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EK77WNCL 24th Sep 2015 15:22

I'm sure MAN could fill them on some routes in the winter... But another benefit if they were 100% owned is they just park them up for the winter...

Charlie98 24th Sep 2015 17:00

I wish this forum would go back to proper discussion based on likely rumours , not a spotters dream :(

StoneyBridge Radar 24th Sep 2015 21:41

I'm sure MAN could fill them on some routes in the winter... But another benefit if they were 100% owned is they just park them up for the winter...
Some weekdays in winters past, Jet2 have operated ZERO flights out of MAN, yet you want to burden them with massive 300 seater twins as well as their recent order for brand new B737-800s..? :ugh:

GLAinsider 25th Sep 2015 00:32

Just out of interest, how much more would it cost to operate a B772 from MAN to TFS with 189 PAX than a B738? Same route, prevision and baggage.

GEB74 25th Sep 2015 13:02

Just to try and dampen the w**k fantasy 777 story a little further with some hypothetical maths.........
To park a 777-200ER at Manchester for 24 hours over the winter would cost 357 (makes NCP look cheap doesn't it!)
So, lets be positive and assume you can actually find somewhere to operate it semi-profitably over the weekends. On Saturday morning, the plane owes you 1785 in weekday parking fees before the first passenger boards (or 6 per passenger in your suggested layout).
Operating at low yields over the winter period, that 6 could actually be the airlines net operating margin per ticket before tax................

EK77WNCL 25th Sep 2015 17:42

I appreciate the numbers provided in your reply, thank you very much, however you neglected to include the thousands of extra pounds it has the potential to rake in over the summer months and the fact that from somewhere like MAN they can probably find somewhere capable of supporting a 280 seater at least every day even in the winter. TFS, ALC, PMI

In 5 years time parking the 777's would be much cheaper than parking their brand new 737's (if they're still paying them off)

SWBKCB 25th Sep 2015 18:16

Can't think of any regular "sun and sand" flights in Europe (and no, Russia doesn't count...) using the 777 - there might be a reason for that.

GLAinsider 25th Sep 2015 18:53

Wouldn't take jig time to rip out those lovely comfy seats up front and replace with ten rows of Y. That's EXS style.


StoneyBridge Radar 25th Sep 2015 22:02

This site was once a serious forum.

I despair. :ugh:

EK77WNCL 25th Sep 2015 22:27

That's because no-ones snapped up any cheap second hand ones yet ;)

Nowt wrong with discussion... Not as if I'm arranging board meetings with Jet2 about it

The definition of rumour, "a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth" isn't far from that of fantasy "the faculty or activity of imagining impossible or improbable things" Both of them have one beauty... They are open to interpretation and wishful thinking

Don't be so boring

garry8g 29th Sep 2015 13:59

A320 Titan lease
Is that the Titan A320(based at Glasgow) lease finished for the season?
I see if flew back to Stansted yesterday afternoon, and is operating for TCX today.

VentureGo 4th Oct 2015 08:07

Jet2 EDI - PMI
Jet2 flight this morning LS717 from Edinburgh to Palma reg G-CELP is circling in hold above Leeds at 13,000ft

Edit at 9.25: Occasionally climbing to 16500 ft, before returning to hold at 13,000ft. Circling North and East of LBA (Wetherby, Skipton area. (FR24)

Edit at 9.40 Still holding in above pattern at 13,000ft (FR24) as EXS44B (LS717) Squawk 2246 -

Anyone aware of what's the problem/issue?

Johnny [email protected] Pants 4th Oct 2015 09:33

Assumption -

Aircraft possibly has a minor technical issue that will prevent it from returning from Palma, there is a spare aeroplane and crew in Leeds. The aeroplane will be over landing weight therefore holds off and burns fuel before landing.

VentureGo 4th Oct 2015 12:21

Looks like you're correct - G-CELZ is now showing on final approach into PMI at 13.20BST (Flight no. EXS717A from LBA), and so is replacement a/c for G-CELP. - Return LS/EXS 718 showing as 3 hrs delay PMI-EDI

Jet2_738 4th Oct 2015 13:26

Must have been some sort of tech issue like Johnny said.

LS717 G-CELP arrived LBA at 10:02 this morning,
LS717A G-CELZ departed LBA at 11:22 this morning.

1hr 20min, Not to bad moving the service (pax, crew) onto the spare aircraft :ok:

UPDATE: LS718 now airbourne to EDI, due in 2hr 25mins late.

El Bunto 4th Oct 2015 19:55

B733 G-GDFO spent a couple of days on the ground in Belfast, hadn't moved since Friday and seemed to need the attention of the fix-it Navajo. Back in the air today.

chaps1954 8th Oct 2015 07:39

Looks like JET2 are having a good year according to Business Desk.

JET2.COM owner Dart Group expects to soar past its profit targets after enjoying an "exceptional" summer.

The Leeds-based holding company, which also owns distribution and logistics business Fowler Welch, expects operating profit for the six months to September to be above 140m - 60% ahead of last year.

This is being driven by strong growth in its package holidays, with Jet2holidays approaching the 1m customer mark after a 21% increase this summer.

The airline also continues to perform well, increasing its average load factor - a measure of capacity - by 2.3 percentage points to 94.1%, with average ticket yields up 16.4%.

In a statement to the stock market, the company said: "With winter 15/16 leisure travel bookings for both package holiday and flight-only products continuing to perform in line with expectations and notwithstanding the important post-Christmas booking period that is still to come, it is now apparent that group performance for the full year ending March 31 2016 will materially exceed current market expectations."

Dart Group has enjoyed a strong run on the stock market, with its share price rising from 290p at the start of the year to last night's close of 464p, a 60% increase which sees the group now valued at 716m.

tonker 10th Oct 2015 08:09

Does this mean we get a bonus like some in management ?

Chesty Morgan 10th Oct 2015 08:14

Tonker, you funny man :ok:

Ivan aromer 10th Oct 2015 13:57

Shame the share price doesn't seem to be following all the hype. Perhaps the masters of the universe know something we don't.

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