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Jetblast79 8th Jan 2013 06:53

Cabin crew recruitment with local people is starting at ALC.

Apply for job **Send to friend **Save to basket ** **

Job Title Cabin Crew - Alicante Airport
Location Alicante
Team Cabin Crew
Job Type Fixed Term
Hours Per Week 40 Hours
Job Description
Join Our Award Winning Cabin Crew Team in Summer 2013!

We are looking for friendly and enthusiastic team members who really enjoy looking after our customers and making people feel welcome.

We have exciting opportunities to join our Cabin Crew for the Summer 2013 season at our new base in Alicante, Spain.

As a member of our team, you’ll ensure our customers are relaxed, safe and comfortable, while taking pride in delivering our unique “Great Deal Friendlier” service. You’ll be perfect if you already live near to Alicante and will be fluent in both in Spanish and English.

We offer great training and an excellent salary and benefits package.

If you are interested in flying with us, please visit our careers site at www.jet2careers.com*
* Please be advised that our Application Forms and Online Assessments are in English*


Lsflyer 9th Jan 2013 11:11

Jet2 are also leasing a Titan airways 757 to be based at Manchester! It will operate with full jet2 crew and Titan flight deck pretty much same as strategic last summer!!!

Wellington Bomber 9th Jan 2013 15:45

Is that Damp Lease then in aviation speak

pamann 10th Jan 2013 21:39

So with an ALC base, could we see Jet2's first venture into the SE of England?

CabinCrewe 10th Jan 2013 21:48

Im not sure of the link between ALC and SE England ?

FRatSTN 10th Jan 2013 22:19

I read elsewhere that Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool and London Southend were all looking to become Jet2's ninth UK base and that the opening of an Alicante base may be a bit of a set back for them. However I suspect that those airports would be most likely involved with Jet2 as destinations for Alicante aircraft.

pamann 10th Jan 2013 22:21

I never mentioned a link between ALC and SE England did I?

My question reads quite simple and asks if there could be a possibility of Jet2 using the ALC base to open routes to SE England i.e: LGW/LTN/STN/NWI/SEN seeing as it's currently a market in which they do not operate.

There. Does that make sense?

pug 10th Jan 2013 22:41

I read elsewhere that Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Liverpool and London Southend were all looking to become Jet2's ninth UK base
Where would you have read that? :rolleyes:

Will be interesting to see what this new ALC base is all about, cant be long before a press release surely?

FRatSTN 11th Jan 2013 10:29

Jet2.com plans two-aircraft summer base in Alicante | anna.aero

pug 11th Jan 2013 10:37

You could probably add a few more airports to that list, but in reality how many were Jet2.com considering? LPL? BHX?

Will still be interested to see their motivation for opening a base at ALC as I think what has been posted elsewhere is more plausible at the moment.

Artie Fufkin 11th Jan 2013 11:06

I wonder why Jet2 want standby crew and aircraft down in the Med?

Between 250 and 600 euros, multiplied by 230 delayed 757 pax, per flight... :eek:

This ruling could bankrupt an otherwise profitable airline within a single summer season.

TOM100 11th Jan 2013 11:16

Perhaps thats another reason why - to have an aircraft not totally utilised in that part of the world allows them to operate 'rescue' flights without huge delays ?? Send an ALC (can also cover MJV, AGP, VLC, PMI etc ) based a/c to UK with pax and keep next UK rotation on time ? Thus only delaying one set of pax not two ? Just a thought.......builds more flexibility into the programme.

pug 11th Jan 2013 11:21

TOM100 and artiefufkin, exactly. That is what I've seen posted up elsewhere and it seems most plausible.

Afterall, if this was to be some deft strategic move then surely they wouldn't have made this public knowledge yet?

MKY661 12th Jan 2013 13:20

As well as the four 737-800 due before summer 2013 Jet2 are to aquire another three 737-300's. The leased A320 based at East Midlands will be leased from Hamburg Airways.

Source: Jet2

Flying Wild 12th Jan 2013 15:17

I've heard that some ex-bmibaby 737-300s might be making an appearance in Jet2 colours...

chaps2011 12th Jan 2013 15:21

Hmm thats a possibilty as one has just moved from Lasham to Kemble but you
would have expected it to go other way for maintenance.

tonyic7 12th Jan 2013 15:32

Yep, 3 x B737-300 ex-bmibaby coming from lasham.

BasilFawlty 12th Jan 2013 15:33

A few months ago rumours were going that Jet2 would buy three 733's with winglets from Norwegian (LN-KHA/KHB/KHC)...

COBHC 12th Jan 2013 21:43

I wonder if an ex-bmibaby 733 will join the others at BLK for Summer '13?

It would sure help spread the flights out having 3 733's than 2! :ok:

CabinCrewe 13th Jan 2013 10:45

Im not sure thats a good enough reason to send another based aircraft, and that theory would then apply to all bases... :confused:

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