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mrtwister 2nd Jun 2009 07:24

I contacted recruitment re the April statement. It was supposed to be end of JUNE.

Salinger 2nd Jun 2009 23:02

gemmy: I got an email in April syaing I has made it past the interview and that my referees were not going to be contacted yet, but I had made the Order of Merit list.... And that they would be in touch before July....

And then I got the email telling me they were contacting my referees and would be in touch before the end of April... which mrtwister has kindly informed me was supposed to be June! (phew)

Not long to wait now... Seems like a few of us have made it this far, I wonder how many they cut during the testing and interview phases?

gemmy 9th Jun 2009 09:48

Toboto - Heard anything back yet? I'm still waiting!

Toboto 10th Jun 2009 02:54

Hallo Gemmy, I was just about to post the same question? Still haven't heard a peep, maybe after they clear up other candidates references from other states they will contact melbourne interviewee's, it can only be closer and closer until the day they contact us!!

gemmy 10th Jun 2009 08:24

Hmmm so the waiting game continues for us!! I thought I was all alone ;-)

I know some people in Melbs have heard back.. I was Syd, so who knows. Could be alphabetical order??

V11 10th Jun 2009 11:54

Not alone. I am another who p a t i e n t l y waits. Pretty sure its not alphabetical. I'm hoping its 'no news is good news' for Melbourne interviews. Has anyone out there had a successful Melbourne interview?

Toboto 15th Jun 2009 05:43

Hey guess what peeps still havn't heard anything back 6 weeks since interview, I emailed ASA apparently everyone should have heard back already, apprently its being looked into, i'm not holding my breath, if they forgot to notify me i don't hold much hope.....

gemmy 15th Jun 2009 07:36

Hey Toboto... there a quite a few of us who haven't heard back. SO you are not alone. Good on you for emailing them though, I was about to do the same. I'd just like to know so I can get on with Plan B if I was unsuccessful.

gemmy 15th Jun 2009 07:52

So I just contacted AsA - not all emails have been sent out yet for some reasons that can not be disclosed. We should hear in the very near future!!

Hang in there!

jrbridge 15th Jun 2009 08:19

Well folks, started the course today. Whoah. Full on is an understatement!
Second day is the first test with tests virtually every week. They said it's like fitting a 3 year university course into 10 months. However only about 60% will make it past the field training. We have 8 in our course so it's pretty scary times. Maybe all of us will pass. Massive amounts of reading and reference material was given to us, about 2 trees worth I think. Time to knuckle down I guess.

Good luck.

gemmy 19th Jun 2009 07:55

Hey JRBridge...
So did you survive the first week??? We are all still patiently waiting with baited breath to hear back on how we all went with our interviews... !!
No doubt you have earnt a few quiet beers tonight after this week hey ;-)

jrbridge 19th Jun 2009 12:37

Well, survived the first week. Starting to come to terms with the college routine. The pressure is extremely high to pass, with a workload that far exceeds what I expected. We have had 2 exams already. The instructors have all been really good. Very knowledgable and just there to help you in any way they can. We don't start our simulator based traing for another 3 weeks, thats when it gets serious. I'll keep you informed.

Salinger 21st Jun 2009 14:33

Thanks for the update, JR!

Lots of homework involved, I guess?

I'm awaiting the results of my referee checks... both have been contacted.
I'm about fit to burst with anticipation!

Keep us posted, JR, nice to hear what we could be in for!

Toboto 22nd Jun 2009 01:19

Seven weeks today since interview:ugh:

jrbridge 22nd Jun 2009 09:02

Won't be long once the referee checks have been done.

gemmy 22nd Jun 2009 09:08

I'm hearing you Toboto !! Let's just hope that no news = good news!!

melbATC 22nd Jun 2009 09:28

don't worry, it took 12 weeks from my interview, then they usually give you three months notice before your start date.:)

Toboto 26th Jun 2009 03:48

Hallo all finally heard some thing back from ASA yippie !!!! turns out i'm on an order of merit list (good news!!) and i will be contacted just before my referees will and then have to wait another 4 weeks until I hear whether i will be made an offer of employment, the thing thats sucks is course won't be until 2010 and they don't even know when? I was really looking forward to starting in september if i get through, anyone else heard back???

gemmy 26th Jun 2009 09:27

Congrats Toboto.. Yep, I too got the exact same email. !!! The waiting game now continues AGAIN! haha.

I was told in the interview that If I were successful it would most likely be for a 2010 course, so I was prepared for the wait. She said it would possibly be in March.

WOOHOOO.. one step closer for us!!

V11 26th Jun 2009 12:07

Yep, got the email also. Yay! Congrats Toboto and Gemma.
Great to finally know we made it through the interview process, hears hoping for March http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/sr...lies/wink2.gif

gemmy 27th Jun 2009 03:39

Well done V11.. now we'll most likely have to sit & wait for about another 4mths until we hear anything again :-(

mrtwister 27th Jun 2009 04:52

Congratulations all that received the long awaited email. Despite being told 4 weeks ago that referees were being contacted as of immediately, mine still haven't ben contacted. Not quite sure what's going on anymore. The course that was supposed to start in October is barely 3 months away and I don't know of anyone that has been offered a place in it yet. I'm sticking with optimism however and I am sure all will be revealed by the end of next week.:rolleyes:

gemmy 27th Jun 2009 06:35

MrTwister... Maybe check with jrbridge how much notice he was given before he started course. We were told in our emails that our referees would be contacted approx 4 weeks prior to being offered a spot on course. Therefore I don't think we'll hear anything back until Dec/Jan.

jrbridge 28th Jun 2009 04:49

Congratulations to all who have heard back. I was given 3 months and 1 weeks notice before starting. The referees were only contacted a couple of weeks before that. With me they rang me just before they rang my referees to get them ready.

gemmy 28th Jun 2009 07:56

Thanks jrbridge. Yes they said in the email that they (HR) would also verbally contact us prior to contacting our referees. They said they would contact our referees approx 4weeks prior to making a course offer.

mont 28th Jun 2009 11:46

Hi Guys congratulations to gemmy, toboto and V11. I also heard on Friday that I was accepted into the pool after interviewing in early May. :)

gemmy 28th Jun 2009 13:10

Congrats Mont & welcome to the forum !! Now we sit & wait until the end of the year until we next hear if we have made it into the top list to get our referee checks!!

The joys of the waiting game continue ...;-)

Salinger 28th Jun 2009 22:08

Both of my referees have been checked now...
I was interviewed in Brisbane in March.

My last email said I'd be notified by the end of April if I had a position for the October intake (however this was an error and they meant June!). The end of June nears and my 'Send / Receive' button is wearing out, my phone has never been stared at more intently and I've never checked my snail mail box with such regularity!

And to think, this all started so innocently back in August 08...

gemmy 29th Jun 2009 00:36

Nice work Salinger.. like jrbridge said, he got 3mths notice before starting course... so you'll most likely hear in July! Which is only a couple of days away anyways!!

Yeah, I also submitted my application in Aug 08, however it appears the Brisbane applicants are the lucky ones who are going for the Oct course!! I did my testing in Melbs, but interview in Syd & am eligible for 2010 courses.

All good though!!

enemyMiG 29th Jun 2009 14:32

Hi everyone

Well done all you guys who finally heard some good news last Fri, as I did.

Had my interview in Melb and it was nice to know I wasn't the only one cracking it at my empty 'inbox'.
Toboto's post on the 22nd was spot-on and gave me a much needed chuckle at the time.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out

Listen to Live Air Traffic Control Communications | LiveATC.net

to listen in on Melb or Bris ATC (or anywhere else in the world for that matter) :8

mmhbtower 30th Jun 2009 02:50

Folks remember its ASA that your dealing with! I got two weeks notice, another guy on my course was notified on friday afternoon for 8am start on monday. another guy was given a course date and then the course was cancelled and the it was nine years to the next available course.
it was a while ago but i dont think things have changed much

Salinger 14th Jul 2009 04:02

Hi ratc2009,

The ATC center is on Airport Drive, on the left, just before the last roundabout before the domestic terminal. Under the tower ;)

The only public transport that goes out to the airport is the Airtrain, I believe, check out TransLink - your one stop for public transport information for prices and season tickets or something?

Some nice suburbs around that area would be in the Shorncliffe area, on the water, older style houses, but good value especially if you look around. Real Estate, Property, Land and Homes for Sale, lease and rent - realestate.com.au would be your best bet to check that out.

Sorry I couldn't be much help, but something is better than nothing!

Good luck!

gemmy 14th Jul 2009 12:28


Hamilton is another great suburb in Brissy. Really booming now. Will you be working at BNE AsA or have you just applied & looking to do a famil visit?

If working, I'd suggest a car, it's still a fair walk to the AsA facilities from the train stop, especially if it's raining!!

1208PUNK 14th Jul 2009 13:45

ATC intake process (or lack of)
god it appears every1 is in the same boat with regards to ATC and what is happening with their individual applications! the more i read on here the more apprehensive i am becoming with regards to all this ATC...like many of the stories i have read i started this application a long time ago when i first was granted australian residency. thankfully i passed each stage so am on the order of merit but every stage i was always left with questions and queries which resulted in me continuously pestering them with emails about what exactly was going on because i certainly did not have a clue. i was told referees were goin to be checked months ago, then nothing happened. then only once placed on order of merit was told they would be contacted and to await further contact. TO BE HONEST I DO NOT HAVE A CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ALL THIS AND FEEL THAT BECAUSE I AM IRISH IM AT A HUGE DISADVANTAGE AND PROBABLY LURKING AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ORDER OF MERIT (Hope not).....i am sitting here back in cold ireland with my life on hold not knowing whether i will get an offer or not for this or should i take the risk and move back out now to settle back in.its obviously a huge decision/risk for me so if anyone can ease the burden by letting me know what my chances are i would be grateful! is there many people who do not get the offer having been on the list? i am desperate to pursue this in my life so it would be pretty soul destroying to not be offered a place in the college

mrtwister 15th Jul 2009 12:06

Apparently the lists for the courses are done and they are awaiting sign-off from the Government. It's expected that those that will be offered a spot in this years' courses will be contacted by the end of this month. There are 3 courses booked in for the remainder of this year (8 in each course) and they have penciled in some more for early next year although they haven't been signed off on yet. The waiting continues but it seems to be finally nearing a result.

Hang in there all :ugh:

gemmy 16th Jul 2009 09:07


Everyone is in the same boat as you. A lot of us have put our lives on hold & sacrificed things.
I returned to Australia & left a great job overseas to focus on my application. It's the risk you take to achieve what you really want in life. No amount of worrying/stressing/emailing HR, will speed things up!

Patience is one thing i've learnt to have since applying a year ago!! If we are on the order of merit list & don't get a spot on course, we only have ourselves to blame, ie, not achieving high enough scores in the testing/interviewing!

Hang in there :ugh:

Carambar 17th Jul 2009 07:00

Hi guys,

I have recently applied for the 2010 ATC Traineeship and completed the online cognitive test about two weeks ago. I eventually received an email inviting me for a full day of psychometric testing. Just wondering if anyone could share some details on how the tests are run, time limits and scores required in order to proceed to the interview stage.

Carambar :ok:

Toboto 17th Jul 2009 07:24

Hallo Caramba and good luck with you future endevours, if you go to the start of this forum and have a good read you'll have all the information you need regarding everything to do with the ATC application including the pscyhometric testing.

mrtwister 17th Jul 2009 10:46

Best advice I could give you Carambar is:

1) Make sure your Maths/rate conversions/shortcuts are tip top.

2) Find a good ATC simulator and practice.

3) Accept the fact that you can't really train for it so, you either have 'it' or you don't.

ASA kept their hand close to their chest on the scores required to advance. That is they didn't tell us a thing. All they said was that you had to pass every test which helped in now way at all as we had no idea what a pass was. You don't get your scores even if you get through.

I'm not sure what part of the recruitment phase I would consider the hardest. Probably the Psych Testing, only because I had absolutely zero idea what to expect.

Good luck.:ok:

Carambar 17th Jul 2009 11:33

Thanks for the feedback and the various PMs. I appreciate your help.

From what I've been reading on this thread, the application process seems to be a bit of a waiting game. With some PPruNers applying in mid '08 and being tested in mid '09? Does anyone know what the start date is for the '10 course?

Either way, I'll be sure to report on how I 'think' I went after the session. In the meantime, I'll be practicing my ATC skills with this ! :)

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