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PPRuNe Pop 3rd Jan 2012 21:51

Delta, please stop this MAN is bigger etc., WE all know what it is. You are, on your own, winding people up - and I am getting complaints about you. I can do without the 'work.' Got it!?

goldeneye 3rd Jan 2012 21:57

What routes do LS use the 738 on from Glasgow.

LPFR 3rd Jan 2012 22:32

The 738 routes from Glasgow for this Summer will be Alicante, Malaga, Barcelona, Faro, Nice, Ibiza and Rome. Palma will be a mix of 738 and 757.

EGAC_Ramper 3rd Jan 2012 22:51

Regarding the BFS base I'm assuming this will remain B733 for the forseable future or would B738's go there too?


Expressflight 4th Jan 2012 08:02

Can anyone confirm which aircraft will be operating the SEN-CGN-CRA Ford charters wef 9th January and what the scheduling is?

delta154 4th Jan 2012 09:10

PPrune pop

Please delete account.

I fail to see the point of this being a discussion forum if you cannot discuss! People crying to daddy mod rather than stand up for themselves, its pathetic

And as fir Pprune pop, a mod that 'cannot be bothered to mod', says it all really!

LBIA 4th Jan 2012 12:31

BBC News - Plane hit by bus shelter during storm at Edinburgh Airport

I cannot believe that a Jet2, Boeing 737-300 parked up at Edinburgh Airport was hit and damaged by a bus shelter, which was blown over the fence yesterday.

It's a good job there were no passengers or ground crew around the aircraft when it happened. Otherwise this incident could have turned out a lot worse.

MKY661 4th Jan 2012 16:52

Not again. First the 757 at LBA and now this.
Good news about nobody being hurt

plasticAF 5th Jan 2012 01:34

Pity the beeb gave the wrong picture didn't think Edinburgh had -800's

LEWIS APPLEBY 5th Jan 2012 09:03

Any truth in the rumour that Norwegian Air Shuttle 737-300 LN-KKQ currently at Southend for overhaul/painting is to go to Jet2?

TCX69 5th Jan 2012 15:48

Also read off another forum that G-GDFG has also arrived and that one will be a Boeing 737-300 and painted into Jet2 Holidays colours.
Why do the new A|C keep getting painted into that awful livery?! :ooh: The ones leased from Allegiant I can understand, but the rest?

MKY661 5th Jan 2012 16:50

Might be to save money. Jet2 may not want to paint it into the full colours yet. They hardly ever paint their leased aircraft into the full colours.

chaps2011 5th Jan 2012 18:52

I actually quite like the Jet2 Holiday scheme, but the best sceme was the silver one at the begining


Bill Bo Baggins 5th Jan 2012 19:26

From what I'm told the majority of the paying punters have said they like that scheme + the basic white scheme is easy to adapt if you want to lease an aircraft out,


deltahotel9 5th Jan 2012 21:36

The white and red livery looks better than the battleship grey, especially on the 757 IMHO

scotsunflyer 6th Jan 2012 01:19

I cannot believe that a Jet2, Boeing 737-300 parked up at Edinburgh Airport was hit and damaged by a bus shelter, which was blown over the fence yesterday.
Bus stop 4 in the long stay car park was blown over fence by the hurrriane force winds and hit the B733 that was on the stands opposite the car park

For those not in central Scotland on Tuesday morning, you only have to look at the pictures in the news to see the damage that was caused.

Not seen wind like this before, last year it was snow like this.

FlyerFoto 6th Jan 2012 21:13

Interestingly, Dart Group's PA-31, G-IFIT, was on the NWI Business Centre's apron yesterday (5th).....

BasilFawlty 6th Jan 2012 21:20

Most likely to bring crew for G-GDFF, which was ferried to OSL today according to skyliner-aviation.

righthandrule 6th Jan 2012 22:44

That's strange, it arrived at LBA this afternoon and went into the Jet2 hangar for it's cabin fit...

Barling Magna 7th Jan 2012 10:43

Jet2 Ford Schedule from Southend
Jet2 Ford service from Southend starts on Monday, until late April. From the Air Humberside forum Movementman provides the following schedule:

ARR Sunday 1940L posn in empty from LGW & night stop
DEP Monday 0700L to CGN with pax
ARR Friday 1825L from CGN with pax
DEP Friday 1905L to LGW empty

Although the runway extension and new terminal are still a few weeks away from opening, it will be good to see a 737 flying regularly from SEN again. Air Malta was probably the last in the 1980s....

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