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Artie Fufkin 9th Aug 2014 20:59

VV's point is that there is still time for the legacies and EZY and RYR to take out the medium sized players such as MON and LS, not LS vs MON.
Completely agree. In 2030 the UK airline scene will be IAG, FR, EZ and son-of-Flybe.

ericlday 9th Aug 2014 21:15

If you mean easyjet U2 not EZ

JB007 10th Aug 2014 12:36

Let's hope Jet2 will react to the potential of MON closing EMA & LBA in their restructuring assessment of S15! (See Monarch thread!)

Ivan aromer 11th Aug 2014 07:15

"Jet2 have had a remarkable rise despite the profit warnings this year. I think they will probably continue at the same level for many years. But long haul would be a step too far. Like previously stated, they're doing what an other airlines are not doing and that's making money."

Share price on a gentle slide though. Has jet2 lost it's way?

JonnyH 11th Aug 2014 08:15

I don't think so. I do remember seeing an article in early July about the sudden huge drop in Jet2's share prices. If I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure it was in regards to Jet2holidays. Clearly this is a side of the market where they make quiet a bit of money.

Jet2’s parent company has seen its shares plunge on the London Stock Exchange after warning about “less buoyant” holiday sales.

Dart Group, which owns the Leeds-based airline and tour operator, has issued a profits warning today as it admitted that pricing in the leisure market has been “weak”.

The announcement sent Dart’s shares plunging by up to 29% from yesterday’s closing price of 2.51 per share to as low as 1.78 in early trading in London.

The company warned that demand for holidays this summer has been “less buoyant than we hoped for” despite the company enjoying a 30% rise in operating profits during its last financial year.

Chairman Philip Meeson said: “In relation to the current financial year, we are finding demand for leisure travel, this summer, to the markets we serve, less buoyant than we would have hoped for and market pricing weak.
Some years, when the World Cup is on especially, a lot of companies, on the holiday side of things, tend to struggle. Of course, EZY and FR don't tend to struggle anywhere near as much because of they're massive operation, in comparison with LS, and they've got different operations and bases running in different parts of Europe too. But I would be interested to see how TCX and TOM do too.

But going back to previous topics in this thread, in my opinion, this proves exactly why LS shouldn't go into long haul. They should be keeping their financial reserves for times like these. I would imagine they would make most of their money with Jet2holidays on long haul and they're saying the market can be weak and buoyant at times then surely they'd never be stupid enough to take the risk?

paully 11th Aug 2014 10:11

Even Ryanair have had to issue a couple of stock market profits warnings in the recent past, unprecedented, but that`s why they are trying to be cuddly and friendly:*

Jet 2 have a game plan, still run by the original team that set them up, have firm (not to everyones liking I know) management but are not likely to stick their head in the clouds anytime soon. If they went long haul it would be because the business plan called for it. If it doesnt they won`t.

As for share prices, well lots of people make money out of them, so manipulation in one way or another is the name of the game. Buy while they are cheap, I think their price will go higher

take-off 12th Aug 2014 17:13

Any truth in the rumour that they are pulling out of BLK after Xmas ???:confused::(

janeyTA 12th Aug 2014 17:44

Any truth in the rumour that they are pulling out of BLK after Xmas ???
I hope not :{ They've certainly loaded and started selling flights from there for Summer 2015.

2Planks 12th Aug 2014 18:39

Darts current share price is undoubtedly lower than it was but its pretty much in line with the falls across the sector (RYR and TUI are the exceptions). If you take todays price (BBC) against the 12 month high and express it as a percentage here are the results:

Ryanair 88%
TUI 80%
IAG 73%
Flybe 71%
Easyjet 69%
Dart 68%
T Cook 63%

Of course stats over 12 months can hide an awful lot as they are but a snapshot in time - the only point I would say with some certainty is that the UK (and Irish) air travel companies have taken a hit recently

alasdair1 15th Aug 2014 13:15

LS 757/733
i was looking at ls 733fleet and noticed they have a few of them nearing 30yrs will they be planning to bring newer aircraft in and also any plans to withdraw the 757 like most other airlines

BFS BHD 20th Aug 2014 11:04

Tunisia for Summer 2015
I see on social media that Tunisia is a new destination for East Midlands for Jet2 wonder what other airports will have this route. Nothing is on sale on Jet2s website. :)

paully 20th Aug 2014 11:28

Wonder if they have looked at Gibraltar for a summer season..It was building nicely for BMi Baby before their demise from East Midlands

FRatSTN 20th Aug 2014 12:03

Tunisia (Enfidha) now on sale but only from Manchester and Glasgow.

BFS BHD 20th Aug 2014 12:28

Tunisia (Enfidha) now on sale but only from Manchester and Glasgow.
EMA now on sale 1 weekly.

LBIA 20th Aug 2014 13:48

Leeds/Bradford to Enfidha & Newcastle to Enfidha now also on sale once weekly along with flights from Manchester, Glasgow and East Midlands

LBIA 21st Aug 2014 11:27

Jet2 has just announced further growth from its Leeds/Bradford base, With hints of more to come as well!

Jet2.com and Jet2holidays Announce More Growth at Leeds Bradford Airport | Jet2.com

ATNotts 21st Aug 2014 12:38


Jet2 has just announced further growth from its Leeds/Bradford base, With hints of more to come as well!
Looks like Jet2 has made up their minds regarding the likelihood of Monarch still being at LBA beyond next April. If they're wrong there will be a real glut of seats available, which will be good for nobody - except the punters!

2Planks 21st Aug 2014 17:47

Looks like a PR stunt didn't go quite as planned today for J2!!
BBC News - Jet2 stunt in Derby 'turns into fighting mob'

alasdair1 22nd Aug 2014 13:25

Jet 2 757 Seating capacity
Dear members,

I am carrying out some private study on bjv and dlm flights.

The reason I'm contacting is to ask how many seats do the jet 2Boeing 757's have,
Also are they different capacities?

I was told these have 235 seats but however on planespotters.net this shows 229 & 232.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Alasdair adam

GVACMF 22nd Aug 2014 19:29

There was a few 757's which were 229Y, I belive all are now 235Y.

Johnny [email protected] Pants 22nd Aug 2014 19:51

They used to have a variety of capacities, they are all now 235 config.

alasdair1 22nd Aug 2014 21:49

Thank you Johnny for the responce and I greatly appreciate this

EK77WNCL 28th Aug 2014 18:51

Can anyone in the know provide me a list of aircraft at each of LS' bases for summer 2014 and summer 2015? I'm just interested to see how the composition of the fleets/bases works. If anyone knows the weekly rotations as well that would be an extra added bonus.

Charlie98 3rd Sep 2014 20:47

Jet2 733 G-GDFT has apparently closed the runway at EMA, can anyone bring any news on this situation?

LBIA 3rd Sep 2014 21:04

Well judging by flightradar24 website East Midlands runway can't be closed any more. Because as I type this message a Ryanair, Boeing 737-800 inbound from Cork has just landed and its been followed in by a TNT Airways Boeing 757 which is on the approach.

It would seem that a Thomson Airways, Boeing 737-800 inbound from KOS has diverted to Birmingham.

ATNotts 4th Sep 2014 07:08

Jet2 733 G-GDFT has apparently closed the runway at EMA, can anyone bring any news on this situation?
Is this the second or third time this season that Jet2 has closed EMA's runway?

They are going to have to watch themselves, else the national press will get hold of the story, and that could have consequences. I suppose that because Jet2 don't serve London, they aren't that interested though!

Big Tudor 4th Sep 2014 07:12

Is this the second or third time this season that Jet2 has closed EMA's runway?
No, the closure earlier this year was Air Contractors, not Jet2.

pwalhx 4th Sep 2014 13:14

If you believe the aircraft are death traps why did you chose to fly on them?

HOODED 4th Sep 2014 13:20

Death Traps is a little harsh. Yes they are old but Jet2 have excellent engineering. FT is a fairly new addition to the fleet and probably hasn't had the Jet 2 engineering touch yet. Just because an aircraft is old doesn't make it a death trap. I own a 1984 aircraft and it is well looked after and has never given me a moments worry. New aircraft have problems too, heard of the 787?

FT is an ex BMW Baby ac and is only 16 years old which is young for a 733. Please be careful what you put on here a blanket statement putting down an airline like that could loose a lot of good people their jobs in the long run.

FYI the Privilege Style ac are not much younger than this ac. Jet2 take maintenance seriously they accept older ac have problems more frequently hence keeping spare ac available, Norwegian didn't think they needed to with the 787 and look what happened to them.

Balair 4th Sep 2014 13:33


Two of your quotes;

"I ask, it is really wise to fan the flames of "bad publicity", putting Monarch employee's jobs at risk? Personally I consider it bad form, and something that we shouldn't be indulging in in these forums."

"Is this the second or third time this season that Jet2 has closed EMA's runway?
They are going to have to watch themselves, else the national press will get hold of the story, and that could have consequences. I suppose that because Jet2 don't serve London, they aren't that interested though!"

It seems your concerns for airline's employees are rather selective...!


I am somewhat surprised that you ever booked to fly with Jet2 since you consider their aircraft to be "death traps!" If I were you I would give some serious thought to what you are saying before posting such rubbish!


Big Tudor 4th Sep 2014 14:37

Privilege B757 EC-ISY built 1993. G-GDFT built 1998.

Burnie5204 4th Sep 2014 14:42

Dont forget the media love to hype things up. Jet2 have never caused the EMA runway to be closed at all.

The Jet2 earlier in the year only blocked the runway for 10 minutes whilst they confirmed the u/c hadnt overheated and tyres hadn't deflated then the aircraft was towed off

And then last night wasn't even on the runway. They made it to stand before evacuating but I guess RFFS were possibly committed to the evacuation and couldn't provide cover for runway movements.

Lighty89 4th Sep 2014 15:38

Yes probably exaggerated I know. However....

Quick search on EC-ISY brings up no air accident incidents in its history.

On a number of Jet2 planes I have been on a few come up for each!!

G-GDFC (Just after i got off in 2011, ls170 right wing engine flames)

All of these have numerous incidents....
I'll take EC-ISY anyday.

LNIDA 4th Sep 2014 15:51

I think that trying to compare the inevitable problems that you get with a new into service (especially one that is radical departure from anything previous both in terms of design and the method of product) with aged aircraft is disingenuous.

There is a long, actually very long list of Jet2 events, which in most case appear to be down to age related wear and tear, old aircraft go tech more its that simple, but that does not make them death traps,far from it, Norwegian had a turn back to ALC recently following a engine fire warning and that was on an NG a 14.5 years old one, the oldest in Norwegians fleet in fact and due to be retired from the fleet this winter.

Jet2's business model is and always has been based on the far lower capital cost of using aged aircraft, a very successful business model, the slighter higher fuel consumption and engineering costs still gives them a cost advantage over other operators and allows them to have the required back up aircraft.

Shed-on-a-Pole 4th Sep 2014 15:56

Lighty89 - If you have a preference for choosing one airline over another for your personal travel needs then that is entirely your perogative. However, to come forward on a public bulletin board making indefensible allegations is another matter altogether. It is not clever and is wholly unwarranted.

I see that you have only a very small number of previous posts to your name, so maybe you are new on here. So let me give you a little bit of friendly advice. Have a good read of the Ryanair thread. Going back, you will find a series of apologies / retractions posted by individuals who, like yourself, made allegations on PPRuNe concerning the safety of an airline. Being unable to substantiate their assertions, they found themselves facing legal action and were called upon to make a donation to charity in recompense.

If you wish to persist in posting total nonsense concerning "death traps" on PPRuNe, I suggest you gather some evidence which you would be happy to present in your defence in court. Otherwise, you might be well advised to keep your ignorance and prejudice to yourself. The lawyers won't be impressed by the excuse that you "probably exaggerated".

Lighty89 4th Sep 2014 16:02

Shed on a pole...

Funny enough, I am a lawyer:cool:

I can say what I want, that was my opinion, I am allowed an opinion.
Without going in depth, I know what you have said is unfounded.

Also, you only have took on numerous new websites at comments on articles about the recent Jet2 incidents and there is plenty of the same.

And Twitter, dont even start about that... Type the word Jet2 in and see what comes up!

So I suggest you stop trying to be clever.

Lighty89 4th Sep 2014 16:06

Put quite simply this is on the Internet, and the Internet is open to "Freedom of Speech"...

Big Tudor 4th Sep 2014 16:14

So how many incidents come up for VH-OQA and G-TUIE, both mere infants in aviation terms. G-BYAG built in 1993, 6 years later on its way to the scrap yard in bits. Aircraft age has little connection to the number of incidents.

Lighty89 4th Sep 2014 16:16

Totally agreed, I went on the EC-ISY built in 1993, not a single incident recorded. Just saying I prefered this to Jet2's based on experience.

2Planks 4th Sep 2014 16:18

Lighty - you are mixing up incidents and accidents to make your point - which is significant in this arena. If you are a lawyer you should understand that language is important. As for free speech - I guess if I went on a legal forum and stated that 'Haddaway and Shiiite Solicitors LLP' were a bunch of thieving lying reprobates I would expect to be on the receiving end of a strongly worded letter. There is a warning about hiding behind anonymity on this forum - so please be careful what you say.

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