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jdcg 7th Jan 2016 13:34

Originally Posted by Brigantee (Post 9230929)
Hear jet 2 are going to purchase the Monarch hangar at MAN ...Anyone confirm ?Seems a good move.

Shouldn't they just buy Monarch?

Brigantee 7th Jan 2016 15:30

OAG report reveals the UK's most punctual airline

Maybe we should they are according to this report the UK,s most punctual airline , We came out far worse:ugh:

However to be fair their fleet is far newer

2Planks 8th Jan 2016 07:32

Brig - I wouldn't beat yourself up - with Jet 2 at 85.62 and Monarch at 88.18 the difference is marginal - I think I could live with the potential of 2 and a half trips out of 100 being late with J2 rather than Monarch; especially after a number of changed itineraries with Monarch including some fairly shabby tricks like changing the departure airport of my return trip - but just outside the window for compensation. I acknowledge that this was with the previous regime at Monarch - hopefully the new leaner one is better.

Artie Fufkin 8th Jan 2016 11:53

Shouldn't they just buy Monarch?
The only barrier to this is a highly strung owner/manager. Once PM retires (he can't go on for ever) and big City institutions take majority ownership of Dart Group, some form of merger or acquisition is surely inevitable?

Both businesses are low cost airlines with holiday companies attached. Both shortly to have B737 fleets. Their UK bases are largely complimentary. Monarch are currently owned by someone whose strategy of profit extraction is to turn it round and sell it on. The trend in aviation is away from small niches towards larger companies.

The only question is what would the merged company be called, i.e. whose brand is stronger?

MATELO 8th Jan 2016 12:34

Jet2 hands abusive Sunderland woman ban for life after she forced Newcastle Airport flight to land - Chronicle Live

Banned for life.

Brigantee 8th Jan 2016 13:25

What bugs me is this time last year mon were dead in the water and had dreadfull dispatch reliability ,Now there the most punctual UK airline and there making big profits something doesnt add up .
Plus a lot of punters seem to think mon are a cut above us which is total crap...

paully 8th Jan 2016 14:08

Monarch are very good Brigantee and so are Jet2..Certainly would`nt place one above the other. However Monarch are usually a lot cheaper, in fact everybody is usually cheaper than Jet2. Their package holiday prices are competitive, without doubt, but seat onlys can be eye watering compared to others..I`ll always fly them though, if they are cheaper or on a par but not otherwise.

anothertyke 8th Jan 2016 14:57

I've always found their Leeds to Paris and Amsterdam fares very competitive indeed. Presumably not much of the capacity is sold on block bookings on those, whereas I've been on Malaga flights which seemed to be mostly big groups and maybe the seat only fares are at the margin.

Brigantee 8th Jan 2016 16:43

Hate to say it artie but i reckon mon are a stronger brand for some strange reason jet 2 are seen by many as a pikeys airline maybe because there yorkshire based which is see as somehow not on ......:\

GLAinsider 8th Jan 2016 19:26

Originally Posted by Brigantee (Post 9232633)
Hate to say it artie but i reckon mon are a stronger brand for some strange reason jet 2 are seen by many as a pikeys airline maybe because there yorkshire based which is see as somehow not on ......:\

Whilst I totally back the On Board Together programme, I think it actually reinforces that image.

2Planks 8th Jan 2016 20:45

Or an airline that has grown a pair and is actively doing something about disruptive behaviour.

PS My HR advisor tells me the P word is now unacceptable.....

GLAinsider 8th Jan 2016 20:51

I just meant that from PR point of view that the public might be starting to associate problems on flights with LS because of all the publicity.

Jet2_738 9th Jan 2016 02:04

Originally Posted by GLAinsider (Post 9232823)
I just meant that from PR point of view that the public might be starting to associate problems on flights with LS because of all the publicity.

I totally understand, and in fact if you type in 'abusive airline passengers' into a news search engine, the page is littered in the words 'Jet2'.

However, by taking a quick read of some of the articles, you'll find the constant pushing of the following words, “With our ‘Onboard Together’ initiative...". Typical PR, but at least someone is getting off their behinds and doing something about it. In fact, if you take a read of the public comments on these pages, you'll find them overwhelmingly positive. :ok:

That said, the amount of times that I've come across posts like this;

If you really want to stop this behaviour quickly, all airline operators should get together and insist that they are banned for life from ALL airlines.
Now I remember reading that banning them from ALL airlines for life would infringe on their Human Right of free movement. However, is it not about time that at least the big three UK holiday companies, (TOM, TCX, LS) got together to try and stamp out an industry-wide problem?

spottilludrop 9th Jan 2016 03:47


I think this portrays the public perception of jet 2 rather well

2Planks 9th Jan 2016 07:50

GLA - I do understand your point and perhaps I was being a bit blunt last night (a glass of red had been consumed!). PR is an odd thing though. Without a doubt Jet2 do fly a good number of 'stag/hen expresses' (like all the locos) but they also fly a large number of passengers enjoying their retirement shall we say. This is typified by Alicante (my local airport when I lived abroad for 4 years). Some flights could be hell and on others I was the youngest on the flight (mid 40s) with the odd exception of a flight attendant or the FO! So are people put off or reassured by a zero/low tolerance to disruptive behaviour and the extra column inches that you get from it? An answer you can probably only get from decent market research.

On the other hand I know the guys I share a pint of 'mouton noir' with from Jet2 appreciate that they have got the full backing of management to stamp this out so if they divert then they are not going to be hauled over the coals.

Clearly this last sentence is going to cause indignation from the anti-LS brigade so I may take cover for a bit

Brigantee 9th Jan 2016 19:16

Totally agree jet 2 should be applauded for their stance against the scumbag minority who seem to have made us their personal airline.

With a bit of luck they will realise the games up and hopefully move elsewhere

Waldo1 9th Jan 2016 23:52

When the United flight diverted to bfs last year and dumped an abusive passenger on us it was a real lesson for the scummers...that bloke might be still here and is in debt of thousands for his performance on that aircraft...

spottilludrop 10th Jan 2016 06:01

I disagree everyone knows that LS is the riff raffs choice so they should be encourged by whatever means to stay loyal perhaps happy hours and sky sport being available for instance may tempt more of them jet2,s way which means people flying with more upmarket carriers such as easy or monarch will have less chance of disruption from these plebs

Maybe also painting the aircraft depending on their base in the local football teams colous may also help , So for example MAN based aircraft could be either City or utd aircraft im sure the fact the aircrafts livery matched the shirt stretched across their enourmous bellies would be a big draw for LS target clientele ..maybe even insisting the crew wear footie shirts and baggy track suit bottoms may also be a idea

SWBKCB 10th Jan 2016 06:12

^What an idiot.

When I'm talking to people about the carriers from Newcastle, there isn't this perception of Jet2 - there is a general concern about loutish behaviour by the minority, but Jet2 is not regarded as being any worse than any other airline and strong action against d*ckheads is welcomed.

Brigantee 10th Jan 2016 06:49

I dont think that's a good idea spot , It would lead to the problem being made worse imagine the situation if Man U fans were being asked to fly on "a City plane " with the crew wearing the City strip it would be carnage

Whats needed is zero tolerance of unacceptable conduct and life bans on any airline

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