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EGCC7955 28th Mar 2012 06:31

I see MON have entered into direct competition with LS on the 0730 VCE on a Tue & Thurs by operating a ZB at the same dep time, that's a stunt I'd expect to have seen from the likes of EZY or RYR but not from MON

take-off 28th Mar 2012 07:51

anybody know whats up with LS177 on way to alicante when it turned back over channel to land in gatwick?

MANTFS 28th Mar 2012 15:39

Heard an LS diverting to Lgw this morning due to a medical emergency - I presume it was this one

righthandrule 28th Mar 2012 16:55

I see MON have entered into direct competition with LS on the 0730 VCE on a Tue & Thurs by operating a ZB at the same dep time, that's a stunt I'd expect to have seen from the likes of EZY or RYR but not from MON
It will be interesting to see who wins as Jet2 are really going for it on the Manchester - Venice route as they have upgraded it to being operated by a mix of 757, 738 and 733 aircraft compared to last year where it was only 733's apart from the odd Saturday. Bookings look to be extremely good, however only the bosses know how much money is actually being made.

jamesferns 28th Mar 2012 17:07

All things being equal i expect MON would come out on top, however if jet 2 can beat them on price then thats going to have an impact , you might get a more upmarket product with ZB but at the end of the day cost is a big factor

lagerlout 28th Mar 2012 19:08

Have you flown MON recently?
They are no more upmarket than LS & EZY these days. People need to actually take MON scheduled for what they are instead of thinking back to the halcyon MON charter days!!

Shiver me timbers! 30th Mar 2012 18:20

Where are all J2's 757s at the moment? Not seen many flying? Are they stored for winter?

MKY661 30th Mar 2012 18:49

There has been a lot flying but maybe because it was the winter months they dont use them as much. :)

chaps2011 30th Mar 2012 20:18

There have been many Jet2 aircraft through maintenance over the winter plus a
much smaller programme than summer.
I was at MAN on Wednesday (always a quiet day out of season for Jet2) lunch time 9 Jet2 were parked plus what ever were flying which was probably 4 or 5


j636 16th Apr 2012 11:59

Incident: jet2 B733 near Dusseldorf on Apr 13th 2012, medical emergency

LBIA 18th Apr 2012 13:13

Jet2.com have just announced 2 new once weekly services to Gran Canaria from East Midlands and Glasgow for next summer.

Flights from Glasgow commence from Saturday, May 25th 2013. Meanwhile flights from East Midlands will commence from Monday, July 15th 2013.

PAPAROMA 27th Apr 2012 11:52

Looks like Grenoble planned from December 2012.....

Bam Thwok 27th Apr 2012 13:34

Looks like Grenoble planned from December 2012.....
Hopefully a few less CMF's then !!

ematom1 27th Apr 2012 17:09

East midlands - Larnaca starts summer 2013

AP1995 27th Apr 2012 18:28

grenoble starts from manchester on 16th decemeber 2012 to 14th april 2013 and flights will be operated with a 757 and operates saturday and sunday

scodaman 27th Apr 2012 23:27

Hi all,

Looking to fly to Pisa with Jet2

However, I notice on their website that Pisa is described as 'Pisa (Florence)'

Does anyone know if it is Pisa airport or Florence airport that they fly to?



PPRuNeUser0176 28th Apr 2012 01:17

They fly to Pisa Airport.

AirGuru 29th Apr 2012 16:27

Seen some more wiki vandalism earlier on the CWL page, claiming that Jet2 were to begin operations from CWL in the summer of 2013. Flights were said to be operated on a W pattern from BFS, with flights to Faro, Funchal, Murcia and Mahon. He also stated that the BFS sector was to be bookable.

Any truth at all in this if anyone can help me out ? Or is it just another simple case of wiki vandalism which is rife these days !

planenut321 29th Apr 2012 16:51


The (un)reliable online resource. :E

david1994 29th Apr 2012 17:36

According to my sources in Jet2 Ops in LBA they are planning for S13 to introduce flights from CWL on W patterns from BFS + GLA but will depend very much on aircraft availability / days / times, Jet2 is still confirming their summer schedule so I guess only time will tell...

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