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SCANDIC 1st Jan 2016 07:46

Titan are after an a321 so it could be them stepping in again for summer

GLAinsider 4th Jan 2016 19:26

Yet another Jet2 PR disaster
Gloria Hunniford reports that of the eleven airlines they asked about defibrillators being carried on board Jet2 were the only airline that DIDN'T BOTHER to reply.
As in the stations we scrimp and save every penny, in our glorious head office people are being paid to sit on their arses and ignore phone calls from Britain's most important broadcaster.
Nice one Jet2.

Local Variation 4th Jan 2016 19:47

More shocking is that Gloria Hunniford is Britain's most important broadcaster.

GLAinsider 4th Jan 2016 19:49

Originally Posted by Local Variation (Post 9228379)
More shocking is that Gloria Hunniford is Britain's most important broadcaster.

LOL. I was referring to the BBC.

Jumbo2 5th Jan 2016 08:49

That is because non of their aircraft carry them, on top of that I do believe only the NG's have a doctors kit on board.

Chesty Morgan 5th Jan 2016 11:45

Oh my God! Imagine what it was like several years ago when none of their aircraft carried the doctor's kit!

Question - what would be the point of carrying a doctor's kit on aircraft with no HF?

bjones4 5th Jan 2016 12:34

An A320/A321 MAN Based - Unsure of Operator
The A321 is now showing up in the schedules, we've got flights booked in September to Arrecife that were originally 757 now showing as a 36 row/212 seat A321 (specifically a 321-212 in the source suggesting it's a CFM powered aircraft).

Flying Wild 5th Jan 2016 14:29

Originally Posted by Chesty Morgan (Post 9228948)
Question - what would be the point of carrying a doctor's kit on aircraft with no HF?

Let's see, maybe to let a medical professional presenting appropriate credentials to access potentially lifesaving medications in flight? Probably whilst the aircraft is diverting to a suitable airfield for additional medical assistance.

Jumbo2 5th Jan 2016 14:36

Oh my God! Imagine what it was like several years ago when none of their aircraft carried the doctor's kit!

Question - what would be the point of carrying a doctor's kit on aircraft with no HF?
Several years ago all airplanes were made of wood as well.
This doesn't mean we shouldn't go along and embrace the modern technology and safety measures.

But to answer your question the doctor's kit has nothing to do with HF. The kit can be used by medical professionals. Operators normally have an insurance to cover the liability of the medical professional while trying to save a pax their life. (I've left Jet2 and can't check if they have this insurance, but presume they have)

HF (fitted on some of the Jet2 classics and NG's) can be used for contacting MedLink (or MedAire in Jet2 their case) via Stockholm radio. They can only give advice what treatment should be given, support the medical professional/cabin crew and advise if a diversion is necessary, if it is they arrange the medical readiness at the diversion airport.

Carrying a defibrillator on board and having the crew trained in its use should be pretty much standard. Luckily most UK airlines do have one onboard.

Chesty Morgan 5th Jan 2016 14:55

Which is why the Doctor's Kit isn't only carried on the NGs.

And you're also wrong about the defibrillators too.

Jumbo2 5th Jan 2016 16:38

Chesty Morgan, you might need a bit of time reading up on on your Jet2 company manuals (cabin safety manual). If you do you will find defibrillators are only fitted on the Boeing 757 when they are doing ETOPS flights. Since there are only a few ETOPS flights in the winter it's safe to say 99.9% of jet2 their flights don't have a defibrillator onboard.

Chesty Morgan 5th Jan 2016 16:48

You stated

Originally Posted by Jumbo2
That is because non[e] of their aircraft carry them

Thank you for proving my point.

Jumbo2 5th Jan 2016 17:11

You are welcome.

To summarise the above;
For Jet2 only the 737 NG and 757 have a doctors kit onboard. The 737 Classic has no doctors kit onboard.
The defibrillators are only carried on the 757 ETOPS flights (only a handful of Jet2 flights in the winter to New York).

No surprise Jet2 didn't reply to the BBC. I wouldn't call the above well equipped with medical emergency equipement.

Chesty Morgan 5th Jan 2016 17:14

Well the CAA would. I guess Jet2 isn't going to worry too much about your opinion of them if they comply with the regulations.

It's interesting to note that of the two statements you made regarding Jet2 both were wrong and now you're busy back-pedalling.

Jumbo2 5th Jan 2016 17:31

No back padalling what so ever. I only flew the 73's for them and therefor only knew the 73 manuals.

For completeness I managed to get a hold the 75 info. You could have just added the 75 info yourself ;) . However looking it up myself I did learn a bit about the 75.

Chesty Morgan 5th Jan 2016 17:37

No, I already knew that bit.

What I don't know is why people post if they don't know all the facts.

Jumbo2 5th Jan 2016 17:48

hahaha, you should be a trainer. :ok:
Think we did fly together on the 737 before you changed over to the dark site (Boeing 757), remember the cake ;)

Brigantee 7th Jan 2016 04:48

Hear jet 2 are going to purchase the Monarch hangar at MAN ...Anyone confirm ?Seems a good move.

LBIA 7th Jan 2016 12:31

That rumour regards Jet2 buying the Monarch Engineering hangar at Manchester has been going around for a long time now, At one point not so long ago they were also going to buy the old BMI hangar at East Midlands.

The Multiflight hangar on the south side at Leeds/Bradford that Jet2 currently use has been fully adapted so to be able to accommodate all fleet types inside but with an ever growing fleet it might not be big enough for there requirements any more. There has also been a long term rumour that they actually want to build there own hangar next to the existing base. But that will mean Jet2 acquiring the land from Multiflight and getting planning permission from Leeds City Council before anything can be built, so the Manchester option might work out as a better deal for them as the infrastructure is already in place.

Expressflight 7th Jan 2016 13:22

There is, of course, also the recent rumour that Jet 2 have been taking an interest in the ex-ATC Lasham hangar complex at SEN. Personally I think somewhere a little closer to their HQ might seem a more likely choice.

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