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Asturias56 2nd Dec 2018 17:10

A very long way from the Basque country......


Cows getting bigger 2nd Dec 2018 17:31

Well, that's a Sigma IL76. They do quite a bit of Antarctic stuff from South America.

dook 2nd Dec 2018 17:38

But he's said it's a long way from Argentina.

jensdad 2nd Dec 2018 17:49

Amazed how quickly this thread moves these days. Trying hard to think of a bilingual, partially Spanish-speaking territory a long way from Asturias and Argentina that isn't in the tropics. Depends what you mean by 'a long way'... Catalonia or Galicia is a canny hike from Asturias Airport if you're walking? :)

kaikohe76 2nd Dec 2018 17:52

Canaries perhaps, one most of us have not visited yet?

Cows getting bigger 2nd Dec 2018 18:04

Mataveri International. Chile, but rather a long way from Argentina. :)

Sorry about font size, computer is having a moment.

Asturias56 2nd Dec 2018 18:14

Cows has it!!

Mataveri International Airport or Isla de Pascua Airport (IATA: IPC, ICAO: SCIP) is located at Hanga Roa on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) - which belongs to Chile - they speak Spanish and Rapa Nui (which is close to Maori)

the SIgma Il-76 was on its way to Punta Arenas for the start of the 2018/19 Antarctic summer season


Cows getting bigger 2nd Dec 2018 18:21

It's an OH I'm afraid. Off on my travels tomorrow morning; should have some interesting challenges when I get back.

dook 2nd Dec 2018 18:25

Where are you going ? :E

dook 2nd Dec 2018 18:31

Well. after all that chasing around I'll sit back.


Asturias56 2nd Dec 2018 18:38

Fog - LHR???

dook 2nd Dec 2018 18:48

Heathrow has two runways.

India Four Two 2nd Dec 2018 19:31

... and no trees! :)

kaikohe76 3rd Dec 2018 02:38

Not unlike Souda Bay in Crete as I remember it, but likely too much greenery & would be more adjacent to the high ground.

Asturias56 3rd Dec 2018 07:32

That fog looks like the Harmattan; the desert fog you get along the south side of the Sahara in "winter"

If so N Nigeria????

dook 3rd Dec 2018 08:56

Not Crete and we are not in Africa.

Asturias56 3rd Dec 2018 11:21

South Asia?? Smoggy so maybe Malaysia??

dook 3rd Dec 2018 11:29

Now we're getting close. Go north.

There is a way to find it according to Rudyard Kipling.

Asturias56 3rd Dec 2018 11:39

Too flat for Kathmandu & Mad Carrew

but it could be Janakpur......................

dook 3rd Dec 2018 11:47

You've gone too far north.

Rudyard Kipling lyrics.

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