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take-off 9th Feb 2012 10:58

Anybody know whats p with ALicante flight from blackpool? Was supposed to have departed at 9:05, see it was still sat outside airport terminal at 10am, with not alot going on around it, when i went in morrisons, see on aena its now showing an arrival time of 18:44 now, instead of 13:00.

LBIA 9th Feb 2012 13:08

Today's Jet2 BLK-ALC service LS739 is now been operated out of LBA. Passengers are on there way now. It has estimated departure time of 15:20

I understand that the inbound LS740 will also be diverted into LBA and is expected to arrive at 21:45. Passengers will then been coached back to BLK.


take-off 11th Feb 2012 06:01

Was there an issue with yesterdays tfs flight from BLk too, see it was showing a midnight arrival back, did it go back to a different base?

TSR2 12th Feb 2012 16:03

I have been monitoring the Jet2 prices on seats between Manchester and Faro during June before, during and after their recent 10% discount event.

24 hours before the discount began, the outbound headline fare was 95.99.

During the 10% discount event the headline fare increased to 105.99.

Within 24 hours of the end of the discount, the headline fare returned to 95.99.

Similar situation with return fares.

Con trick or what?

MUFC_fan 12th Feb 2012 21:31

Con trick or what?
Tell that to Tesco, John Lewis, Currys, River Island and all the other household names on the UK high street.

It's how the world works. You really think that the companies knock that much money off of goods?

DFS would have been out of business years ago...

TSR2 13th Feb 2012 09:03

Tell that to Tesco, John Lewis, Currys, River Island and all the other household names on the UK high street.
I must disagree with you on this one. The high street stores generally offer price reductions against their current stated prices. Jet2 in this instance have, in my opinion, deliberately raised their price in order to offer a discount. They would not be able to get away with policy if they had called it a sale.

chaps2011 13th Feb 2012 09:33

TSR2 I agree with MUFC_fan and I work in the retail industry, reductions
are made on the highest price which may only be sold for a short period each
You need a degree in maths and a good memory to get the good offers plus
plenty of spare time


LBIA 18th Feb 2012 13:25

Just out of interest which Jet2 flight crews have been flying the Boeing 737-800, G-GDFF out of Leeds all this week..

Is it been done by Manchester crews or Leeds/Bradford's own based crews?

Penworth 18th Feb 2012 14:49

Mainly Manchester crews as very few pilots at Leeds have been checked out on it yet. Took the 189 seat FF to Belfast the other day with 30 passengers on board - guess they just want to use it on short routes while they get used to operating it out of Leeds.

MKY661 18th Feb 2012 18:03

Wernt they going to base the two 737-800W (The two currently at MAN) at GLA and then base the remaining three 737-800 (two which have yet to be delivered) at MAN?, or is this for the summer season.

MD11Man 19th Feb 2012 20:19

MKY661, been told that the 2 MAN based 800's will operate from GLA this summer. Mainly because they have winglets, which increases the range.

MAN will then get (non winglet) 800's. No idea how many though...

OliWW 19th Feb 2012 20:29

They dont increase range, they just reduce fuel burn, which means less is required, and the distance between GLA and MAN really wont make a massive amount of distance on a flight to the Canaries or Greece, they will move aircraft around based on flying hours and maintenance requirements.

Check Mags On 19th Feb 2012 21:30

Range is a function of fuel on board.
If you burn less fuel, you can go further.

Edited for simplication.

Beavis and Butthead 20th Feb 2012 07:09

They dont increase range, they just reduce fuel burn
Run that past me again why that doesn't increase range?

OliWW 20th Feb 2012 12:18

At least someones on the ball!! An airline would not chose to put winglets on an aircraft in a bid to increase range but reduce drag and fuel usage, it only increases range by something like 3.5%, which is nothing.

I'm Off! 20th Feb 2012 12:42

Errrr, doesn't the percentage reduction in fuel burn directly correlate to the resultant percentage increase in range?

I'll give you a hint - the answer is yes...

Facelookbovvered 20th Feb 2012 12:51

OliWW is correct
Jet2 did not fit light weight seats to some of their aircraft to allow them to fly further, but to reduce burn! Any slight increase in range is a secondary function of the first, put it another way they didn't to it to fly an extra 100 miles south of Lanzagroty (clue there's nothing there) if this were a CAA exam, both answer would be correct, but lower fuel burn would be more correct 2 points to OliWW

Check Mags On 20th Feb 2012 14:17

We all know why airlines put winglets on and it is to save fuel.
But OilWW specifically stated that it does not increase range.

It does increase range. The fact that the extra 100nm or so doesn't take you anywhere useful is irrelevant. Winglets reduce cost and that is the main benefit.
But it is capable of flying further.

Take for example a long route.
That 4% could well be the difference between non-stop and tech stop.
Without winglets the extra burn may mean a trade off between payload and fuel.

Beavis and Butthead 20th Feb 2012 15:39

I give up! :ugh: too many pro's on here! Must remember, less fuel burn doesn't increase range.

Facelookbovvered .... No one mentioned why Jet2 fitted the seats or winglets. I've no doubt it was to save fuel. Different subject. What was stated was that whilst winglets reduce fuel burn, they don't increase range. Really?

I have tech stopped several times when headwinds make a usually direct flight not quite (and I mean not quite) possible. In these circumstances we use methods like reducing contingency fuel from 5% to 3% using an enroute alternate which can often make the difference. Why bother when OliWW says '3.5% is nothing'? (tell the company that!) 4% of a full fuel load on my flight would be an extra 750kg which is an extra 20 mins flying and can easily make all the difference when the elements are against you. Range is directly linked to how much juice you burn. It really is that simple. But what do I know?

Check Mags On 20th Feb 2012 15:47

B&B is spot on that 750kg can and does make all the difference.
I tend not to think of fuel in Kg, as such. To me it is time aloft.
You want to hold for an hour. You need 2.5t ish for a 737.

There are lots of methods used to reduce the fuel load required for the trip, as B&B has mentioned. Winglets are but one of them.

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