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Lord Spandex Masher 15th Mar 2015 17:46

Originally Posted by Facelookbovvered (Post 8902714)
CAA not happy about who operating the A330??

Air Asia........

walterthesofty 15th Mar 2015 19:20

Historical issues regarding maintenance problems on the 757 737 apparently led to the man from delmonte saying no

EK77WNCL 15th Mar 2015 21:33

I thought jet2 maintenance was top notch, and heavy maintenance outsourced...

SWBKCB 15th Mar 2015 21:54

Historical issues regarding maintenance problems on the 757 737 apparently led to the man from delmonte saying no
I know this is a rumour network, but... :=

walterthesofty 15th Mar 2015 21:54

No idea how good or bad jet 2 are however the CAA have by all accounts concerns how justified those concerns are is another matter they are after all the campaign against aviation

Lord Spandex Masher 15th Mar 2015 21:58

Walter, you are badly misinformed.

silverknapper 15th Mar 2015 22:43

What garbage.

Is this the modern pprune these days. Regular posters have seemingly innocuous posts removed with no explanation. But ransoms can pop up and denigrate whoever they like with made up crap and nothing is done. :ugh:

chuzwuza 15th Mar 2015 23:11

Not to mention that Walter has 'form' for chucking his inaccurate, misguided, bull***t 2 peneth into the ring!

Skipness One Echo 16th Mar 2015 01:54

Agreed, walterthesofty had at least three usernames on here, all trolls. Given he works/ed for MAEL at Luton, he's not best placed to know.

Ivan aromer 16th Mar 2015 15:43

Are you saying that there have never been engineering issues at Jet2 that have caused the regulator to take action?
No, I thought not.

Lord Spandex Masher 16th Mar 2015 19:09

That is NOT the reason the A330 was cancelled though.

walterthesofty 16th Mar 2015 21:10

Sure about that masher??

Sean Dillon 16th Mar 2015 23:34

I thought Jet2 maintenance was top notch...
There is absolutely nothing "top notch" about Jet2, it's pound foolish and cheap! The Regulator showing ANY concerns I could very much believe, it's a very exposed operation with a lot of "significant events" and weak leadership...

Facelookbovvered 17th Mar 2015 08:29

Sean Dillon
I think you are pushing your luck with your last comment unless you can substantiate them with facts, i would respectfully suggest you ready the 'sticky' on the first page.

spottilludrop 17th Mar 2015 16:09

Heard jet2 are now using Monarch to service their aircraft

LBIA 17th Mar 2015 19:00

MAEL have been doing maintenance for Jet2's Boeing 757-200 fleet for about a year now. Most if not all have had visits to either Luton or Birmingham.

Boeingmann 20th Mar 2015 10:41

What total rubbish some people post. A330 was to have been operated on wet lease under another operators AOC. Wet lease means flight deck, engineering, etc are the responsibility of the operator who has provided the aircraft.

As to Jet2 maintenance, like ALL other UK operators it is not perfect but good enough to keep old aircraft flying year round.:ok:

BasilBush 21st Mar 2015 14:43

Jet2 in trouble with the CAA

BBC News - Airlines face court threat over customer services

spottilludrop 21st Mar 2015 14:55

Nothing new there then .....

Sean Dillon 21st Mar 2015 21:54

As said previous, it's obvious to those of that don't drink a certain someone's "cool-aid" and sit weekly "Take Me There" courses that in its present form, the future isn't very bright! Regulator watching and no great cash reserves...

The strange folk that think it's so secure....

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