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roulette 15th Jul 2012 06:22

The RAAF might take you on, but not necessarily as an ATC... but worth following up.
Airservices used to have short-course MIL ATC conversion courses (on the presumption you were coming from the RAAF). Not sure if that is still the case, but in any case if you're already licensed as MIL ATC that would ordinarily be taken into consideration and would surpass "new school leaver type" fundamental qualification requirements. So, don't despair. Suggest you also try to speak to people over the telephone rather than simply trying to chase via email.

5miles 16th Jul 2012 10:47

JaeJae r.e overtime - h#ll yes we do. Its paid at 1.97 (or 1.87) of your normal pay rate,
Actually 1.85

Pauloswindon 16th Jul 2012 18:19

Roulette, SpankyRooster.

Thanks for the info. Very helpful!

JaeJae 20th Jul 2012 05:21

Thats a great o/t rate.

Anyone else starting en-route September 17 in Melbourne?

Or anyone know of any accomodation close to the centre?

Code89 20th Jul 2012 08:06

My application Current status has changed to "Application Outcome", is it good or bad?:confused:

canadiangal75 20th Jul 2012 08:17

I'm guessing you'll get an email or a phone call soon. Good luck with the outcome.. Mine still says online tests completed...

Code89 23rd Jul 2012 01:41

got the email as unsuccessful..... i guess its plan B till 30 Apr 2013 (11:55pm) Aus. Eastern Standard Time

anyway i would like to thank everyone in this forum for guiding me as well as members who shared their knowledge and experiences.:ok:


TOUCH-AND-GO 23rd Jul 2012 04:47

got the email as unsuccessful..... i guess its plan B till 30 Apr 2013 (11:55pm) Aus. Eastern Standard Time
Sorry to hear, wish you all the best for the future though! Did you go through the Assessment phase? How was it?

I recently sent my application few days back, any idea on what the time frame is to expect a response?

Thanks T&G! :ok:

Code89 24th Jul 2012 00:18

went till the assessment, exhaustive day carry some pain killers incase you develop a headache (as i did). i now realize there was nothing i could prepare for the day as once your there everythings so fast that things just have to be second nature. i almost had a month between each response so yes the process is long, i applied in FEB results in JUL

yes i have asked for the feedback and certainly will re-apply since i have promised the lady in the phone interview that i would and i dont like to break promises;)
i guess now i have a year to transform myself from a NON-ATC person to a ATC person. just need to know is the process same and will i be starting right from the begining?

anyway thanks for the advice, appreciate it


barberwi 25th Jul 2012 09:48

Hey guys,

I just completed my online assessment, i thought it went pretty well, although was tricky in some parts.

My main concern about getting through, is that i have a DUI conviction (not criminal) about 4 years ago (when i was 19), does this rule me out automatically?
I have gone through the process and undertaken the courses to get my licence back and have been scotch free since (lesson learnt). I have a PPL and class 2 medical and go for the occasional flight.

shack87 27th Jul 2012 13:52

hey guys,
I was just offered a spot on the enroute course in melbourne, starting january 7th, and found out from the lady I spoke with, that they don't have any more brisbane courses planned.
Also have a quick question for those who have been to the training centre in melb. What's the easiest wayyy to travel there? Car, bus train? It would be good to know if a car is essential there or not!

ReefToppy 27th Jul 2012 23:09

Car very essential

stevep64 28th Jul 2012 00:08

Reeftoppy is right. The Airservices compound is on the opposite side of the airport to the terminals, in the middle of nowhere :)

One of the guys in my intake lives in Tullamarine and cycles to work, but it's a hell of a ride, especially with the wind blowing straight down Operations Road.

Airservices will pay for accommodation at the Quest Flemington for your first week. You'll need to find somewhere to live in that time if you're moving to Melbourne.

Fifi-J 28th Jul 2012 06:36

first week assessment
Hey guys,
Im starting the enroute course on Monday - does anyone know how far into the first week they test your pre-course knowledge? I haven't even started yet and I'm studying my ass off... :{

stevep64 28th Jul 2012 07:11

We did it on the Monday of the second week, other courses did theirs on the Friday of the first week I believe. If they follow the same timetable as us, you'll be doing a whole day of online corporate induction on the first Friday :bored:

cadetkid 28th Jul 2012 09:29

Fifi, Ive been studying my ass off too :P Ive done everything except for the aerodynamics chapter now, which is what tomorrow is devoted to (leaving the biggest till last haha). Then throughout the week I can just keep refreshing myself on it so it all comes together for the day they test us.

television 28th Jul 2012 11:20

do not worry about the first test. it is almost meaningless. in fact a lot of the 8 weeks theory you will forget straight after. things like reading atis, ttf, notam etc, standard phraseology, airspace knowledge, the more you can know before sim the better.

shack87 28th Jul 2012 12:39

Did you guys get given some pre course study material? I was told we wouldn't get anything prior to our start date.

Fifi-J 28th Jul 2012 13:21

shack87 - we were mailed out a USB stick with a whole bunch of info and all the aviation reference manuals. There is a pre course study guide/suggestion you get as well, which gives you a guideline on what to read up on and familiarise yourself with before you start. Word of warning - if you choose to get it all printed out and bound into the seperate manuals it will cost you close to $300! Theres around 2800 pages :s
I got mine about 3/4 weeks ago and I start on monday (enroute)

Fatty182 28th Jul 2012 20:13

I only printed out the pages mentioned in the study guide, which in some cases, was like 10% of an entire chapter :P Plus I did it at work, so it didn't cost me anything fortunately!

All the previous comments are correct, the initial test is just to gauge where people are at and who might need a little extra help in the theory block, and they reteach everything over the first 8 weeks anyway. One person on our course never looked at the pre material, barely looked at the books at the college, and still passed :P Not saying that's the way to do it, just an indication :P

canadiangal75 30th Jul 2012 09:16

Online Tests
Has anyone from the July 15th deadline for online tests heard anything yet?

partridge42 1st Aug 2012 07:53

A quick question for those at the academy (and apologies if this has been answered) - what is the scheduling like for the course? Is it similar to, say, a school term with ten weeks on, one off etc?

stevep64 1st Aug 2012 08:32

I think that's actually a new question for a change :ok:

I'm in my 10th week now (I think, I've lost count). The enroute guys (and girl) have started their sim stuff, we tower guys have another week of theory at the academy, then almost a week at the BoM training school. After that, I know not what, but it won't be a break. It'll most likely be in the sim.

Pretty much the only breaks you will get will be public holidays and the week between Christmas and new year while you're training. Once you start, don't plan on going on holidays until after you rate.

Fatty182 1st Aug 2012 12:32

Yep, that's how it works, only real break you get is the week between Christmas and New Years, and the public holidays of course.

le Pingouin 1st Aug 2012 14:37

Once you start, don't plan on going on holidays until after you rate.
And ideally not for at least several months after that to allow consolidation. Assuming you can even get leave. After rating you get checked again at 3 months and at 6 months, with no allowance really possible for any time away. It's a long hard slog that's for sure, particularly if things don't go smoothly.

thequestor2000 2nd Aug 2012 03:33

....and this is why I have 2 holidays booked prior to my start date in January...you can never be too careful!

kiwi chick 18th Aug 2012 04:18

Melb Enroute
Hi guys and girls ;)

I'm starting on the 17th September on the Melbourne Enroute course (72), JaeJae looks like we might be course mates.

Re the timing of everything, Skyflyz pretty much told my story!

I did the Assessment Centre in Sydney on the 6th March, and I was told I was successful on the 29th May (I remember the phone call very vividly!).

I too had been told on the assessment day that I should hear within three weeks, so it was a little disconcerting but I remained positive and figured "no news is good news".

I received my memory stick in yesterday's mail and I'm slightly panicked by the sheer volume of stuff. But, hey... one page at a time right?

Would like to hear from anyone else on my course, and JaeJae... were you by chance at my assessment day? Cos I think I know who you are :ok:

cadetkid 18th Aug 2012 05:03

Kiwichick, dont stress too much about the sheer volume of stuff. Just concentrate on the areas it lists in the study guide which is on your usb as well. If you can get a handle on that stuff you will be fine. You will do a test at the end of your first week on the content, but its pretty easy, all multiple choice and doesnt actually count for anything anyway, its just designed to see where your at! To put it in perspective on the course I am on one guy didnt start studying until the week we actually started because he was too busy trying to move house and he still did really well with the exam at the end of the first week :)

kiwi chick 19th Aug 2012 09:05

Thanks Cadetkid! I must admit it's a little less daunting when I break it down chapter-by-chapter, rather than look at the 2,168 pages as a whole, lol.

How many people are generally on each course, is there a rough average?

KC :)

stevep64 19th Aug 2012 10:01

How many people are generally on each course, is there a rough average?
Enroute, there are usually 8-10, anymore than that the sims start to get a bit full. One of the current courses got split into two for that reason. Tower is usually four people. You'll probably start off with a combined enroute and tower group, then split after about 10 weeks.

kiwi chick 19th Aug 2012 10:23

Thanks Steve :)

That sounds like a good number. Plenty of people to bounce ideas/get help off; not to many to make it a distraction in class.

Just trolling my way through the ARM now, but dammit Kath & Kim keep making me watch them.... :E

stevep64 19th Aug 2012 10:52

There's lots of kiwis at the academy, you'll be in good company :)

kiwi chick 20th Aug 2012 10:16

Whaaaaat? I moved over here to get away from them all


stevep64 20th Aug 2012 10:21

Dare I say it, if your profile is correct, you'll be the oldest ab initio "chick" at the academy :ok:

kiwi chick 21st Aug 2012 07:16

Haha, I thought I might be! :}

I was the oldest chick on my Air Force recruit course too (actually oldest person full stop...) so I got lots of practice talking "young people".

I feel hip and cool, but my daughters continue to tell me otherwise. :eek:

Is your age correct Steve, and are you on course at the moment?

stevep64 21st Aug 2012 07:34

Is your age correct Steve, and are you on course at the moment?
It is and I am. All the guys on my course are young enough to be my sons :\

kiwi chick 21st Aug 2012 07:49

LMAO!! (See, I know what that < means...)

I totally understand! I actually feel so old... :eek:

Ilves76 22nd Aug 2012 06:20

Age is nothing but a number
Hi kiwi chick and stevep64,
good to hear its not impossible to make it now that Supa Oldies tournaments are my remaining age group for sports...:ok:

I did my assessment day in Brisbane earlier this year and was offered a place in MEL in Aug-Sept. However, I had to decline that offer and wait for the next course in Brisbane - supposed to start in May next year. Hope it does, I'm too old to wait much longer !

Is anyone else waiting for the Brisbane course yet? Someone wrote recently having been told over the phone there are no courses planned for Brisbane....?? Hope that's a misunderstanding:ooh:

slscrockatt 22nd Aug 2012 09:38

Hey Guys

How long did your medical take to process?

kiwi chick 22nd Aug 2012 10:23

Hey Sls :)

Firstly, do you know how lucky you are?!! If you did your assessment in mid-July and you've found out already that you're in, BOY oh BOY have you been spared some suffering an anxiety, lol! :D

Those of us that applied around the March-mark were unfortunately caught up in staffing/training/management problems (apparently) and had to wait two agonising months, haha! :{

My medical came back really quickly, in less than two weeks - but I was trying my hardest to get on the July Brisbane course so I was hounding and HOUNDING them about it every second day :)

Sadly... I was still to late for July! :eek:

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