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Skipness One Echo 9th Sep 2012 20:53

Interesting that a total of six aircraft wearing Allegiant colours, not sure how many go on lease.
Thanks guys, probably one for Spotters Corner, I don't want to get in bother for raising the geek levels !

LEEDS APPROACH 9th Sep 2012 20:56

I am at LBIA and see the whole fleet pass through. I can assure you that the 2 757s on lease from allegiant are actually left in true allegiant with obviously ammended titles.

Have a look at Jet2 holiday livery on any other plane other than LSAL, LSAM. The sceme is very slightly different with the sun being orangey instead of yellow. There was no reason to ammend the colour scheme of the 2 leased 757s as they were always going to go back to allegiant.

Hope that helps.

757 Speedbrakes 9th Sep 2012 21:21

Er, think LSAD and AK also in the jet2 holidays logos too. This is becoming a very 'spotterish' thread now!

Be more interested to here about some new routes, particularly if Thomas Cook is rumoured to be scaling back next year?

LEEDS APPROACH 9th Sep 2012 21:40

I don't think there is anything 'spotterish' about the conversation. I am only helping to clear up a query about the similar liveries of the airlines Jet2 and Allegiant.

The 757s G-LSAL and G-LSAM have a basic Allegiant colour scheme which is slightly different to any other aircraft in the Jet2 Holidays scheme.

I get a bit suspicious when posters say posts are spotterish. Perhaps you protest too much?

Skipness One Echo 9th Sep 2012 21:45

No I am a spotter as well, just know some guys prefer to keep this for routes and commercial. * hides anorak :)

righthandrule 9th Sep 2012 23:45

I think most of summer 2013 is on sale so any new routes should be on sale now or in the coming weeks. The main ones are Zante and a few new Croatian destinations. 3x relatively 'new' 737-300's and 4 737-800's should be coming next year, hearing rumours at work that an -800 will be put up at EDI to offer a bit of competition to Thomson/Thomas cooks pretty poor leisure offering to Canaries/Turkey/Greece etc. I've heard that the 757 fleet will shrink from now on with the leased ones leaving leaving a solid fleet of owned 757's. This fits with AL/AM going back to Allegiant this winter.

Fleet rationalisation an modernisation is the big thing at the moment, those 757's Looked great on paper 5 years ago and most are well depreciated and very cheap to operate despite the higher maintenance costs. Obviously long term, bringing in some 10 ish year old 737-300/-800's will see the company through the next 5-10 years and in my view is a good move. Those QC 737's are operating 6-8 sectors a day and I could well see them becoming cargo only/standby aircraft in the next year or two. This also fits with an extra passenger 737 at Belfast next year, perhaps a few city routes might be announced? Hint!

The seasonality of the English summer will see some very interesting charters this winter, a couple of 757's will be stationed in a few bizzare places, I'm sure some fantastic flying and great challenges for the flight decks!!

MKY661 10th Sep 2012 16:24

3x relatively 'new' 737-300's
Maybe from Brussels Airlines or Bmibaby.

Also maybe some of these aircraft will be used for the 'rumour' of the LPL base.

AP1995 10th Sep 2012 16:34

If they was coming to LPL they would annouced it way before now..

dwlpl 10th Sep 2012 17:01

... GLA was announced as a base in September 2010.

AirGuru 10th Sep 2012 17:07

We need a CWL base, desperately ...

COBHC 10th Sep 2012 20:02

or a 3rd 737 at Blackpool... ;)

WELSHGUY40 10th Sep 2012 20:05

yes cardiff desperately needs a low cost airline will we ever find a new airline to step in after baby departure and i like to say good luck to all staff hope they find new jobs soon

tonker 11th Sep 2012 17:07

Cwm Ciddy here we come then :ok:

AirGuru 11th Sep 2012 18:12

Only in the dreams of us welshies would Jet2 ever come to CWL, unless something can be done to attract them ! Nonetheless, we need a based low-cost carrier !

757 Speedbrakes 12th Sep 2012 12:52

If the Jet2 management thought they would make money and Cardiff Aiport were offering cheap airport charges they might. I'm pretty certain Jet2 often discuss and look into the pros and cons of potential new bases, just as they do at new aircraft and routes.

GAZMO 12th Sep 2012 17:51

737 for Belfast
Right hand rule
Do you are more info on the 737 for Belfast
Please post on Belfast international thread if you do

Another_Dude 13th Sep 2012 21:58

Looks like the G-GDFL will make its way to BFS this winter to do the TFS/ACE

cornishsimon 13th Sep 2012 22:37

What's the chances of seeing jet2 back at NQY ?

Currenty nobody is on the LBA route vacated by air southwest.

Also, the MAN route which was twice daily with SZ and summer 737 with WW now just has BE four weekly.

Both of these could well work well for Jet2 ?


OntimeexceptACARS 14th Sep 2012 21:41

G-GDFD tech today
On the LS133 this morning, had reported pressurisation problems and returned to Glasgow. Understand G-LSAN pitched in from MAN to assist.

lbalad 18th Sep 2012 19:43

'Discovery Weekends'
It appears Jet2 are going to run a series of these trips to 3 destinations not currently served this winter from Leeds and other bases.

I bet Istanbul,Reykjavik must be amongst them?.

They are also giving away 100 trips on the jet2holidays website,think I might have to enter!.

Think it's a great idea,hopefully these will be the first of many 'new' destinations to be tried.

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