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Jet2_738 14th Sep 2015 15:20

Looks like Titan leases are proving to be the better option.
I agree, but I'd imagine Titan is a fair bit more expensive than Privilege.

However, In this world, 'you get what you pay for...'

On another 757 related note; AA looks to have gone tech down in IBZ last night after operating the LS169 from MAN. According to the status page, Pax have been HOTACd overnight, and are due back later today. Not having much luck with 752s recently! :ok:

UPDATE: G-LSAA is now back in the air after an overnight tech stop in IBZ, en route to MAN

BAladdy 14th Sep 2015 16:33

Does anyone know if the 737's that LS have just ordered are going to replace the 737-300's or the 757's?.

BasilFawlty 14th Sep 2015 16:42

Has been answered already, read a few pages back.

CHEFSAM 16th Sep 2015 07:38

new jet2 livery
hi, will be interesting to see what livery jet2 go with on the new 27 737 aircraft, new design? mix of silver and jet2 holidays?

personally would prefer them in silver with a slight change!

GLAinsider 16th Sep 2015 19:13

I think it will be Jet2Holidays livery all the way from now on. I suppose the direct replacements for the B733s might copy the old livery as a mark of respect.

VickersVicount 16th Sep 2015 20:41

I disagree. I dont think they will all be in J2H livery

EK77WNCL 21st Sep 2015 23:52

Just out of interest, which of Jet2's 757's are ETOPS rated? And are any 737's?

BasilFawlty 22nd Sep 2015 00:09

G-LSAB/C/E/K/N , or in other words: all the wingletted ones are ETOPS certified. There aren't any ETOPS 737's in the fleet as far as I know.

Jet2_738 22nd Sep 2015 17:52

Whilst on the subject of ETOPS, what are Jet2 going to do to keep on seasonal USA flights, after the departure of the 752? Now I know there's a good 6+ years left in them yet, but what then?

From what I can see, they've got 2 options;

1. Buy Smaller
2. Buy Bigger

Straight over (without no north routing) from NCL (the most eastern) to EWR is just over 2,900nm.

So, for arguments sake, lets say the route deviates by 300nm. That's around 3,200nm, without room for diversion/missed app etc.

At the moment, the max range of the 757-200 is around 3,900-4,000nm - Enough to sufficiently do EWR from the UK, with room to divert.

However, the max range of the 737-800 is around 3,100-3,200nm - Certainly not sufficient for any trip across the pond without stopping.

So exploring option 1: Buy Smaller

The best option in order to keep a standard fleet is undoubtedly the 737-700ER.
It has a max range, with aux tanks, of around 5,600nm, a much smaller fuel cost/mile and a list price of around $10 million less than the list price of 737-800. Now we know that Jet2 have negotiated a 'significant discount' off list prices recently, so lets not really consider the price for now. The downside of course is the sacrifice of around 40 seats from the 738, and around 80 seats from the 752.

Exploring option 2: Buy Bigger

In terms of buying bigger, there is a bit more in the way of choice of aircraft. But, in order to keep the same fleet type there are only 3 options; the 767, 777, and 787.

An aircraft like the 777 is completely illogical, on many grounds for an airline like Jet2. So that leaves us with either the 767, or the 787. There are hundreds more 767s around the world than 787s, and as the aircraft model is ageing, the list price is depreciating. A recent drop in oil prices means a little less pressure on fuel efficiency also. The good news is, unlike the 757, the 767 is still in production. meaning Jet2 can buy either young, or if not brand new. The max range of the 763, is around 5,900nm, an extra 2,000nm on top of what the 752 can achieve. A common type rating is shared between both the 757 and the 767, meaning less in transition costs as well. The 767-300ER has a maximum all economy seating total of 350 seats - that's 85% more than the 738, and 50% more than the 752.

Of course any investment in new aircraft means the aircraft will have to earn its keep. In peak summer, Jet2 could easily fill a 763ER(WL) full of pax on the bucket and spade routes.
For example, S16 sees 4 flights a day from Manchester to Palma during the week on a mix of aircraft. Combining those 4 sectors onto 2 would save a massive amount of money, and could even mean expansion on other routes with existing aircraft.

Personally, I think buying bigger is probably more logical for Jet2, both on the summer bucket and spades (TFS,PMI,ALC,DLM), and on the New York (or possibly other USA winter destinations) flights. :ok:

BasilFawlty 22nd Sep 2015 18:27

Or just operate a 738 to EWR with fuel stops in KEF, no big deal for only a dozen flights in total per year.

paully 23rd Sep 2015 14:42

Or maybe their business plan might be different by then and they decide to no longer operate the Newark flights?

David Sharpe 23rd Sep 2015 16:31

I have been taking a look at Jet 2 flights for Summer 2016 (based on early August peak) and comparing what's on offer for Summer 2016 compared to the same period last year.

I know that it's still early, and there is still time for a lot to change, but currently, after a cut back in flights last year when compared to 2014, it looks like a growth of around 10% for Summer 2016.

Summer 2015 saw a total of 625 x weekly flights (was originally 629 x weekly but only 2 of the 6 planned flights to Enfidha were replaced with an alternative) Summer 2016 is currently planned at 696 x weekly services.

There are 20 new routes (12 of these from the expanded base at Edinburgh Airport) with 2 new destinations (Gerona and Naples) There are 7 dropped routes (12 in total if you count the services to Enfidha which operated from 5 bases, these were originally planned but had been dropped by August)

The biggest gains in weekly flights look to be Alicante (+16 x weekly) Palma (+ 8 weekly) Faro (+ 7 x weekly) and Tenerife South (+ 7 weekly) with most of the Greek routes also seeing growth.

The biggest loser is Murcia, which is 15 flights per week down (routes from East Midlands, Edinburgh and Glasgow are dropped, with frequency reductions on the remaining routes)

In terms of UK bases, Manchester shows an extra 25 x weekly services, with Edinburgh (not surprisingly) showing 21 extra flights and Newcastle showing an extra 11 x weekly services. Services from the other bases are remaining stable (increases of between 1 and 5 x weekly services)

As I have said above, I know that there is still time for change. I do not know what Jet 2's history is like when comparing first releases with what actually operates, I guess it depends on early bookings, but hopefully most if not all of the potential growth will happen !!!

EK77WNCL 23rd Sep 2015 21:28

Good few ex MH 77E's just came on the market... Could be quite a good cheap option for LS for cattle runs down to the Canaries and Balearics

BasilFawlty 23rd Sep 2015 21:32

Are you drunk?

EK77WNCL 23rd Sep 2015 21:48

Not that I know of...

Out of the box but if they can get them cheap... Not much different to training some crew up on an A330 as rumours have suggested.

BasilFawlty 23rd Sep 2015 21:55

A full economy 772 is well over 400 seats, how on earth are they supposed to fill all those seats outside the high peak summer demand? It's just as rubbish as those so called A330 rumours.

EK77WNCL 23rd Sep 2015 23:57

Keep it in MH config and re-upholster the A/C, sell the J seats for an extra 50-100 a pop and you have a 280-odd seater with PTV's, more capacity but easier to fill for a lot of the year

Not gonna happen but a nice idea I think

StoneyBridge Radar 24th Sep 2015 09:38

Keep it in MH config and re-upholster the A/C, sell the J seats for an extra 50-100 a pop and you have a 280-odd seater with PTV's, more capacity but easier to fill for a lot of the year

Not gonna happen but a nice idea I think
That's barely half a dozen more seats than BA's 3 class configuration.

Too big
Too heavy
Too costly

Pure folly.

I agree with BasilFawlty; keep off the juice.

Skipness One Echo 24th Sep 2015 09:55

Whilst on the subject of ETOPS, what are Jet2 going to do to keep on seasonal USA flights, after the departure of the 752?
It's an almost insignificant % of their overall operation, essentially shopping trips operated seasonally. Commercially it should be possible to fill any gap in the program with something else, it's not as if the company has a need to operated "prestige" routes, even though it's no longer seen as prestigious market tbh.
As to operating B777s, well European tried operating ex BA B747-236Bs and that didn't work out especially well alas. Too much aeroplane to fill with substantial engineering and training costs associated with a fleet that wouldn't be flown all that often I suspect.

Flew one last month mind, was quite surreal on the flight out of AMS watching the map as we flew past Ukraine.

GLAinsider 24th Sep 2015 14:18

It's a pity we haven't got the Winter business to fill a big a/c. Looks like the MH sale might offer some bargains. Shame that it is a result of such tragic events.


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