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paul atkins 19th Oct 2007 17:40

the aircraft has been in the spray bay it arrived earlier in the week

Mike16 19th Oct 2007 17:55

Hi Paul

Thanks for that, i had my hopes up then..... lol


Mr Angry from Purley 19th Oct 2007 22:04

Lets hope thats not during the w/e as they can't even handle their own aircraft then....:\

SAM-EMA 19th Oct 2007 22:17

It took off tonight around 6.30-6.45 time. It was an Airbus A321.


bmibaby.com 19th Oct 2007 22:40

As much as some people might like to slate the terminal at EMA, it functions right now for the bread and butter of the airport, predominantly low-cost airlines. It would be nice to have a brand new shiny terminal like at DSA or LPL, but airlines do not want expensive terminals and pax won't pay for them through more expensive airport charges. Maybe if we all move to the DHL building, they can use that lovely steel structure as new exciting terminal ...

END BAG 20th Oct 2007 14:03

East Midlands 6
Well the UKIA finally got under way last night without any problems albeit running about one hour late. Delay was mainly due to last minute DFT paperwork being sorted and the extra security invovled.There were 170 pax on board with 153 going to Sharjah and 17 for Islamabad.All in all a very well handled flight and lets hope for a long and succesful venture for UKIA. It might even tempt other longhaul/far east/ middle east carriers to have a look at E.M.A.:D:D:D

dumdumbrain 25th Oct 2007 09:25

Nice to see the first of this winters new routes starting today

NB583Copenhagen - Kastrup13:10
Who is the ground agent for them?


END BAG 25th Oct 2007 09:27

East Midlands 6
Servisair are handling the Sterling flights.

egnx_boi 25th Oct 2007 19:43

On a tottally different subject. Does anyone know the lickleyhood of Ryanair doing flights to Newquay from East Midlands? are there any rumours yet?

Flyboy543 25th Oct 2007 20:32

Re: Stirling
First Stirling flight arrived/departed CPH today, landed about 12.40 (30 mins ahead of schedule) to a water cannon salute as they entered the apron. Departed 13.30 (10 mins ahead of schedule) with 77 pax inbound and 56 I think outbound. A/C was B735 reg OY-API.

Next flight lands 0830 tomorrow morning from OSL also showing as a B735.

[email protected] 26th Oct 2007 08:47

any reason the Sterling flights have started early?????? they wernt meant to start till sunday?

any new routes for next summer?

SAM-EMA 26th Oct 2007 19:20

It seems there is 6 FR departures in the morning. Is this a mistake or is there another aircraft here?


aidoair 26th Oct 2007 21:39

Must have been a mistake there's only five FR departures showing now.

stuart-travel 27th Oct 2007 14:57

summer 2008
Will we see a service to devon or cornwall
baby to newquay
southwest to plymouth
jet2 to exter (use of mail plane in daytime)



paul atkins 27th Oct 2007 19:30

first choice goa
first choice to operate weekly flight to goa from november 08 to march 09 a big improvement on this winter

bmibaby.com 29th Oct 2007 16:25

As far as I'm aware, there are no plans by any operator to serve NQY. baby did it from BHX in 2005, and it was quickly and quietly pulled, I'm not sure if any reasons were given.

Generally things seem quiet on the EMA front, not sure if it's the calm before the storm, or things just being settled. No doubt there'll be the odd nasty shock just round the corner!

toppledgyro 29th Oct 2007 20:42

summer 2008
Will we see a service to devon or cornwall
baby to newquay
southwest to plymouth
jet2 to exter (use of mail plane in daytime)


I doubt you'll see the Jet2 mail aircraft flying pax to EXT Stuart - its a pure freighter - no seats,galleys or toilets! :bored:

dumdumbrain 30th Oct 2007 08:07

Anyone know what the loads are on BHD later?


Flyboy543 30th Oct 2007 08:17

Not sure about the BHD, but the RIX departed 0615 with 94 +4 pax this morning.

dumdumbrain 30th Oct 2007 09:46

Thats not too bad for its first day of service, im sure it will pick up.


[email protected] 30th Oct 2007 15:34

Are Thomson going to sell the long haul routes from EMA that First Choice operate????? I havent seen anything on their website and i know First Choice are scaling back there ops by dropping Punta Cana. Will thomson offer there service long haul also or will Mytravel / TCX start long haul from the airport? especially after Mombasa last winter and Jamaica this summer.

Is there anything new with regards to the maintenance area and the access road from the DHL apron to the main apron?

Look out for a summer 2009 service over the pond scheduled.



alright_pal 30th Oct 2007 21:40

It looked like the FCA 767 was having a go at a direct route to the maintenance this morning, or was it just a bit of grass tracking........:=

Readability 5 1st Nov 2007 00:54


East Midlands Flying School closes at the end of November, and work on the new road starts soon after.


owenkirk2005 1st Nov 2007 00:56

any pax figures for Tuesday/Wednesday UK International? Thanks

END BAG 1st Nov 2007 12:10

East Midlands 6
I,m afraid it wasnt too good on the Tuesday night UKIA .Idrove the coach from the gate to the a/c and the load was 23 pax!!! 22 for ISB and just ONE for SHJ. Ihope it picks up soon as it would be a shame to lose the operation after all the work that has gone in to getting it started.I have just checked the pax figure for Wednesdays return flight and you will not believe the figures ,there were just SEVEN PAX on the IHOO6 SHJ/ISB-E.M.A:{:{

Rhino power 1st Nov 2007 22:59

Anyone know what the loads are like on the Sterling flights? I understand SNB are said to be pleased with the loads thus far, any figures available?

Regards, RP

Fried_Chicken 1st Nov 2007 23:36

On the subject of Freight, i've noticed that a couple of new flights have begun since the start of "Winter", both are for DHL I think & are operated by an Air Contractors ATR42 & a Bluebird Cargo B737

So hopefully freight will also see a large increase along with the passenger figures


Crusher1 1st Nov 2007 23:42

It's difficult to see how UKIA selling tickets through just a few travel agents can ever generate enough bookings to sustain the service, I hope it succeeds but without more publicity it has to be doubtful.

owenkirk2005 1st Nov 2007 23:55

A online booking system would help then anyone can book flights with them over the interenet. just selling flights in travel agents wont get many pax, all other airlines have online booking sytems.

The Real Slim Shady 2nd Nov 2007 09:33

It's also low season. High season kicks in next week; let's see what the loads are like then.

Mr Angry from Purley 3rd Nov 2007 09:51


The ACL ATR42 operates CGN-EMA-CGN with the BBD 737 ARN-EMA-GOT-ARN. These were 757 flights with the 757's displaced mainly to flying ex BRU

757 flights have increased from LEJ so likely overall the frieght figures will have increased :\

SAM-EMA 4th Nov 2007 20:37

Anyone know the reason behind the several BHX diversions into EMA tonight. (BE, FR and HLX so far).

Thanks in advance

mmeteesside 4th Nov 2007 20:41

Rather thick fog at BHX

SAM-EMA 4th Nov 2007 21:10

Anyone know where they are parking them, as I imagine there is not a lot of available space.


OliWW 4th Nov 2007 21:23

I imagen that the fog might have atleast lifted by 1.40am, but thats the last passenger flight in till the morning, so they will most likely put a few on the main apron as
a thomson has gone now that its summer, so there is one new space avaliable...

sometimes they just put them on the cargo aprons, though as it is the evening im not sure

at the moment there has been around 15 divertions, i really cant imagen where they will put 15 planes at the moment

dumdumbrain 4th Nov 2007 21:57

same time every year,,,,, EMA rubbing its hands together counting the money. . . . . . . maybe some of it will be used to build more ramp space *dreams on

OliWW 4th Nov 2007 22:05

I did hear they were planning on that anyway, adding a further 2 stands to the western apron as they will be opening that up full time for next summer, however those stands will never be done by that time unless they start quite soon...

it would be nice for extra money to be spent on new check-in desks and new check-in hall and possibly a bigger shop variety in the terminal.. i know there is a shortage of check-in desks at the moment...

Flyboy543 4th Nov 2007 23:16

Well it's going to be very tight for ramp space at the moment!! Currently there are Flybe 145s on stands 15, 17, 71, 72 poss 25 (couldn't see it!) and a 190 on stand 7.the HLX came and went again, same as a BE DH8. Just as I left a FR arrived on stand 45 divert from DUB. Thats atleast 5 stands out of action as the Flybe ac are night stopping. Going to be interesting overnight and in the morning!

bmibaby.com 4th Nov 2007 23:33

Not wishing to be funny, but why should the airport be interested in building a brand new check-in hall, when the current uber-lords are Ryanair? Low-cost airlines are encouraging pax to bring fewer items of luggage, check-in online and bypass expensive terminals. It's why there's been so much resistance to new terminals in the past being built at LTN and STN, low-cost carriers simply won't pay for it. Obviously, for an airport the size of EMA, it has meant a lot of unsightly chopping and changing to the terminal, plus lots of cheap add-ons. Also now with larger a/c, the situation with boarding/disembarking from the front stands is really adding to turnaround times. Ideally, we'd have a new terminal, great ramp layout etc. but it's not going to happen if airlines aren't willing to invest, which as a predominantly LCC and charter airport, the users of EMA won't.

I can't quite get excited about diverts, hopefully my plane will be parked somewhere reachable tomorrow and I'll get on it! :hmm:

Chilli Monster 5th Nov 2007 00:20

Flyboy - Sunday is extremely quiet with regards freight. There won't be any parking problems.

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