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paully 10th Jan 2016 07:14

Err guys........Spot was having a laugh with his tongue firmly in his cheek :D

SWBKCB 10th Jan 2016 07:19

He's actually gone back and edited his post to add the second para about team colours to try and make his original brainless comment "amusing" - hopeless.

Brigantee 10th Jan 2016 07:39

Maybe he was and his post might be amusing if it wasnt so close to the mark....:{

We really do need to reinvent the jet 2brand its a great airline and could be lots better

Mooncrest 10th Jan 2016 10:21

A new livery to coincide with the new fleet of 737s would be a smart move. The original red and grey/silver hasn't aged very well and the Jet2 Holidays colours, to be frank, make the aircraft look like gigantic ice-cream vans. All they're missing is the 'Stop Me And Buy One' expression. Something more up to date and sophisticated, i.e. not cheap and cheerful, is called for.

Brigantee 10th Jan 2016 15:26

Spot on , Sadly at present i think sophistication is not a term many would associate with jet 2

Just read today monarch may be looking to buy into another airline perhaps a merger would be a good idea considering monarch also have a very well regarded engineering division and we have had issues with that side of things in the past which have not reflected well on the business.

SWBKCB 10th Jan 2016 15:36

I think too much is being made of all this - I've never heard anybody say "Jet2? not flying with them, their not sophisticated enough!" or "Jet2? not flying with them cos their planes look too boring/gaudy". Has anybody else?

I have heard people say "Jet2? not flying with them cos I can get the flights cheaper" and "Jet2? not flying with them cos the flights aren't at the right /time or they don't go where I want to go". Might be more productive areas for attention.

Jamesair 10th Jan 2016 15:45

On a different matter. Is NCL to get any new destinations for Summer 16 other than Girona?

Brigantee 10th Jan 2016 16:04

I honestly think we lose a lot of business from shall we say more well heeled customers to the likes of monarch because people see us a pikey airline if you will forgive my lack of PC image is important even in the lo cost sector

spottilludrop 10th Jan 2016 16:19

Your dead right brigante i for one flew jet2 once and never again it was dreadfull the aircraft interior was falling to pieces with gaffer tape hokding it together , only one toilet worked and the majority of the passengers were boorish and drunk ....maybe i was unlucky but i was flying from LBA to be fair ....

snowman 1 10th Jan 2016 16:58

please enlighten me what do you mean by "but i was flying from L.B.A.to be fair"

All names taken 10th Jan 2016 17:12

Spot till u drop

Given your fairly transparent motives for posting on PPRUNE, and your vacuous and rather offensive comments about people and places that aren't your local town, are we to assume your views would totally change if Jet2 was to open a base at BHX? :rolleyes:

Barling Magna 10th Jan 2016 17:29

Anyone know why the company PA31 has visited SEN three times recently? Interested in the vacant former ATC Lasham hangar perhaps....?

Brigantee 10th Jan 2016 17:35

Yes spot some of our equipment was very tired and down at heel however last year most of the 757 fleet were very expensively overhauled and TBH when they came out of the hangar they were like new aircraft so i think your a bit out of touch...

kkbuk 10th Jan 2016 18:39

I used Jet2 to travel between Murcia San Javier and Edinburgh perhaps three times a year, maybe more. The aircraft was always full on these flight so I am wondering why this route has been abandoned entirely, does anyone know the reason why?

Johnny [email protected] Pants 10th Jan 2016 22:00

The aircraft was always full on these flight so I am wondering why this route has been abandoned entirely, does anyone know the reason why?
One word - YIELD

The aircraft can make more money on another route. Whilst Murcia flights are always full, the passengers don't book much luggage and pitch up with their own lunch. There are also almost no Jet2Holidays passengers onboard, that is where the real money lies.

Ivan aromer 11th Jan 2016 08:50

If yield is the driving force behind the scheduling of your flights, why then does the MAN NCE service, (a premium route looking at the prices jet2 charge) disappear during the winter? The Orange opposition continues from LPL year round. The MAN NCE MAN flights are usually full and the moans from the pax near the end of season flights are quite loud, even taking into account the demographic of the pax load!

Johnny [email protected] Pants 11th Jan 2016 09:42


I'll speculate that it'll be that same word again - YIELD.

Whilst many may moan at the lack of a winter MAN-NCE service there must be a lack of overall need. As you say, easyJet operate from LPL, perhaps that capacity is all that is needed from the NW in the winter. If there were to be a service from MAN too that might well split the load factors making neither operation worthy and soon there'd be none.

Jet2_738 11th Jan 2016 10:23

Like you said yourself spottilludrop, you've flown with Jet2 once, and not again. When was this if I might ask? As Brigantee has very correctly stated, the 757, albeit the remainder of the fleet has had a complete refurbishment, and even the old-timers are still looking well for their age. You say 'the aircraft interior was falling to pieces with gaffer tape holding it together', thus making me assume you haven't seen the new interior, meaning the last time you flew with them was like 2008!? :ugh: The whole fleet now is fitted with the slimline seats, which I might add makes them look fairly smart and modern, quite the flipside to what you describe.

The Low Cost Sector is ever changing. Alot has changed in the last 8 years :ok:

Brigantee 11th Jan 2016 15:54

Well said , how any could complain at the state of the cabins is beyond me
Pains me to say but monarch did a excelent job with the 757 fleet last winter and they were to my eyes anyway like brand new aircraft

Artie Fufkin 12th Jan 2016 20:51

Just read today monarch may be looking to buy into another airline perhaps a merger would be a good idea
Its a matter of time. Jet2 and Monarch have an identical product and complimentary (mostly) networks. Like BMI/Virgin, there are obvious deals in the UK airline business. The latter was thwarted by the "big personalities" of Branson/Bishop, but would have gone through if logical, rational investors were in charge. Mantagazza has gone, so we just have to wait for Meason to retire and then the obvious deal will go through.

B737 fleets in both businesses, both businesses are now Low Cost airlines with a holiday company attached, one strong in the north, one strong in the south.

A matter of time and the retirement of a very big ego.

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