th Jan 2020 19:21

As we are on an Open House and I'm currently going through the 2019 posts updating the Aerodrome list, I thought I'd set this challenge.


Self loading bear 15th Jan 2020 21:43

From the Seebee’s book you have?

nvubu 16th Jan 2020 06:53

Certainly is the Seebees. You now just gave to discover where it is.

I was going to start with these two images



dook 16th Jan 2020 08:23

Suspect the Admiralties - somewhere like Pityilu maybe.

nvubu 16th Jan 2020 11:47

I had to look up the Admiralty Islands, and I can confirm that this airfield isn't there.

dook 16th Jan 2020 12:56

Marianas any closer ?

nvubu 16th Jan 2020 13:05

Yes the Marianas are closer.

dook 16th Jan 2020 14:29

Palmyra atoll ?

Asturias56 16th Jan 2020 14:30

Palau perhaps?

nvubu 16th Jan 2020 14:49

Blimey, Palmyra is in the middle of nowhere isn't it. Not Palau either.

Looks like some wide open spaces there - once they got rid of the huts.

dook 16th Jan 2020 14:56

Is the surface coral ?

Angaur possibly.

nvubu 16th Jan 2020 15:57

Yes, a coral surface, but not at Angaur (had to look that one up as well)

dook 16th Jan 2020 16:14

Near Guam ?

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