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GrahamK 16th Dec 2020 12:03

Spent about an hour in the area(crosswind training?), now on its way to EMA

Tocsin 16th Dec 2020 21:55

Did get a write up in the local paper: https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news...rport-19468804

nclops 17th Dec 2020 16:51

It wasn’t a diversion, it was planned to come to NCL before EMA.

Jamesair1 26th Dec 2020 17:21


Changes to the timetable are the addition of DUBROVNIK (Thursdays).....ALICANTE reduced from 3 to 2 wkly Tues and Sat....ORLANDO (MELBOURNE) now wkly on FRI and alt. weeks on MON.

N707ZS 26th Dec 2020 23:34

Did Iberia express operate.

jensdad 27th Dec 2020 00:05

I don't know for sure, but I'd guess not given the quarantine restrictions that have been brought in for the Canaries.

HH6702 27th Dec 2020 07:45


no got cancelled

noticed that the Manchester service however operated but looked like MAD only the LPA got cancelled

ROC10 27th Dec 2020 12:14

Isnít there currently a ban on flights into Spain from the UK?

SWBKCB 27th Dec 2020 12:27

Flights from NCL are operating, but only for pax returning to the UK - no outbound pax.

The96er 27th Dec 2020 12:27

Spanish citizens and residents are still permitted travel.

Matt4 27th Dec 2020 18:06

Looks like now according to the EK website itís now not sellable until the 02 July operating 4 weekly and going to daily from 01 Nov

Jamesair1 28th Dec 2020 14:50

Any rumours or chat about whether IBERIA EXPRESS plan to operate from NCL in the future?

SWBKCB 28th Dec 2020 14:57

No - I would imagine all airlines plans are "fluid" at the moment...

Jamesair1 14th Jan 2021 17:03

JET2 announce big expansion in frequencies for Summer 22....basically ALICANTE (9) (from 7), ANTALYA (6) from (5), DALAMAN ((9) from (7), FARO (8) from (7), GRAN CANARIA (3) from (2), KOS (2) from (1), ARRECIFE (5) from (4), PALMA (14) from (11), MALAGA (7) from (6), TENERIFE (8) from (6)

GrahamK 14th Jan 2021 18:56

Compared to S19:
Alicante reduced from 12 x weekly
Gran Canaria operates 1 x weekly except August (has previously always been 2 x weekly)
Stating Prague operates up to 2 x weekly between April and October. (It operates April and October only). PRG, KRK had previously operated year round. Rome from Feb-Nov
Some dodgy info being given out

SWBKCB 14th Jan 2021 19:17

Typical airline - the past doesn't exist. So, "new" = "not currently on sale" and "increase" = "more than we are currently selling"

N707ZS 14th Jan 2021 19:22

From summer 22 so 21 placed in storage.

GrahamK 14th Jan 2021 20:25

Should probably add it is good news overall, 8th based aircraft for Jet2 at NCL i believe?

Jamesair1 14th Jan 2021 22:09

The comparison in my post was with the already announced frequencies for Summer 22 not with previous years.

GrahamK 15th Jan 2021 08:30

Do we know when these increased frequencies go on sale?

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