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AP1995 18th Sep 2012 20:41

Im thinking Moscow but who knows, looks exciting

GAZMO 18th Sep 2012 21:02

It's ok if you live in Leeds or Manchester etc
I'm from Belfast so I can't see the flights from here?
I have registered anyway!!

Hope they introduce some new BFS routes soon

Ernest Lanc's 18th Sep 2012 22:24

I have given my e mail address...It's a couple of days before you register. You have to re-visit the site.

Wherever the trips are, a visa is included in the trip..Which means not in the EU.

Wonder if any flight are from BLK?.

GAZMO 18th Sep 2012 22:28

Probably not BKL but probably not from BFS as well
Probably MAN or LBA

LBIA 18th Sep 2012 22:44

Can confirm that these Jet2holidays discovery Weekend destinations charters will be only operated from Leeds-Bradford, Newcastle and Edinburgh bases, and yes Visa's will be required...

Also told that Jet2 are doing some Hajj charter work to Jeddah again from both Leeds-Bradford and Manchester bases throughout October and November.

Another_Dude 18th Sep 2012 23:22

Saudi Arabia ;)

MED appearing on a few timetables

lbalad 19th Sep 2012 06:47

Discovery Weekends
Judging by the clues on the competition page it looks like its:

St Petersburg



Burnie5204 19th Sep 2012 08:18

Finally managed to get an allegiant and a jet2 colourscheme 757 next to each other.


On the left is LSAM, on the right is LSAK

OntimeexceptACARS 20th Sep 2012 00:33

That bowser looks complicated...

Burnie5204 20th Sep 2012 01:24

Its the plumbing on the roof of the terminal quite a lot of which seems to be disappearing at the moment

LBIA 1st Oct 2012 10:55

Jet2 have this morning announced details of there discovery weekend trips which will be operating to Reykjavik, Marrakech and St, Petersburg in April and May next year from Edinburgh, Newcastle & Leeds-Bradford Airports.

Edinburgh-Reykjavik = Friday, May 17th
Edinburgh-St, Petersburg = Saturday, May 4th & Friday, May 10th
Leeds-Bradford-Reykjavik Friday, May 3rd
Leeds-Bradford-Marrakech = Friday, April 26th & Saturday, May 11th
Leeds-Bradford-St, Petersburg = Saturday, May 4th & Friday May 10th
Newcastle-Reykjavik = Friday, April 26th
Newcastle-Marrakech = Friday, April 19th
Newcastle-St, Petersburg = Friday, May 3rd

CaptainDoony 1st Oct 2012 16:38

In the Aberdeen thread we had a user the other day claiming that Jet2 are in advanced talks about basing aircraft at ABZ from next summer. An airport employee was cited as the source.

When GLA was opened, ABZ was mentioned as 'something for the future' so has anyone heard similar rumours or hints?

EZY7117LPL 1st Oct 2012 17:23

Also any news/info on the rumoured Liverpool base?

757 Speedbrakes 1st Oct 2012 17:36

No new bases being announced this year I'm afraid.

MKY661 1st Oct 2012 21:35

Maybe LPL could be announced in a few years time then.

CabinCrewe 1st Oct 2012 21:58

....along with ABZ and BHX....

EZY7117LPL 2nd Oct 2012 15:56

"No new bases being announced this year I'm afraid."

The idea of some routes being flown as W-Patterns was also suggested. Is this likely?

FRatSTN 2nd Oct 2012 15:58

If Jet2 did a London airport it would no doubt be Gatwick since that's the London airport which specialises for leisure traffic but can't see that happening just yet. Personally I'd prefer Stansted for them if they were to go to London. I hope they don't do Liverpool since EasyJet and Ryanair already have a big presence there, LPL need to look for non LCC's and Jet2 already have LBA, MAN and BLK, which are probably better for them anyway. As for Birmingham, not really much of a need just now since Monarch has recently increased alot there and plus they already have a growing base at East Midlands but could work out for them without damaging this.

I'd like to see Cardiff as their next base, making them the only low cost carrier to have bases in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales but Cardiff seems too far south for them. Would also be nice to see Prestwick but I think we all know that that's very unlikely to happen!

pug 2nd Oct 2012 17:36

The idea of some routes being flown as W-Patterns was also suggested. Is this likely?
This seemingly based on one person's post on here a few months ago.

I would be genuinely interested to know if Jet2 would start such an operation when they currently only seem to operate from UK bases.

TSR2 2nd Oct 2012 17:45

I would be genuinely interested to know if Jet2 would start such an operation when they currently only seem to operate from UK bases.
W Patterns have been operated from UK bases by charter airlines for many years.

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