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Chitty 27th Oct 2011 15:16

it seems that jet have put belfast to leeds on sale for summer for 2012 so its not geting droped now so thats a bit of good news

Curious Pax 27th Oct 2011 17:57

FWIW had some friends flew out to Paris on Jet2 from Leeds and then back into Liverpool on EZY a few weeks ago. They were very complimentary about the state of the Jet2 737 compared to the EZY 319 so were shocked when I told them the 737 was 3-4 times older.

TopazBlue 30th Oct 2011 16:38

I am no technical person, but a frequent flyer from Leeds. Used to use Jet2 all the time, but with the repairs and tech info I read on this forum now fly with other operators. Can anyone tell me why when I walk past a Jet2 757 on the tarmac at Leeds during the night, both engines seem to be turning on these jets, other planes engines are off. Is this normal for this type of plane?

The age of their jets and the things I read on this forum really do put me off flying with them anymore, but the service we received on each and every flight was excellent, never had anything to complain about.

FlyboyUK 30th Oct 2011 17:17

Topaz, the front fan blade of a jet engine will rotate on it's own if there is sufficient breeze passing through it when parked up. You can often see the crew turning them by hand on a walk-round on some type.

Johnny [email protected] Pants 30th Oct 2011 17:38

Who do you use instead??

easyflyer83 30th Oct 2011 21:24

Topaz, you really have nothing to worry about. Those jets are getting on a bit but there are aircraft flying with the US majors that are every bit as old if not older. Jet2 are relatively successful and like all airlines they have to do things by the book, so regulated is the industry on that side of things. When an airline strays away from this then you will get to hear about it pretty quick.

I know Jet2 have their fair share of aircraft going tech by the sounds of things but I would happily board one of their flights with complete confidence that it was fit to fly. From a crew member who works for a larger competitor using very new aircraft, your worries are unfounded mate.

The engine fans often blow in breezy conditions.

dwlpl 31st Oct 2011 18:34

This maybe one for Jet2 employees to answer.

What is Jet2 current fleet strength now we are going into the winter period?

What will be the fleet strength be for the summer 2012 program?

ciampino 31st Oct 2011 20:14

5 NGs and 3 Classics extra for 2012

dwlpl 31st Oct 2011 20:21

5 NGs and 3 Classics extra for 2012
Is there a list of their bases/based aircraft now and what it will be in summer 2012?

righthandrule 31st Oct 2011 20:58

3 757's
7 737-300's

4 757's
2 737-800's
2/3 737-300's

2 757's
3 737-300's

4 737-300's

3 737-800's

2 737-300's

2 757's
1 737-300

2 737-300's

EDI,GLA,EMA see additional based a/c over 2011. LBA, MAN, NCL see increased utilisation of current based aircraft. BFS & BLK 2012 programme stays the same near enough as this year.

dwlpl 31st Oct 2011 21:15

Many thanks.

Do you know how the '5 NGs and 3 Classics extra for 2012' will be dished out to the bases?

757 Speedbrakes 31st Oct 2011 22:15

2 757's being returned (LSAL, LSAM).

GoEDI 31st Oct 2011 22:22

EDI,GLA,EMA see additional based a/c over 2011
EDI was 4 B733QCs this summer too although there's a few increases so next summer should see increased utilisation.

Jamesair 31st Oct 2011 22:33


Increased utilisation with the 5 a/c fleet at NCL for summer 12 doesn't explain the 6 a/c requirement on Thurs and Sat during the season.

BHD2BFS 31st Oct 2011 22:40

Has Belfast lost an aircraft then? I always thought they had 3 ac based

HH6702 31st Oct 2011 23:34

i think we will see 6 based aircraft more flights to go on sale by end of year

righthandrule 31st Oct 2011 23:49

NCL will be an operational 5 aircraft base for scheduling purposes. The latest QC is a standby, and will be principally stationed at NCL & EDI as a standby for Royal Mail and will position out to recover any passenger delays. Indeed there are days where 6 aircraft are needed, Saturday's for example as there are no Royal Mails, so a QC does not need to be on the ground. Similarly there are a few days in EDI where 5 aircraft are needed. G-GDFE will hop between the bases covering any tech QC's. So really EDI is 4.5 based aircraft and NCL is 5.5, but that's getting a bit fussy :ok:

HH6702 1st Nov 2011 00:03

so what happens on thursdays as there is a royal mail flights??
does the edi standby aircraft pop down??

DjerbaDevil 1st Nov 2011 00:09

2 757's being returned (LSAL, LSAM).
If the above is correct then that will leave the fleet of B752s down to 10 and according to the distribution of aircraft posted by "righthandrule" the requirement is for 11 B752s:
3 757's
4 757's
2 757's
2 757's
Anyone know where the 11th B752 is coming from?

757 Speedbrakes 1st Nov 2011 15:39

....... as yet there isn't one. New airframes don't usually get an official mention til the start of the year and the usual source of early enlitenment, the ground engineers, haven't heard anything.

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