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BasilFawlty 7th Jan 2012 13:44

Thanks for the schedule. Does anyone know if the aircraft stays in Craiova until Friday or will they return empty?

MKY661 7th Jan 2012 16:54

From what I'm told the majority of the paying punters have said they like that scheme + the basic white scheme is easy to adapt if you want to lease an aircraft out,
GDFF is also in Jet2Holidays colours. No winglets being added to it though:
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EI-A330-300 7th Jan 2012 19:12

I much perfer the Silver livery on the 757 but the Jet2 Hoildays on the 757 looks bad. Jet2 Hoildays should be on the 738 and 733. The Silver on the 733 isn't great either realy only suits the 757.

757 Speedbrakes 7th Jan 2012 21:21

Bit of a shame they all have to look so different! Can't think of many airlines that do have 3 or 4 different paint schemes!

lbalad 7th Jan 2012 22:35

Personally,when Jet2 launched 9 years ago I thought their livery was fab.

Now I think the silver/grey scheme looks tired.I much prefer the Jet2holidays/Allegiant colours.Maybe it is time for a revamp?.

SWBKCB 8th Jan 2012 06:03

and? Does anybody chose which airline to spend their money on because of what colour the planes are painted?

enjoyflying 8th Jan 2012 13:03

I would, wouldn't want to fly on a Man UTD or Man City painted airplane lol:)

LBIA 8th Jan 2012 13:51

I understand that Jet2 have now also acquired Boeing 737-800's EC-HKR and EC-HJP which are both ex Air Europa machines like G-GDFF which is currently parked on the Multiflight apron at LBA with her new seats installed.

CabinCrewe 8th Jan 2012 13:54

....winglets ?

LBIA 8th Jan 2012 14:05

Quoting CabinCrewe

....winglets ?
I understand that EC-HKR has wing-lets while EC-HJP dose not.

Mr @ Spotty M 8th Jan 2012 14:13

Are you sure of the airframes?
l understood all three ex Air Europa a/c were going to be without winglets, hence they would be based MAN for the summer.

LBIA 8th Jan 2012 14:49

I'm not 100% sure, but it did come from a very reliable source Mr @ Spotty M.

By way, Where did you hear that the aircraft without wing-lets were all going to be based at Manchester?

I guess we will just have to wait and see what turns up and happens next summer with jet2. This is a rumours forum after all.

CabinCrewe 8th Jan 2012 14:54

Would have thought at least one 738W would be at GLA

MKY661 8th Jan 2012 14:58

Any truth in the rumour that Norwegian Air Shuttle 737-300 LN-KKQ currently at Southend for overhaul/painting is to go to Jet2?
Indeed it is. Will be G-GDFG :)

Mr @ Spotty M 8th Jan 2012 15:33

The reason l was told is performance issues out of GLA.

dwlpl 8th Jan 2012 15:33

With all this coming and going what will the fleet strength be?

LBIA 8th Jan 2012 15:38

See post 174 on page 9 off this jet2 thread dwlpl http://www.pprune.org/6933492-post174.html

Hope that's off help?

LEWIS APPLEBY 9th Jan 2012 11:17

Thanks MKY661

The first Jet2 to visit Southend in anger, other than for overhaul or painting, positioned in last night to operate todays Ford charter.

LBIA 23rd Jan 2012 14:19

Heard today that Jet2 have snapped up another Boeing 737-800. This is said to be 12 year old ex Thomson Airways, G-CDZI which has just been returned to it's leassor.

jethro15 23rd Jan 2012 15:14

Heard today that Jet2 have snapped up another Boeing 737-800. This is said to be 12 year old ex Thomson Airways, G-CDZI which has just been returned to it's leassor.
That is correct

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