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OliWW 20th Feb 2012 19:52

On a typical flight to TFS, in tanks, I'd say from experience, about 12,000kg, and 3-3.5% would be between 360-400kg which is about 10 minutes flying time if that depending on the weight of payload, it hardly makes a difference to an aircraft range, but as the cost of that 360-400kg of fuel rises, it will make a difference to the back pocket of jet2 for sure. Fuel, not range, to jet2 is quite obviously the critical issue at the moment, they seem incredibly concerned over the fuel efficency of its aircraft that Rolls Royce are being called in over engine washing facilities and overhaul.

Check Mags On 20th Feb 2012 20:54

Aviation Partners Inc. - Seattle WA - Blended Winglets for Boeing 737, 757, and 767

We all know that the main reason for winglets is fuel saving.
But they do increase the range, even if only by a small amount.
Increased range for a given fuel is a saving.

If you won't believe me or B&B then believe the people who make them for Boeing.
Right hand side about half way down "Increased payload-range"
For a given payload the aircraft will fly further with winglets than without.

OliWW 20th Feb 2012 21:03

From what ive clearly seen its not that I don't believe anyone. but quite clearly, isnt in jet2s interest to increase range nor most airlines.

Check Mags On 20th Feb 2012 21:26

But that is not what you said. You said winglets do not increase range.
They do.

Every pilot who goes to work at Jet2 or any other airline is aware of not wasting fuel.

bluepilot 20th Feb 2012 21:49

could you take your technical discussion elsewhere please?

Lsflyer 22nd Feb 2012 21:43

ive noticed that you can no longer book istanbul for summer 2012 and is no longer a destination? anyone shed any light on this?

LBIA 22nd Feb 2012 22:07


With Turkish Airlines increasing its current daily Manchester-Istanbul flights to 10x times weekly from next month, and Air Blue serving Istanbul SAW 3x times weekly. It looks to have forced Jet2 to drop there plans of serving the Manchester-Istanbul route 2x times weekly.

mikkie4 22nd Feb 2012 22:36

with the turkey flights from pegasus possibly moving from stansted to luton,and jet2 starting flights for the ford motor company to turkey on the 12 march from southend,could there be an opening for a regular passenger flight?

HH6702 25th Feb 2012 21:45

New York
Does anybody know when JET2 will put the xmas shopping new york flights on sale for december 2012??

dcten 27th Feb 2012 06:05

Germania or Jet2 to start flights to Turkey ?

rumair999 27th Feb 2012 21:26

Germania do operate flights to Turkey.. from Germany..

Espada III 5th Mar 2012 20:02

Change of Aircraft?
The usual Jet2 flight to Tel Aviv is on a B757-200 with (I think) about 42 rows of seats. The flights next week are showing a plane with only 33 rows on teh seat booking diagram. Does this mean a B737? and if so, which model?

LPFR 5th Mar 2012 21:46

There have been quite a few 738 operating the Tel Aviv flights, so yes, it most likely will be.

42 rows - 757-200
33 rows - 737-800
26 rows - 737-300

Espada III 6th Mar 2012 06:14


Do the emergency exit seats at rows 16 and 17 on the 737-800 have significantly more legroom?

Johnny F@rt Pants 6th Mar 2012 08:37

They certainly have a reasonable amount of additional legroom:ok:, you need to quantify "significant" before I'd be prepared to vouch for that.

jet2impress 6th Mar 2012 08:55

There is more legroom at the over wing exits on the 737-800 than there is in the forward cabin extra legroom rows on the 757-200.

There is an extra tray table for the arm rest of the 737-800 exit rows as the seat in front is a bit of a stretch to use the tray table.

The over wing exit rows are better than the extra legroom at the front. No one invading your space whilst queuing for the loos. :E

Espada III 6th Mar 2012 10:42

Thanks - very helpful.

LBIA 7th Mar 2012 14:43

for anyone interested Jet2 have just put this years Christmas Shopping trips to New York - Newark on sale today.

Flights will be operating from Leeds/Bradford x2, Newcastle x2 and East Midlands x1. It looks like the Glasgow trips has been dropped this year.

Departure dates

Leeds/Bradford = Thursday, Nov 29th & Thursday, Dec 6th
Newcastle = Thursday, Nov 29th & Thursday, Dec 6th
East Midlands = Thursday, Nov 15th

purplehelmet 7th Mar 2012 15:51

i heard today that jet2 have acquired another b752, can anyone confirm this? plus any details ie.where from,due date. thanks.

DjerbaDevil 7th Mar 2012 18:49

i heard today that jet2 have acquired another b752, can anyone confirm this? plus any details ie.where from,due date. thanks.
There has been a very large increase in the JET2 fleet for next summer. 26 x B733s + 5 x B738s + 13 B752s with the new addition. Over and above there is an A320 leased for the summer to be stationed in Manchester to cover any technical problems and avoid delays.

The newly acquired B752 is rumoured to be coming either from Astraeus or Open Skies. The bets are on Open Skies as the deal is likely to be much better. The reason is that the Open Skies aircraft need a total refit, new seats new layout, etc., which most airlines would not even consider. Whereas JET2 refurbish all their aircraft.

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