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LBIA 8th Aug 2012 13:40

G-CELH returned to LBA this morning due to A crew member becoming sick so they turned back to pick up a replacement crew member rather than carry on and not be able to bring a full load of passengers back from Dubrovnik this afternoon.

Johnny [email protected] Pants 8th Aug 2012 20:41

Crew member probably younger than 26.

No RYR for me 9th Aug 2012 07:58

CELH is 26 years old. You would expect it to go wrong sometimes.
Boy does somebody look stupid...

Espada III 9th Aug 2012 10:45

Any ideas
MAN- TLV is delayed for technical reasons. Should have left almost two hours ago.

Anyone any ideas what is wrong?

VC10man 9th Aug 2012 12:36

>>>Boy does somebody look stupid...

Why? I was stating a simple fact.

If CELH was a car it would be C reg.

I was going to ask how old the sick crew member was, but I have been beaten to it.:D

Richard Taylor 9th Aug 2012 12:42

If CELH was a car it would be C reg.

Aye, but would the C be at the front or the end of the reg plate? ;)

Whilst I'm here, are Jet2 still considering ABZ? They dropped a hint earlier this year whilst talking about new GLA routes that ABZ could be 'something for the future'. Wherether than means 2013 or 2033 I'm not too sure though! :O

Mr A Tis 9th Aug 2012 14:00

Good news for MAN LS pax today. Air Poland B738 already done MAN-IBZ-MAN, now on way to MJV. This bird is only 7 years old, ex FlyGlopespan.
Is this staying around a while or is it covering a specific sickly Jet2 machine?

DjerbaDevil 9th Aug 2012 16:27

Perhaps you mean an ex-Air Poland B738 and now part of the Air Italy fleet. Best air hostess uniforms ever to be seen with supoerb Italian styling.

IB4138 9th Aug 2012 16:30

757 G-LSAN diverted into Newcastle with a serious fuel leak, whilst on air test over the North Sea from Southend. It was ferried back to Southend yesterday for further checks. It should be in service by now.

DjerbaDevil 9th Aug 2012 17:51

757 G-LSAN
According to flightradar24 it is presently flying over the North Sea heading towards Newcastle. Looks like another test flight.

BFS BHD 9th Aug 2012 17:52

Now up in the air again!

compton3bravo 9th Aug 2012 18:28

Looks like on its way back to Southend at 19.30 BST!

LBIA 9th Aug 2012 18:40

Looks like Jet2 are to lease yet another aircraft. As Avion Express Airbus A319-112, LY-VEU is due to position into LBA this evening from CDG as EXS043R

mikkie4 9th Aug 2012 18:52

G-LSAN just landed at SEN

ematom1 9th Aug 2012 19:30

Jet2 have also leased CS-TEI A310 Hi Fly again to fly out of east midlands airport, past month or 2 every week and weekend theres a different aircaft everyweek Euroatlantic 767-300, Airexplore 757, Hi Fly MD80, CS-TEI A310 Hi Fly a few times now too, surely must be costing alot, also for royalmail the past 2 weeks jet2 have had to lease a atlantic airlines 737, and a titan 737 for the cargo runs due to tech aircraft.

1432lba 10th Aug 2012 13:21

Thanks LBIA. A very helpful reply (unlike others).

LBIA 10th Aug 2012 15:26

Looks like B757-200WL, G-LSAN is positioning up to Leeds tonight as EXS053D from Southend and should enter service on Sunday. B757-200, G-LSAH is also due to return to Leeds this evening from Tenerife as EXS041A. It will be out of service for a few more days yet after it's decompression incident on Tuesday requires all it's oxygen and masks putting back in.

Meanwhile Boeing 737-300, G-GDFH has had its skin repaired, It was pulled out of the Multiflight hanger this morning and will operate a test-flight tomorrow afternoon as EXS051B.

Mr Angry from Purley 10th Aug 2012 20:11

As ematom1 suggests hiring a Hi Fly A310 and Euroatlantic 767 over the last 3 weeks or so won't be cheap. :\

rogera 11th Aug 2012 18:08

jet 2
i think they were also using a stategic airlines a320 at manchester this afternoon

LBIA 13th Aug 2012 16:08

Well Jet2's latest Boeing 757-200WL, G-LSAN operated it's first revenue service this morning doing the EXS271 from Leeds to Alicante. The bad news is that it only got halfway and then diverted into Paris-Cdg for some reason.
I wonder if it's anything to do with the fuel leak related problem that caused it to divert in to Newcastle last week while on its air-test?

Meanwhile bmi baby, Boeing 737-500, G-BVKB has been leased this evening and will operate the EXS205/206 Leeds-Amsterdam-Leeds services.

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